Thursday, June 26, 2014

Another Quick Update

So the Shiwoo head arrived safe and sound last night! After a terrifying few moments where I didn't realize I had the neck piece turned backwards and thought the head just didn't fit it, he went on just fine! I forgot that Shiwoo is so big, I was expecting smaller for some reason, but as a larger FL mold he looks amazing on the bigger DZ body and even with the huge DC hands! So I'm really happy with how he's come together. That DZ 003 body has some of the ugliest joints I've ever seen, but it just about out-poses everything, and is so easy to work with I don't care. His head doesn't match the body or hands which also don't match the body, but they're all only about a shade off, so it's not bad at all!

The nose chip is actually a chip, I do think some of it boiled out, but he needs a quick sand to get it perfect. I didn't do it last night, I wanted him to reset after being boiled, and I needed the faceup off first (it came off very easily) so I could see all the damage. It's not bad....I've definitely seen worse. I'm not sure it'll even be visible after the sanding.

I spent a million hours torturing his wig, and I like it ok, but I will probably have to redo sometime. It's ok for now. He's wearing his old, full of cray cat ears....not a fan. They always looked more fox-like to me. I'll be getting him resin cat ears eventually. But for now, other than being blank and in need of a quick sand, he's good! I'm going to try and get a picture of him, and of Dolce or possibly the whole group later....

Speaking of Dolce, I sanded off the offending butt-tabs, and the weird ridges they have on their butt so he's all smooth now. He sits and stand just like he did, so they're utterly useless. Unless their use is to be annoying, in which case they do their job perfectly!! Now that they're gone, Dolce is....usable. I went through a phase where I was afraid to touch him because moving him was so damn hard....but he's normal now! I'm actually excited! I also restrung him a little....he had such thick string it was hard to get out, so I'm sure it impeded his movement. I can't even....did I do that? I must have because I'm sure I strung him!! And the knot was in a bad spot (another oops) that got stuck in his thigh.

Plus I ordered his new wig and the hippo ears last night, and Leeke already shipped them!! He'll have them by next week! :D

Hopefully that velvet trim stuff works, and gets here quickly. He could be mostly unicorn-like in no time. All I'll need is wings, and I can go slowly on that....not sure what I want yet. The ears and tail were more important.

Enough updates...if I get pictures later I'll have to make a new post anyway. Because  I haven't done that enough lately.


I've been whining that I can't resolve Mir-Dolce-Frapp's wig issue, and that he needs his ears, tail and wings. Well, today I found Leekeworld has the hippo ears in stock, as well as a great wig that might work for him, and I FINALLY found some of that white velvet trim-stuff I used a thousand years ago for Mocha's tail. I've been looking for it for about 4 years now.

If the wig works out, 3 of 4 things will be resolved!!

However I've realized I hate his butt-lock tabs. First I noticed shortly after getting him that they are cracking his butt. It's not a real crack yet, but it's happening. I posted on the Unoa discussion thread about it and at least one other person mentioned they know someone who also had a cracked butt from the tabs. Second, they're annoying as fuck. I mean really. They're hard to navigate when he's naked, almost impossible in the leggins he's wearing now and are cracking him. Why are they even there?!

I was told if I took them off he may not sit anymore...and decided I don't give a crap, they're coming off. And since I have another mod to attempt tonight, it's happening now. Or 6 hours from now when I get home lol

Because, my Shiwoo head has been delivered!! It's at home now! So a quick sanding of his nose will be in order so he can have blankface photos. Though I'm still holding out hope that its dented not chipped and a boiling will fix it. *crosses fingers*

Wish me luck, because all these things have to be done tonight, plus making Des-Soshi a wig....Friday and Sat are reserved for a manic house-cleaning so we can have a meet at our apt....and it's not exactly company-ready. At all. *dies*


  1. Oooh! I love the Leeke Hippo ears, they'll look adorable on Mir-Dolce-Frapp(!) I've been wanting to get some for Puffle too - they make for perfect Unicorn ears!

    Heehee - Shiwoo excitment! 'And that's all I gots'say bout that.'

    1. Aren't they perfect!? The Hippo ears are what I pictured when I wanted him to have floppy unicorn ears, so I'm so happy they're in stock right now. Almost as happy as getting that velvet stuff....It's great for tails and between Mir or whatever his name is now and Wyn I need a lot of it....

      Yayyay!! So excited!! *dance*

  2. Good luck with the sanding of the butt tabs. I imagine that if it makes sitting more difficult you might be able to just suede the joints or something?

    Also congratulations on finding the right ears and tail materials! I hope the wig ends up working out okay for you.

    Also I hope your Shiwoo proves easy enough to fix! A dent that will come out with boiling water would be pretty great! Good lucuk witht hat!

    1. I pretend I can spell, what's one more?

      Butt-tab sanding went perfectly well. Apparently those tabs are just there for show, or annoyance, because taking them off affected nothing. He's sitting perfectly next to me now! Yay! I also smoothed out the weird ridges on his butt, making him a little.....well, better IMO. Someday when I have more time (this was literally a 5 minute job) I'll sand off some of the other rough areas on him...poor thing was used before he got to me. It's ok though. At least he doesn't make horrible cracking sounds when I try to move him!

      I'm just crossing my fingers that Leeke doesn't mysteriously sell out before I order (I already ordered and paid so they better not) and the velvet trim stuff is the right size. Or a close size. I can be easy.

      The new Shoshi-Des didn't boil like I'd must be a chip. It's very small though, so I think a very quick sand will do it. I couldn't do it tonight, I'd boiled him enough that I didn't want to attempt sanding on top, plus I hadn't removed his face up yet and needed to be able to see it without that in the way. But I'm sure it's going to be easy. He looks great, I'm so excited about him!! It's kind of like having my old one home again <3

    2. Hooray! We can both be part of the "pretend we can spell!" club!

      I'm glad to hear that the butt tab sanding went well! That's great news that it didn't ruin his ability to sit. I was mildly worried when you mentioned that that when you sanded them down the body would suddenly turn into an Iple EID and lean way back or have to lie down 24/7. Glad that worked though and there are no more horrible cracking noises! That sounds kinda scary.

      I'm always doing 5 minute sanding jobs too. Except then I take forever to get back to them because every time I remember them I think "well it's good enough for now. They're wearing clothes anyway... it can wait" and then it's about another year before I get around to it. If I ever do.

      Would they cancel your order if they had already sold out? That sounds like a weird and scary system. I would be quite sad if I thought I had managed to order something and then it turned out to be sold out already. Oh but I just read your edit and you said they were shipped so that is great news!

      Sorry to hear that boiling didn't quite do the trick. I can understand why you wouldn't want to sand right after boiling. I'd be afraid that the resin would be too soft and I'd start sanding and the whole nose would just come off or something. (I'm a bit paranoid about heat after the melty eyelid incident I had recently..) Super glad to hear that you're so happy with him though! That's really exciting and I can't wait to see what you do!! :D