Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Pictures, Old Dolls

Welllll not really. New pics, yes. Dolls are not so old.

First, the Shiwoo-possibly-to-be-named-Des should arrive tomorrow. I plan on wiping the faceup, fixing the nose and making his wig. No faceup, our weather has been awful for the last two weeks and there's not enough time in the day. And I really shouldn't do any of the other either, there's a doll meet at my house Sunday and I'm not the least bit ready.

I've gotten as ready for him as I can. Pulled out his old wig (because it's a new doll I will always think of him as's the same character remade and put in another universe),  put the neck part on the body, played with different hands because I hate the older, chubby Dollzone hands, and then dressed him in his customary red and black. His body looks great!

I have...SD sized hands on him. I know. No one hates mixing sizes more than me...but they're my Doll Chateau Youth hands, so they're tiny SD hands. They're made the same way Dollzone makes hands (only they look nicer) and are the same resin so the same color...and they really just look like large masculine hands. And he's keeping them for now. Until the Shiwoo head gets here and is smaller than they are XD

Since I've been obsessing over this group of dolls I had been bringing Vanilla to work with me. The day I posted the last entry he was wearing neon leopard tights and a cropped blue shirt. That outfit has since gone to "Frapp" (I'm trying) and he's in an even cuter one. Possibly my favorite outfit on any of my dolls right now. So I dragged him back to work, along with Latte for pics (I did it yesterday too, but forgot, of all things, my camera. :\\\\ ).

These are his new eyes.

 nilla UJEE2

They fit so much better in the sockets that that alone helps to give him more life. I love that stupid hat!

 nilla UJEE1

I couldn't get a good full-body shot, so the pictures are in stages lol And this one is one of my favorites despite it being out of focus

Nilla clothes

 lol he has the hugely platform heels on that I'd bought for my former RS Li...the were huge on her but DMKs have giant feet so they fit him perfectly.This is his casual, day-off outfit. 'Nilla is a "performer", he does a burlesque-ish show (which is why he's in a corset for the very first shoot I ever did of him). He's my Diva.

Now for poor Latte. She's another one of my dolls that came at a bad time for me...right after Tween got his new Dollstown body. I was so happy to have Tween back, and that fabulous body, that when Latte got here I didn't like her much. She was frustrating...I have never owned a FL fullset before, but I've heard a lot of negative things. Well, thankfully, the whole mess fits her just fine, which I was worried about. Nothing was broken (I did have to glue one small part, but it was not a big thing), nothing fell apart when I was trying to get it on. She's in good shape, no weird FL flaws that they've had in the last couple years, her FP doesn't stay on and as usual the magnets don't fit in the damn holes, so eventually I'm going to have to carve them out.......and her wig was awful. Which was a huge disappointment for me since I really liked it in the pictures.

Which is one of my biggest issues with FL. They don't show you what you get. They style things different and add accessories that aren't in fullsets, and I'm still miffed she didn't get the gold eyes (only for her sake. Chibs loves the eyes he got from her ;) ) and have confusing small type that gets missed.

Other than the wig (and eyes to an extent) I do love the set, though it's very complicated. It took me forever to get the bunny hood and mask on her, and I eventually gave up on the hood (which is my favorite part of the whole outfit!!) and the skirt thing that goes over it. I put orange eyes in her (close to the original gold), made Boo's fur wig smaller for her head and gave her Hopscotches alternate ears, put just the mask on her, and finally started liking her.

My other problem with poor Rose (which is her mold name), is that in person, she looks way more mature than the rest of my YO sized bunny group. Even North, who is the oldest-looking one of the bunch. Maybe it's the outfit. Which is kinda slutty for a child. :|

I didn't really like her with the others so I was still thinking of selling her....

But when she kind of adopted the name of Latte (which fits because her hair is all foamy) I thought she'd fit in with the others perfectly, and I finally started getting excited about her again. As a part of this group, she doesn't have to be a child, just a bunny. She can "use" her Steampunk, futury gun, and her look is perfect.

I still didn't like her eyes, so that had to change. Mistake. I could not get her mask back on. It's so hard to do...when I had finally gotten it on the first time I had to angle the strap high up on the back of her head, over her wig. This time I couldn't do it. I just about gave up when I tried putting it on under her wig. FUCK ME I should have tried that the first time. It fits perfectly, is way easier to get on, and is held in place by her freaking wig so it doesn't fall off.

Her new eyes are a dark pink, but actually fit in her head, so yay.

latte LTF3 

She does not get to keep these ears. They belong to Hopscotch...but my roommate wants to order from Angell Studio, and they have bunny ears. And cat ears (for the Shiwoo) and cat tails for all! So everyone can get their stuff. They are cute on her though!

 latte LTF2 

 I do love this fullset. Which is good, that's the whole reason I ordered!

latte LTF1 

That's it! Hopefully I'll be able to update in the next few days with a Shiwoo, and maybe the whole group. Of five. If I can get that many dolls in one picture... D:

Omg Eyes that fit made such a big difference in both these dolls. As did different colors....they both used to have gold/orange eyes.


  1. 'Nilla's new eyes are awesome & dang boy looks good in those pants XD

  2. Those eyes look absolutely gorgeous in him! Incidentally, what hands is he wearing? Are those little nails I spy??

    1. They are! :) They're Dollmore Kid Dollpire hands. I'd bought them a thousand years ago when I had a DMK Vian as a vampire, and when I sold her I kept them, so Vanilla got them (painted bright red XD).