Monday, June 16, 2014

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A few quick updates on goings on.

Doll-A-Kon is over so I can set my sights on Dollism. I am way excited to go to Dollism, see more people I've never met irl, hang out with doll peoples and their dolls (yay!), see vendors and DOLLMORE!! I will probably be spending all my money at Oscar doll, because, eyes! And I'm already planning what dolls I want to bring (which is hard because I keep wanting to drag all my Kara Klums along. Not the greatest idea...).

I plan on hopefully entering 3 of the contests, one for sure, the other two depend on stuff, so it may or may not happen. I want to start working on those entries soon so I have time to do them. I have to pick up a few supplies for one of them it won't be happening for a while anyway.

Aaaaaand this week I'm ordering my 7th Kara Klum, 5th full, and 4th full/new from Dollmore. And 2nd NS OE. Only Alex I had this honor, until now, and I will be ordering my first doll again. Which is weird already....I was on the page doing a mock order and it was so....deja vu. Oh the nostalgia lol. I don't remember the excitement of ordering all my dolls, but I remember everything about ordering Alex (because it was so huge and scary back in the day), and this is bringing it all back. So strange.

I bought a Migidoll Ell head a couple weeks back, it was right after they announced their new body - which I love the look of - and the day they discontinued the old A and B resin colors....I decided to give Marcus another go, and figured that since part of my issues with him were his looking good with David and Alex, I'd do what I did with Isis and go with Migi. Though with Isis I went with Dollmore, since it was more important she look good with Alex. Migidoll is one of my other all-time favorite companies, so I thought it was a safe bet...I was a little worried about them looking too similar to Ryu however (since I think all the molds after Ryu and Miho sort of look like the two of them - a few exceptions of course), but after some help on DOA I figured they were plenty different. Plus I really wanted Volks I had no choice but to order right then.

He came less than a week later XD and it was the day I left for Texas, so I had time to put him on his body - the Grando 64 he's always had...which is now Gambit. So they have to share - and toss on a wig.....and realize that I somehow lost his other wig :// and find that I have no eyes for him....

He's been sitting blank ever since. I might drag him out tonight and prep him for a faceup. I also have an Alexcorn to do. I spent hours before going to my Dad's for the weekend stripping Conie of all pink (or most pink) and now he's ready for his transformation from fluffeh pink pretties to evil. And I REALLY like him blank. I liked him with pink, but all white he's so cute and pretty!! I can't wait to blush him. I'm starting tonight for sure.

Lastly, I bought a "junk" body off DOA for one of the heads I had for sale. I'd like to try a specific mod and this body will work lol
Not sure about the head, but I have it, so it's going to have to do. I'd like something with a little more expression, but everything that might work is too expensive or a non-split (if it's not selling, why not split?! I don't get it....I always make more with a split)
This body should be shipped today....It'll need some cleaning and sanding, and then some modding. I am thinking of making the chest smaller, I'm keeping it a girl but I don't want her to have big boobs...then I want to do a one-arm mod. I'm thinking a plug of somesort, with a hole to string the other arm into so the tension is still there. The head will be getting scars and a one-eye mod.

In theory of course. I don't know why I'm all about crazy mods right now....I've barely done any small mods and now I want to saw off jaws and make one-arms and fangteeth. OH WELL

So that's where I am. I think I need to go update my project list....

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  1. Where is Dollism? I doubt I"ll be able to go but it might be handy for future reference. XD

    What are your plans for this new Kara Klum? Another Alex? I'm sure he will be lovely whatever you decide to do!

    Is Conie supposed to become an Alex too? XD That sounds cool! I"m excited to see how that turns out!

    Also this body mod project sounds neat! Maybe you could mod the head you have if the expression is wrong for what you want? I feel you on the split thing though. I don't understand why people are so averse to splits. One of the best things about the hobby is the ability to mix and match and create hybrids and make things your own. And in my experience it is easier to find buyers for parts than it is to find someone who wants a full doll.

    Crazy mods are awesome though and I look forward to seeing how it goes! I had something else I wanted to say but it ran off and I'm rather sleep deprived and can't seem to keep a train of thought going.