Friday, June 20, 2014


It's been a week. Today is the Giant Fundraising Event of DOOM where I work, and we've been nuts all week getting ready for it. I get to go, so I'm all excited now that most of the work is over. All I have to do is last out the day and I can go party.

And I broke my favorite travel mug today. It sucks. Now I have to find another one....I did a fast search and found a black and white stripped one from Kate Spade. It's like, $20 though and not 100% what I want...but it might have to do. Or I'll make a custom Alex Tervis. I've wanted one of those forever...

Between that and plans every freaking night I've had no time for anything, so this is just a quick update...

Last night I officially ordered my 7th Kara Klum. I haven't gotten one from Dollmore since Azrael in 2010, and I've never ordered the OE NS one since Alex I so this was like getting him all over again XD
Hopefully when he's finished (years from now, omfg the plans I have for this thing....) he will not in any way, shape or form resemble Alex I. I have no idea what he's going to be called. He should be VI what with 2.5, but I'm not sure he's going to need a number when he's finished. He'll be obviously not one of the others.

Dollmore sent me my invoice last night, minus shipping and the 10% off, so I paid, and now am that much closer to having him handed to me at Dollism from Dollmore which is a big thing for me lol *lame*
So he's supposed to be my final doll of the year. Here's hoping that happens. The other head, the one I wanted for Shae, was released today as well (of freaking course) but....the ears aren't quite as big as I was expecting so I'm torn. I still want it....but not now. There's supposed to be another order period in July, so hopefully I'll have decided then. 

This morning I bought that practice head from MOC to be used in the contest at Dollism. It's going to get the mouth opening mod I want to do the Kara Klum....if I mess up it only cost me $25, if it works out nice, he gets entered in the contest, and I get practice for the real thing. They just emailed shipped already.

I also ordered this skull. A friend forwarded me the email so I could join the preorder. I had to have it.
It's not quite as awesome as the Jungatoy one, that one is an actual BJD head. The Dollclans one isn't, it's just a skull.....but an amazingly awesome one that looks to be pretty much in scale with SD dolls!! HOW COULD I NOT GET IT?! Now I have to come up with another skull name. Yorick maybe? Seems the obvious choice.

So those are my fun things on the way. As well as DZ Carter, who may actually be shipped next month, and the "junk" body I have coming too, either today or tomorrow. I have to order some many mods....

Here are a few pictures of Tween. I didn't get any good ones of his whole self, so you can't see the DT elf body, but he looks good!



I think one of his eyes is wonky. Boooooo Tweeeeeen!


  1. What are your plans for new Alex? Got some crazy mods in store for him? Or is that a secret?

    That's really neat that they'll just be able to hand him off to you in person! I didn't know you could arrange things like that! Very cool.

    That skull is also really neat! Skullface and your raven will have a new friend! Then they can do spooky dramatic things together or something. Of course, this is me assuming all the skull people have to be friends. Maybe that wasn't the plan. I dont' know. XD I'm sure it'll be super great whatever you end up doing!

    Tween looks awesome! I aspire to one day be as good at face ups as you are! yours are so very lovely and expressive!

    1. It's not a secret, but if I talk about it and fail that would be sad XD
      I'm doing the big open-mouth with fang mods on two heads first as practice for this one. I also want to attempt to get a smile on there somehow. In addition to sawing the head in two, I want to see about getting some beast/claw hands and feet, two sets of horns and wings, plus make another green/purple wig - probably out of angora or similar hair, so I can die parts black. Most of the blushing will be done in black, with more black detail. When I ordered him I requested their all black eyes (which I don't need, I have marbles, but why not?) because he'll have all black eyes. I had wanted to do a scary-vampire version of him for a while, but I decided to go all out with "demon-possesed" instead since I really want to try that faceup/body-work. If I fail I'll just do a "light" version of it, without the parts or mods. Because I'll have to buy a new head to replace the one I ruined lol

      Right?! I'm excited to no end. I was trying to get a WS kara Klum to do these mods n' stuff too, but found out about the offer from Dollmore and decided I'd probably ruin the WS version anyway, and it's so hard to find, so I figured NS would be a better bet. And cheaper. And then I get the doll from Dollmore XD So many pluses!

      The skull is awesome. The friend who showed it too me is the one I appointed to stop me from buying dolls other than the new Alex. She failed! lol She said she though I would really want it and it was ok if I slipped this once. I can't wait to see it. I hope it's the same size as Bob....
      All my "dead" dolls will probably hang out, they're all sort of not in a story (Azrael V2 is more of a conceptual Azrael so he doesn't really count lol) and they all look good together, so when I bought the new Skull (Yorick?) I was thinking he'd be with them. I hope he's all painted and everything....because when I did Bob it took forever, though I think he looks awesome. I could probably do it again. Or again again if you count Skullface....*ded*

      Thank you! *wiggles* I think the secret to faceups use all the colors at once. Srsly. Lol Even on the pale ones.
      And I swear that sculpt is easy to do...those lips are just begging to be painted! Sometimes I think I should have gone with Liebe instead of Kara for Alex, but Kara is so much more....pissed off. He's a much better Alex. And he doesn't have all the baby fat in his face. Liebe is just so sweet and untouched by life....

    2. OOh okay! That sounds like a complex but really awesome mod! I'm quite excited to see how that goes! Man, that sounds really intimidating.. you have to saw the head in two to get the mouth open but you're afraid of eye opening without eye wells? XD I'd be far more intimidated by that intense a mouth opening! Though if it works out right I'm sure it'll be great!

      Ahahah I have the same problem when I am asked to help someone show self restraint. I'll end up seeing something I know they wouldn't want to miss and be forced to aid them in falling off the wagon.

      Yay for all the dead dolls hanging out! I'm sure they will be great friends! Or at least look good together, barring that! Yorick seems like a fine and appropriate name for a bodyless skull. That would be my go-to for a skull. That or Wilson. But that's more of an obscure reference to a WoW machinima. XD Did they have any sort of option to specify if you wanted it painted? Or is that a default thing? I would be very intimidated by attempting to paint a skull. I struggle with things like textures and making things look aged.

      I have been trying to experiment more with colors on face ups so next time I practice maybe I'll mess around with throwing on more colors! XD Sounds fun, at least! The Liebe Klum sculpt does have some very nice lips (and you always do such a great job with lips). I never could quite pin down the differences exactly between that one and Kara Klum but I think you summed it up quite nicely. Kara Klums do work quite well for moody. XD

    3. Welllll with the eye opening it's more of a case for laziness than anything else. I am not great with a dremel, so I'd be afraid to use that to do eyewells, so I'd have to use a beveler...and I know that'll take a million years. So no thanks. I am so tempted though. There's a MNF head I'd love to have on the MP right now....but it's sleeping :P

      Ha I thought of Castaway when you mentioned Wilson....also a good ref! I think it might be default? It didn't have an option and it looks painted to me. I thought I did a good job on Bob so I'd probably do ok on Yorick too, but if I don't have too, that would be even better lol

      Because I am a cray cray Kara Klum fan I knew right away there were differences in the sculpt, just from looking on Dollmore, but I've had a lot of people trying to tell me they're the same mold, so I know most don't have the scuplts completely memorized in every detail like I do. That mouth....I do love to paint mouths! It's my favorite part of faceups. That, and finishing them lol

      Nothing is better than not having to do anymore!

    4. Understandable. I think the lazy would have won out if I'd known beforehand that it was going to require that much work to mod the head. I imagine I could have found someone else willing to buy it off me if I'd decided not to keep it because it was too much work, but then there was still the issue of finding one with the eyes open so... I guess I'm saying if lazy was an option I'd go with it. XD I'm sorry about the MNF head. Is there a non-sleepy version? Is it harder to find?

      I am pretty sure the WoW thing was referencing Castaway so it all sort of rounds out to the same thing. That seems like a safe assumption though that if it wasn't listed as an option and that's how the pictures look then that's likely what you're getting. Though I have no doubt that you could pull it off if needed!

      I can definitely see the differences in the sculpt now. There certainly is a resemblance there, but it was pretty obvious from your pictures that it wasn't the same. I am a little surprised that people would try to tell you, of all people, that they're the same mold XD I would think they'd know by now that you're kind of the authority on all things kara klum!

    5. At this time, and all the months I've been looking for a MNF Shiwoo, all heads are hard to get unless I want to pay $500 for a full doll because NO ONE WILL SPLIT THEIR STUFF FUCK THEM ALL. Pardon my French, but it's starting to piss me off. It's an extra-speshul faceup on a MNF so it must be worth a hundred thousand million dollars and can't be split because god-forbid you have to go to the damn post office twice. Yet they all need the money right away!!1!!!!11!! Even though the doll has sat on the MP for months. I'll stop now.

      Lol then we're all right!! Wilson! I'm re-watching House on Netflix, so that's also Wilson. Now I want a doll named Wilson.

      LOL right? that was kind of what I thought. Same with the person who argued with me over the fact that DM Adams aren't 62cm....They swore that because Dollmore had it on the site it was true. Like I didn't own three of them at the time....:\ I really don't argue with those people, I usually just roll my eyes a lot and ignore....

    6. Haha no worries I completely understand! That always happens to me whether I'm looking for just a head or just a body. People just refuse to split the two and I'll have no use for one or the other or I want some special hybrid or whatever else and it's just a nightmare getting the pieces I want.

      Clearly this is some sort of sign that you need a Wilson of some sort. XD

      Haha oh wow. If Dollmore Adams are 62cm then I have a lot of dolls who are significantly taller than I thought. Good plan though. There's little point in arguing with some people about things. Sometimes their minds are just made up and their anti-logic shields are at full capacity and nothing is capable of penetrating them.

    7. It's funny because I have never really had an issue getting heads before. Even when I was looking for VLKS MIchele, which is not an easy doll to get, people were pming me with their (way overpriced) heads. But there's some crazy thing about MNFs right now....even though you can get them as a basic it seems like people think that just because they owned them they should charge a crapton over the paid price :\\\\\

      And the not splitting thing will always always amaze me. The only time I won't split is if I'm thinking of keeping the doll and don't want to sell off parts. With splits I almost always end up making money off the doll because I'll charge more for the parts than I do the full why not split?! Especially with a doll that people probably want parts too like MNF. Whatever, I have the head now, paid around what I wanted for it, and didn't have to give money to those crazy people and their non-splittiness.

      I dooooooo!! have a lot of floating heads laying around. Maybe one of them need to be Wilson...?

      Right? lol my Ripley Days must be like, 85cm tall then!!
      LOL anti-logic shields!! SO many people must be using them!