Wednesday, July 30, 2014

200th Post!! It's a Wimper, Not a Bang.

I seriously can't believe I posted in anything 200 times. I can't make any other blog I've ever attempted work, but this one keeps on kicking somehow. Oh wait, I know how....

Which brings me too

A massively huge thank you. 
I mean it. For reading, for posting, for caring. Everything.

If I could make that bigger I would, but that seems to be the limit to my size XD
I fail at doing anything fun like contests or what nots, cause I didn't notice I was so close to a big number, and I seriously can't make up my mind on contests. I've been trying to come up with one for about 2 years and I STILL HAVE NOTHING. I fail.

Now a few things.

To continue my week of suck, the soup I was going to eat for lunch is in a non-microwavable I had popcorn for lunch. It was fake butter flavor :P

My birkenstocks were delivered today. Yay!!

My cat Rocky is doing much better after I tried to maim him. He doesn't even act like he's hurt and he never bled. I have decided he's so old he no longer has feeling or blood. My poor kitty.

I went to play Korn's Love & Meth this morning and noticed the number 327 next to the song.

Three hundred and twenty seven. Times. I have played that song. omfg.
To put that in some kind of perspective, my most played song is HIM's Vampire Heart with 380. That's more, right? Except that song was released in 2005, and I got it the day it came out...and have been listening to it ever since. 

Love & Meth is on Paradigm Shift, released this past October. *dies*
When I obsess over something I do it right dammit!!

Ok, enough of my crazy, on to dolls! lol funnies.

Last week Java Chip Frappuchino arrived to join his coffee-named brethren. He had a faceup that was not him, weird and loose string, goo on his headcap, and glue in every joint. I have fixed all of those things, plus giving him an eye mod. He got his "real" wig, eyes I adore, and a faceup that makes him very different-looking from his older brother.

In all his fabulously, fluffy glory:


I've already forgotten what he used to look like. XD
The wig is pretty much exactly what I wanted but hard to tame lol

 He is very shiny and needs a blushing. And a tail. I am thinking he's a Raccoon Dog/Tanuki. I gave him dark eyes to hint at that, but ears and a tail will be better. The tail I suppose I'll be making lol. Ears I can find....someone will have Fox ears. That'll work.
The little dog is from Dollheart. His name is Biscotti (delicious...) and he needs a Prada bag to ride around in lol

Since he's a burlesque dancer, I would love some white lingerie he can run around in, but I have none, so this will have to do for now! He also needs a stage needs to be something jewel related, not pearl or diamond. I'll figure something out. More pictures!!

mocha and java2 

Mocha is having a good couple of weeks thanks to his brother. He's changed clothes twice (omg), been restrung for the first time since April 9, 2009 (which was his arrival date), finally has eyes I like (just uh, don't look at their positioning. I swear I cannot get his eyes right!!) and got his faceup updated to something a little more like my current faceups.

What's funny about this picture is that their heights are pretty accurate, and they're both wearing "tall" shoes XD I may wire or suede both of them in the future, but right now they're both working decently. Java stands with all his weight on one foot becuase he can't actually straighten out his leg. It has some kind of design flaw you can see, making it impossible for the leg piece to fit into the joint properly. I would attempt to fix this, but it would be very visible, so I don't care that much.

Omg Mocha was standing on my desk and just fell over XDDD
I guess he was done.


mocha and java1 
lol you seriously can't tell I modded Java's eyes at all!I didn't do a lot, because I was afraid to do too much, but really, they look the same. I swear I modded them open more....
All in all, I'm happy with them. Really happy. Happy I stuck with Song, because I know I love that mold. Happy I didn't mod him too much because with a faceup they look different but still alike.

  Java: You're taking my picture now?! My hair is a mess!

 Mocha: Goggles on? Off? I can go either way...

I wish my photos were'nt so boring. I need to get some backdrops or something.
So yay!! I have all the dolls I want related to this new "storyline".  Someday in the future if I ever feel like having random dolls I might get one of the ponies, but they're so not important that it would literally only be because I am kind of dying to customize a doll to be a pony (not an MLP lol, just another animal in their universe).

Not the most exciting of 200 posts...but at least there's pictures! Right? Right?! faaaaailllllllllllll

If I make it to 300 I'll do something cool. XD



  1. Java! <3 He looks adorable, even if he thinks his hair is messy ;) And Mocha deserves the attention he's getting, he's such a cutie. I think it was a successful 200th post!

    1. Omg this stupid app ate my comment.... Anyway, thank you! It was an ok 200th post... I'll do better for 300! Maybe 400. XD

  2. Oh my gosh, I am late to the party as per usual. I don't seem to be online much these days.

    Belated congratulations on your 200th post! And can I just say, Java looks stunning. I love the style you chose. The two songs certainly look so different from each other!