Thursday, June 12, 2014

Photos of the New Kids. And a couple old ones.

I snapped some quick shots yesterday, so here are all my new acquisitions from Doll-A-Kon!

This is Nevermore by the Mushroom Peddler. He's my 5th MP doll, but I only have three since I sold the other two XD
I seriously doubt I'll sell him, I love crows and ravens and have wanted one in BJD form for quite a while...


He's very small, like, Puki-small, but that's the usual size she does for convention dolls. He's also wearing the Oscar Mirror Eyes I bought as a temporary fix for him. I do think they're too small, I'd have preferred 12mms, but there was only one pair of 12s and they were light blue, which wasn't what I wanted. Nappy Alex will be getting them, as they're his size...and I am so into getting Alex these eyes. Not all of them probably, but at least several...


Next up, Doll Factory Conie. Who I keep calling Connie. He's wearing Baby Alex's old eyes, which are what I wanted for him anyway....


Conie was a pleasant surprise. I had been wanting one for probably a year or more, and then there he was! Even more of a surprise...this little thing can pose. His massive head is top-heavy, and he has tiny hoofies to stand on, and single-joints, but he does all kinds of fun things. I really should have done more than just have him stand there, his waist joint lets him bend around and he can stand on one foot pretty easily. I had lots of time to mess with him while at my table lol

I've already made him a new tail, and I plan on wiping all his blushing and redoing him completely, using fur instead of his resin mane and tail.

On to Bellghast! Poor thing...he's a little more interesting in person than in photos XD


 I plan on sanding him a little where he's kinda rough in spots, getting him jewels for eyes, and going with a blue/grey look cause he's a ghost. My incoming DZ Carter will enjoy him as a pet I think...
He is actually a strung doll and the back of his head comes off. His ear-thingys are held on by magnet, which is great for transporting him. I am totally in love with this guy, I kind of want another one to live permanently on my desk at work.

All three together! This is how they hang. Poe the Raven and Eek the Bellghast will probably be together more often, but Conie is an AU and is kind of by himself.

But since they're all my dolls they can be where-ever I want them to be lol


This doesn't do much to show size...I tried to get Baby Alex in there but that failed.
 Speaking of Baby Alex


 Not a great picture, but more Oscar Eyes. He got so many compliments all weekend on those eyes. People who didn't know I'd bought new ones mentioned them.  But then he is all eye. Which is funny because they're just 14s, they look bigger in him than big Alex (who also has them, but I didn't get pictures).

Now some Chibs because Chibs just doesn't get enough love. I should have brought him to the con, but I didn't and he's the only one I really wished I'd had there.


He also has Oscar eyes, but these are the ones I got with my LTF. He has a new BF, Baby Godzilla, who was a gift from my awesome friend for my Birthday. He's been hanging on Chibs ever since.


All sizes of Alex have that Ramones shirt. Someday I'll dress them all up to match. But it'll have to be Alex III as Chibs and Mini share a blond wig. I need to get another one....

So that's my stuff! Everyone has a plan except Poe, who will stay blank for a while until I figure out how to blush black resin. Good thing he looks fine just like that. Eventually if I get tired him he'll get to be Skullface Jr, as I think his face sculpt would make a good skull. Dead raven would be awesome. But not right now. I kind of like him as is.


  1. Frig-heck-damnit all. I'm getting all the more closer to grabbing a Conie myself as a mini-me of Puff' now. Though I don't know how many times I've said to myself 'NO MORE ANTHROS'. *snort*
    Also Poe is gorgeous() and I'm just generally loving 'Eek the ghost' XD

    I was going to ask too actually, where can you buy Oscar eyes - I'm not too familiar with them but seeing yours made me think of MehiArt eyes on Etsy? I've been eyeing up a pair of Mehi eyes for Puff, but seeing your Oscar eyes has me intrigued!

    1. Oh you should! I was a little iffy about getting more anthros (I was also very much NO MORE after I sold most of mine), but being able to play with him all weekend really made me love him. I still can't believe how much fun he is. Probably because he's naked....I love my pukis naked, but clothed they kind of just stand there.

      Isn't Eek fun? I am so happy she gave him to me <3 I really wish I had time to finish him up this weekend, but I just don't :P

      From what I've seen you can buy them from Little Monica and from Oscar's website (which I think is just Oscareyes?), but the site is in korean, and I can't figure it out. Plus they always seem to be sold out on both. I've heard that Migidoll sells them too, which is scary for me since I order heads from her at least once a year lol
      I found out over the weekend that Doll Peddler is an actual dealer for Oscar eyes, which is where I got mine. She told me she was the only official dealer (though I bet she meant in the US...though I could be wrong there too) and had a lot in stock. Oscar is going to be at Dollism too, I anticipate giving him lots of my money....

      I haven't seen MehiArt! I'll have to go look now...

    2. I just found Oscardoll on Etsy as well. But they have one pair of eyes available and that's it XD

    3. Don' encourage me!! X'D I love my two bun boys, but most of the time they do admittedly just sit there looking cute - I'm not entirely sure if it's because they're anthro's or just because they're so small and I have trouble mauling them about with my big clumsy appendages *snort* Though it's largely why I'm all "NO MOAR ANTHRO'S YO." Still Conie continues to call to me... I keep imagining a 'mini' world photo-shoot where a mini-Woonicorn-Puff can explore Bun' sized things....

      Ooo! Brilliant on the eye front - I'll take a look over at DP, ta' very much :D

    4. I must, I live to encourage people to buy MOAR DOLLS!!! MOOOOAAAAAAAARRRR!!! Besides you already have a plan for one, so you have no choice, you have to buy. It might make you play with your buns more! I plan on using mine to get more use out of the Strange Circus. Who is three dolls atm. And all Conie-sized.

      Welcomes! :D

    5. dshjfdsbfhdjsfgs - We'll see, we shall see *kaff*

      I love Circus themed collections!! Though admittedly I'm now imagining your little Conie in a huge white Ruff haha X'D

  2. Ooh those eyes are so shiny! They really catch the light! I can see why people were so impressed with them. Definitely very eye catching, and they seem very alive.

    Your new little guys are all so cute! Ooh, and the raven would make a good companion for Skullface! Without his own skull make up he'd probably look a bit like the cute sidekick or something but that could be neat as well XD

    And are you telling me you had Baby Alex with you at the con? Because I missed that. And that is sad.

    Chibi Alex also looks great! The new eyes really add to his expression I think! Not that I recall what the old ones looked like. But I just really like these. And he's pretty darned adorable with that little godzilla! What size is he? Chibi Alex that is.

    1. Chibi Alex is YO sized, but I think he might be a cm taller than most...he towers over all of mine except for North and he has tall shoes on. Someday I want to take a comparison shot of all my YO sized dolls....then I look at how many I'd have to undress and redress and *ded*
      Anyway Chibs is technically a girl because SQlabs doesn't make boys. But don't tell him that. Originally I wanted to get him extra heads, but I like this one so much I doubt I'll ever bother. His old eyes are the same ones Conie has in....all my Alex's had those eyes until I started replacing with the Oscar eyes. So....most of them still have them XD

      I did have baby Alex! He might have been hiding on the table or possibly still in my bag Friday. He got to stay out all day Sat and Sun though. Him, Alex and Skullface....sometimes I took Mini Alex out, but mostly he stayed put away. Sage also got to be out in the stand (she was the only one short enough to stand in the stand, Alex's shoes made him too tall XD - what kind of crappy stand is that??).

      The Raven looks great with Skullface! When I wasn't handling him I had him sit in Skullface's lap. In those creepy fingers he was right at home :) He's also going to hang out with Bob (Jungatoy skull).

    2. Ooh okay cool! I'm sure that would be an awesome comparison shot but I definitely understand why you're hesitant to do so. Sometimes I consider doing things like that with just two dolls and then I look at all their articles of clothing and inwardly cringe and decide not to.

      Eh, it's not like it makes a huge difference. XD I've repurposed so many girl bodies for use as smaller boys that it hardly even registers anymore. You gotta do what you gotta do!

      Man, I missed all kinds of things apparently! If only I had known when the room closed so I could have come by earlier on Saturday, I might have been able to see them! Oh well. Another time I guess. It was still really great to see Alex and Skullface so I don't feel like I missed out entirely.

      Ooh so he'll have lots of skull friends! How spooky and appropriate!