Monday, June 2, 2014


So I'm packed. My suitcase is 50 lbs. Not quite, but close, leaving me no room at all. I can't buy anything lol. Hopefully I'll be able to sell something so I have more room. Just saying.
I'm kind of freaking out. Usually I pack the dolls better but I didn't really have the room to do so....I hope everyone survives.

See you at Doll-A-Kon!!

Is this weekend. Hopefully I will see people there! :D

I'll be doing a faceup demo again, and a hybrid panel, and then I'll be in the Doll-Akon vendor room (not the A-kon one) along with real vendors such as MOC. Lol. Me and MOC. It makes me laugh uncontrollably.

I am kind of stressing out over, pretty much everything right now, as I leave Thursday and even though I think I'm ready I don't think I'm ready. And I have no idea what dolls I want to bring. I've pretty much decided to only go with two Kara Klums, and since Skullface is going to be one of them, that means Alex I has to stay home. I've never gone to a doll function without him. There may be issues.

Probably not, I'll have III with me. He's almost as good, and as the only one remaining with tattoos of any kind he's the best choice. Plus the hair. He's a good con-doll as he's visible from space - I will easy to spot!

EDIT - I'm packed so here's who's going:
Mini David
Mini Alex
Baby Alex
Alex III

I thought about Aishe or Wyn, but they're really hard to travel with since they're all about accessories.

I want to bring a mixture of decent faceups and hybrids, which is the reason for these dolls. Uriel has the oldest faceup of all of them, other than Boo and Baby Alex, but all three are hybrids. Sage is another good hybrid, and so is Mini David since I had to mod the hell out of him to get him to work, but traveling with Elf ears makes me nervous. Trevor remains, IMO, my best faceup ever, but he's not a hybrid. Mini Alex would literally just be going along for the ride, as would 'Nilla. Big Boo is kind of a hybrid within his own company, but he's kind of high maintenance.

I can't decide.

If anyone going would like to request, please do! XDD

Skullface and Alex III are absolute, so that's two I have already. Traveling with Skullface freaks me out, but I can't leave him behind, he's awesome, I have to share. I wish I had a stand big enough for him!! He's too tall for the one I have XD

Hope to see some of you there!! :D


  1. Yay I'll probably get to see Skullface in person! That's exciting! I've already informed my roommate (who always accompanies me to A-kon) that we have to make an effort to check out various doll events and see the fancy new doll specific dealer room.! I'd try to come up with a suggestion/request but I pretty much love all of your dolls I've seen so it's hard to pick. Of course I'm quite glad (but not surprised) that there will be an Alex present. It was really neat to see him in person last year (even if I was too nervous to actually get close)

    1. :D I can't wait to meet you in person!! I hope Skullface is up to par lol. Right now he's in pieces!

      There will always be an Alex. Part of me thinks no one will know who I am if he's not there - including people I've known for years XD

    2. yeah it's exciting! I haven't decided yet who I want to bring, if anyone. I usually bring at least one but then half the time they end up sitting in the hotel room because I'm too lazy to cart them around.

      Can't have people not recognizing you! Admittedly, when I mention you to friends who are also on DoA, I always refer to you as "the one with all the Alexes" because that is an almost guaranteed way to get them to know who I'm talking about. XDD

    3. lol right?? No one can know me >.> <.<
      That's pretty much how anyone knows me XDD

      Well I like to bring a variety to go with the panels, but I'm sharing a room with people, and bringing sales stuff (that I can hopefully still sell D: ) so half my carry-on had to be clothes. So not quite as many are going as I would like. BUT that's probably a good thing. I don't need to be brining 25 dolls anywhere :\

    4. I came back later in the day on Saturday with Doppelganger but I didn't realize how early the room closed so I was too late and missed you. Sorry about that! Was really cool to meet you and see Alex and Skullface in person though! They look great!! It was very exciting. And those Doll Chateau jointed hands are so cool in person. I need some! I hope you had a good weekend.!

    5. I thought I saw you in the crowd carrying him, but by the time I got there you were gone! And it was a huge crowd XD But I'm glad we got to meet once! :D It really was fantastic! <333

      Ha I'm happy Alex and Skullface are decent-looking in person, and not too disheveled. Sometimes I rely heavily on my photoshop skills to make sure my dolls don't look like hell! I had a great time though, I hope you did too! I spent way more money than I intended too in the many eyes....

  2. It will be good to see you again! I am only bringing Richi. She fits in my Con bag along with lots of accessories and I am Steampunking this year. But, I will be going home with one of the 3D printed Silverbeam dolls.

    1. Oooh which one? Or are you just going to wing it? I always kind of wanted one of the ponies, if she has those I might have to cave...XD

      :D It'll be great to see you again too! And Richi!