Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Seriously that should have been the name of this blog.

This week I finally got around to putting up my Latidoll Blue Rei for sale. I didn't want too, I really like him, but he's not David, and he's not anyone else.

I listed a bunch of trades, and got an offer the next day that I declined for various reasons...the same person then came back and offered me an AOD 1/4 girl body in WS, which I took because I know that body, and I figured I can do a couple of different things with it.

Then I had the Greatest Idea EVER.

Take my Dollzone Star/Renata hybrid, devine and behead her, put her human arms on and get a different head - pereferably a MNF head - and call her Mini Isis. Somehow get a WS MNF SP Scar Breakaway head, sand the boobs off the AOD body and make a Mini Aishe. Two dolls and all I really need to buy are two heads. Great idea right?

I don't really want to lose my Star/Renata though....but part two of Greatest Idea Ever was to buy a Doll Chateau girl body with those extra joints and put her on that, making her the most awesome doll I'll ever own. There's something else I really want from DC so I figured I'll just put both things on a nice long layaway and be endlessly excited.

So I go home and try the Star head on my roommates DC Queena...I was right, awesomest doll ever. Step one, taken care of. Renata arms came off and both head and arms go in box.

I locate and start stringing the human arms on the body. Something is wrong.

The first thing I noticed was how BIG they were. HUGE. They looked bigger than her legs. And weirdly long. With one whole arm and most of the other on, I thought they looked backwards. I checked an rechecked but the left was on the left...but they literally turned in, and couldn't bend right.

I looked the DZ body up online and discovered the problem...I had been sent boy arms, not girl arms.
Normally, this would not be the end of the world. Contact the dealer and get it taken care of, right?

But I've had her for more than a year. And I didn't make the order, someone else did, who also got the wrong arms. Neither of us knew because this was the first time I even looked at them, other than spraying them with MSC then putting them right back in a bag...they'd never been on before.

Not to mention since I didn't place the order I can't guarantee that the right arms were even ordered. If she ordered the boy arms by mistake it's her fault not the dealers... and we're really sol. Only it's just me, because I don't think she cares at all.

So not only do I seriously doubt the dealer will do anything, but lets pretend for one second that they will. I will have stark white arms on my yellowed doll. Yippee.

But even that's better than the alternative, which sucks.

My options:
Sell the boy arms. If they sell, buy girl arms. Wait a million years, get arms that are whiter than doll.
That's the best option, and will only be somewhat good if I can sell the boy arms. Other than that

I buy girl arms, am out another $70 and wait a million years for white arms.

Sell the DZ body for a fraction of what it costs new because it has no arms, buy a new DZ body and a new DC body. Which will cost a fortune because selling the old one won't make up for the cost of a new one. So I'll essentially be buying two new dolls, instead of a body and a couple heads.

Keep the Star/Renata as is. Give up on either Mini Aishe or Mini Isis. Boo.

None of them are great.
All of this could have been avoided if I'd realized I had the wrong arms a year ago. But no, I never even looked at them. Why bother? I wasn't putting them on my Renata...I bought her for the vines, the arms were just in case...

This after Fairyland pulls the Moe line (I was totally going to try and get one for mini Kimi), and I buy a faceplate (still mia) and head (both limited) from sellers that have dropped off the face of the earth before shipping my stuff. (head both seem to have shipped!! GOOD NEWS AMONG THE NOT SO GOOD!!! This alone has revived my mood.) I'm not in a great doll mood.

ETA: also, I did find and pm a seller about a sleeping MNF Breakaway head. She has yet to pm me back, she's been on DOA and bumped the thread since... I guess that's good for me. I'll save the money I was going to spend on her head.
Got a pm from her...since I am weak, I will be buying the head.

I leave you with the angriest face on earth.

angry chichi2

Chichi no like. Anything. At all.
Though he's "happy" with his new faceup. I think. Hard to tell really...

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