Thursday, May 9, 2013

Can't decide what to do with a Doll?

Whelp I somehow ended up with a new doll. I can't seem to do the "no more new dolls" no matter what. Actually I have a couple...but only one that I had to shove money at.

A few of you may remember my Dollshe Saintfail...and how I randomly bought a Leekeworld Kyou head to possibly replace the Saint head as Israfel about a year ago when Leeke suddenly decided they weren't selling basics anymore.

Kyou proved to be way too big for the Saint body and I stashed him away in a box, put him up for sale and he's remained that way for months and months. Only a few people have been interested, and I ruined the sales by being honest (the head is huge. When they ask if it will fit a certain body I have to say what I really think, which is usually no XD).

Last week - I honestly don't remember what put the idea in my head at all - I decided to keep him and make him a character. I figured he could be Sammael, and I could mod the hell out of him, then possibly hate him because Sammael is awful, or Michael, not mod him at all, and have Gabriel's twin brother. I don't know why it took me a day or two to decide on Michael, but there you go.

So I tried to get him a cheap body and it didn't work out (which is for the better. She said it had no yellowing, but was a creamy color. =_= RS WS is WHITE, not creamy. Obviously it was yellowed), so I turned around and bought one from DDE that was in stock. They didn't send me a shipping notice (or my blackhole of an email ate it. I need to fix that....) and my brand-new Resinsould Dong (eh?) showed up last night. I beheaded him and then accidentally unstrung the body (I'm getting good at that...). Then I left it in pieces and went out for dinner and shopping with friends.

Then I came home, put on Smallville and restrung the stupid thing with 5mm string (homg). He can almost stand. RS is, if nothing, consistent. The same issues I have with the 70cm girl body I have with the 70cm boy body. Most can be solved by stringing, sueding and wiring, which I will work on tonight, hopefully finish his faceup, and try Metatron's black jacket on him (OH I HOPE IT FITS!! It's totally going to be too big) along with some other he's not nekkid.

I had a random brown wig laying around that I SWEAR I have no idea where it came from, and while it barely fits his giant head, it's the perfect color, so he's wearing it for now. Eyes are a bit of a problem....I had some nice goldish ones I stole from Pilot for him, but the ones I put in Pilot turned out to be too he's got his old ones back. Michael should have green eyes to match Gabriel...but I have a lot of green-eyed dolls. My choices are grey (also have a lot of grey-eyed dolls), orange, dark green...and something I can't remember. Probably a few more too. Or I buy him eyes :P

The head is a little larger than I'd like on the skinny RS body, but I was expecting it, and I don't care. This is when you realize that A. I'm waaaaaaaaay more picky about my more favorite characters looking perfect than I am the others and B. I keep telling myself the RS bodies (Gabriel's too) are only "temporary" until I decide that yes, I want to keep them around, and I can find and afford better ones. We'll see how that works. Amazingly enough, these two are my first Resinsoul/BBB hybrids.

SO anyway, Michael. He's one of the few characters I've actually had appear in my comic so far, so I have pictures.

Here he be, with Gabriel.

smFC interlude 1p6

The wig I have isn't curly, and I'm seriously thinking of trying to braid and then boil it...but I don't know how that would work.

chibi group3 angels

I seem to have labeled them all, so I don't need to tell you which one he is XDD

Now we get to the whole point of this post....
You may notice the Chibi Michael has an eye-patch, while the comic-version does not. This is because *spoilers sweetie* later in the story, he loses his eye. Hence, eye-patch.

I don't know what to do with the doll. Do I give him a cool scar and blind eye with a patch?? Or just let him go "normal"?? On one hand it'll be easier not to deal with the mods and eye-patch. on the other, I have.... A lot of dolls. And none of them wear an eye-patch, so for the sake of my dolls and diversity, I kinda want to do it! On the other hand the mod will be a PITA and I don't really have time for it atm, I'd have to get blind eyes since I only have one pair and Azrael has them (he's not blind but as death, I feel like he should have "dead" eyes)....and I have no eye-patch anywhere nor do I know where to buy one.

And while my dolls are generally the characters at a fixed point in time, some of them represent a giant span of time...Angels are eternal (until they get themselves killed), so I feel weird making one of them stuck forever in one small span of time if that makes sense....

If I could only get another head....LOL NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Luckily that's not even an option. But still!

I dunno. I'm still debating. Scar mods I can add in later, so for now he'll get a faceup and be "finished".

Anyone know where I can get some decent military-esque clothing for a 70cm doll??

Also, I seriously want another Kara Klum. OMG SOMEONE STOP ME!!!!!

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