Monday, June 16, 2014

Body-Sharing; Does it work?

Ok, so I realize I just posted, but I keep thinking about this so I needed to do another one real quick.

I'm wondering everyone's opinions on body-sharing (two heads, same body, different characters for the non-bjd peeps. If there ever were any). Do you do it? If so, how does it work for you?

I've been unable to do this myself the entire time I've been collecting. I've tried a couple times; it seems like a good idea and it would cut down on the number of full dolls I've got laying around....but it never worked out. First I tried it with Alex, and it really wasn't even body sharing because it was always him, just different heads. That never worked because I'd always miss the Alex who was in the box.

And it was too difficult for me to share other characters because what if I needed them both at the same time? Or I needed different bodies?? Or something?

So I've never body-shared. I think I bought a few heads intending too, but failed and bought them bodies.

Well I'm thinking it might be time to start doing this for real now.

I bought that Migidoll Ell head to be Marcus (third time is a charm, right??), and since Marcus is an OC he gets priority - and his body back.

My Volks Heath head has been on it for months now as Gambit. Marcus and Gambit (and Gambit used to be Marcus heh heh - aren't BJDs fun?) are nowhere near the same universe and will never cross paths and so I feel like the sharing thing could work. It was going to be temporary...but I really don't want anymore SDs laying around, so now I'm wondering if I could make it permanent.

The other reason I was thinking of this is because there is a head I found that has yet to be released that would make a great Shae, and I would eventually love to have Theresa back and possibly in a different that would be two more SDs.

At this point the only two dolls I would consider selling are Jubilee and Wolverine. Just because I've not "bonded" to either one of them....

But Jubilee is a Delf type 1 and could easily lend her body out to another head...for Theresa (I still have Theresa's original body, but it's now Sage, and has the neck-key, which will never come out again lol)

And Shae is supposed to be a big guy, and if that head fits on the Granado body....Yeah. If I can get over my mental block on body-sharing I could get their heads and not worry about the bodies. Marcus and Shae should never have to be photographed together so they'd be a great choice to share. That would be all the SDs I think I want in the future unless I get Sage's twin, and I bet I could share him too - with...someone. Or get a cheaper body for him so if he doesn't work out it's not a huge loss. I also might want to get my DK Aqua a body, but he's so white I don't know if I can get Sage's twin in a color to I don't know if that will ever happen.

All of this seems great in theory lol Maybe it'll work in practice...*hopes*


  1. I have tried to do this on multiple occasions but I'm pretty terrible at it. XD I had an Unoa boy with multiple face plates and I thought for sure that would be fine because it's just different face plates for the same character, right? Well, I ended up with another Unoa body so other face plate could have its own body. I kept the face plates and one of the head backs when I sold the bodies (stupid time period where I was unemployed...) and I plan to try again with the body sharing when I eventually get another body for him.

    It's funny you posted this today. I was actually just thinking about a head I just got (I need to stop buying things...). I got a sleeping Elfdoll Vivien head and was trying to decide if I wanted to mod it or keep it as is and hope to find an open eyed version as well so I can have a sleepy and awake version of the character. And then I was pondering getting another body just to be sleepy character. XD

    I think my problem is sort of the same as what you mentioned with Alex when you tried to share a body. I always miss whatever I'm not currently using. And if I don't miss it then I often feel like I'd be better off selling it. But that seems like a good idea to have two separate characters who won't ever need to be seen together share a body. I think that actually is a better solution than trying to have the same character share the body because you'd have need for different characters depending on who you were working on or what you were photographing so it's a reasonable excuse to switch out and not feel like something's missing, if that makes any sense.

    1. LOL Extra heads are dangerous. They always seem to end up with their own bodies!! I have three heads for David right now, but for some reason they don't bother me. Maybe because his body is discontinued and way too expensive to buy again lol

      yeah I am going to try the sharing and hope it works. I don't want more SDs laying around taking up seems like the best way to do it. Especially since some of those dolls aren't even important or favorite characters.

      Good luck with your Vivian head. I hope it works out!

    2. I could definitely see the discontinued body being a factor. XD Clearly if I ever intend to have heads share a body I need to be sure that it's a body I can't just get another one of. That seems like a good motivator.

      I hope it works out for you this time though! SDs do take up a lot of space...

      Thank you! I am hoping that it will, especially since I will have a difficult time bringing myself to get rid of it if it doesn't.

    3. Also a good motivator is price....I don't want to pay for another DT body either!

      Maybe you could use it for something else! And...practice body sharing with it XDD

  2. I went through a period, where I had several Delf heads and only two bodies which used to share and switch about. It wasn't too bad to begin with, because at one point or another at least two (there were about four, five heads?) were away being modded or painted at any one time, so I could leave a certain doll 'up and running' for longer periods. I found though, when they were all home I started to get problems...

    Soji (now Louis) was my Alex and so I wanted him to be 'up and running'/complete all the time - but I only had one male body and one female body, one female head and four male heads!? When I wanted to shoot him with one of the boys, I had to stick Soji on the female body (an' I'm sure I don't have to tell you about a Shiwoo head on a Delf girl body haha).

    In the end I got so fed up that I had to get another body in and then actually ended up selling some of the other heads. I haven't really looked back from that period since! Mine all have to have their own bodies, without question. Even if it means that they're sat in the head box for 3-4 years *coughMINKcough* until I can afford to get the one I want for them.
    For me... I don't know how to describe it really, but I end up feeling almost unsettled? I fidget and I fuss and I whine, until I'd rather just have the head tucked away in a box somewhere, waiting for their turn to be worked on and 'completed' than temporarily putting them on another body, that in my head I know is someone else's?
    I have to stick them in a box out of sight too, otherwise when I know it's taking me too long to get someone complete or if I notice that I've had dolls push in the queue in front of ones waiting to be done, I get fidgety and I ended up selling them.

    So long story short - I can't do body sharing, it just doesn't work for me X'D

    1. lol it usually doesn't work for me either, for all those reasons! But I just don't want more if I suddenly want their characters around, something has to give. I am going to give it a shot and see what happens....hopefully no one will get sold over this because leaving heads in a head box sometimes leads to them going away forever....I am very much Out of Sight, Out of Mind and then Out of Want.

      Someday I plan to get my Ell head up and running so I can test this for real. Someday...