Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Ravens and Ghosts and Unicorns, oh my!

As usual, Blogger claims I don't follow any blogs...so my attempt to play the catch-up game has been delayed.

I was hoping to have some photos for this post, but I had lunch with friends so I didn't get any. Oh well.

I'm back from A-kon and Doll-A-kon! I've been in Texas since Thursday, and got home last night after a slight delay that set us back an hour-ish. The flight was fast, and the attendants were funny so it was ok. Plus, y'know, we landed. That's always good XD

Doll-A-kon was fabulous!! I had a great time. Huge thanks to the Doll-A-kon staff, you know I love you guys <3333
My faceup panel went well (at least no one told me I sucked or threw things at me, so that's good!), the Market room was great, and I got to meet so many people, hang out with old friends I rarely get to see, and finally see some in person for the first time (it was great to finally meet you Andarton!!). I also spent more money than I originally meant too....

First there was the charity auction. I immediately fell in love with "Steve" a BJD sculpted by Don Kinny. He was a little pricey for me, even in an auction, but I did bid on his kit. When the Market opened I realized the Doll Peddler was there, which I hadn't known. I wandered over to see what they were offering and found two things I knew I had to get. The first were Oscar Mirror eyes. I have been obsessed with these for while now, but they're either all sold out or just hard to get. DP had a zillion of them. They're the only official dealer. I knew immediately I would be buying at least one pair *cough4cough* of them, probably for an Alex.

They also seem to be the last dealer for Doll Factory and had two Conies, one pink and one brown. I've had Conie on my so-called-and-now-kind-of-gone wishlist for a year. I flip-flopped around all day Friday and was pretty set on buying one by Saturday morning. The only thing I actually ended up getting Friday was one pair of Oscar eyes for Alex (III). As soon as I put them in I was totally hooked. The are the most amazing eyes I have ever owned. I also realized that the eyes Chibi Alex has that came with my LTF Rose are definitely Oscar eyes as well (I'd been wondering).

I got outbid on the Steve kit but decided to try again and ran it up some. Then I kind of regretted it....I really wanted Conie. Saturday morning almost first thing I went over and bought him from Doll Peddler, along with two more pairs of eyes (one for my best friend, one for Baby Alex - who was also with me). I ended up getting the blushed-with-pink one and kept calling him a she because of the pink, but I liked it better for a temporary fix before I customize the hell out of it than the brown....I really should have gotten the brown though, because I bet the pink one would have sold to someone else and I'm going to wipe it anyway....

Saturday we also got the delivery of the official Convention Doll, which was a Raven in black resin sculpted by the Mushroom Peddler. His sculpt name is Nevermore. A freaking black raven. About two years ago when she had asked on her forum what animal we would like to see I had said crow or raven. BOOOO WHY?!

They put one of those in the auction as well, and I bid on that too (hoping I'd get outbid on Steve lol - I did.). I did win Nevermore - for about 40 less than original price! So yay! Two dolls, both anthros, after I sold most of mine and decided not to ever get more. LOL WHO NEEDS RULES!!!

I bought him a pair of Oscar eyes too, even though they're a bit too small, because his default eyes took up his whole head and I was having trouble getting them back in - and I wanted another pair. They're also blue, so they will go to my Nappy Cho (Nappy Alex) when I get around to making him a new pair from the eye blanks I got over the weekend.

And then I was so lucky to receive a Bellghast from as a gift at the end of the weekend. She was my table-neighbor in the market and surprised me with him Sunday night during the break-down. He's so freaking cute!! I can't wait to get to work on him. Originally I was going to go with a red theme, but I think I'm going to go blue and grey now, to make him more ghostly. I was going to call him Boo2 because he looks like a Boo, but now I think he might need a better name,  that's not used by two of my dolls already, since he's so damn cute (he's sitting on my desk right now XD).

Well I suppose I should get back to work now, since I is there.  Hope everyone is doing well!


  1. Sounds like you had an amazing time! I'm rather envious - the only real EU doll convention we have is L-Doll and even while living in France I'm unlikely to get to go *cries under a paper bag*

    Can't wait to see photos of what you brought home though - especially Nevermore!!! :D

    1. Hopefully I'll get some tomorrow! I can't wait to see how the eyes photograph.

      Don't cry! I wish you could get to Dollism!! I'm going to that too (not as a guest or anything...just as a person going to the con), it would be awesome to be able to meet you! <33
      I've only been to BJDC and Doll-A-kon, which is cool! But I have friends who have been all over to BJD conventions.

    2. It's definitely on my bucket list to be able to get out to one of the US doll con's - it's actually been years and years since I went to ANY con I think *snort* I want that satisfying feeling of going up to a doll stand, buying something and taking it home with me straight away - haha!

      Plus I'd love to be able to meet you too! <3 (and paw one of your many beautiful resins haha XD)

    3. Right?! Seeing things in person is so much fun since we have to do most of our shopping "blind" as it were. It's also dangerous....I am like, 10 times more likely to buy stuff I don't really need just because I can get my hands on it XD That's why I'm pre-buying my "convention doll". To avoid buying one I don't really need while I'm there. I'm really hoping that strategy works.

      I would love to meet you too! I really like being able to put actual faces to names and dolls. Plus all the people I've met online first then IRL have been wonderful.

    4. This is also why I've basically had to ban myself going into any shop that looks like it might be a potential carrier of Sylvanian Families. I'm likely to fill up a single stamp-reward card in one go... *snort*


    5. LOL I used to love those things! I wanted all the bunnies!! I am actually happy my Puki family is more modern and less fairy\woodland creature because otherwise I would spend so much money on stuff....

      IT WILL!!

    6. I used to be utterly obsessed with Sylvanian's when I was younger, but we moved a lot and somewhere along the line my collection went missing. When Lulu was having a clear out however, in lieu of moving, she came across the boxes with her vintage collection and.... the lot sort of came home with me *snort* I've gotten back into collecting them ever since and CANNOT. CONTROL. SELF. I'm not even exaggerating, it's really bad! X,D

      While everyone else is getting into MH, I'm just sat there at the back, throwing animal figures in the air and frothing at the mouth like "SYLVANIANS FJKDSNFDSJHGFBS,GDFGLUIJKDFG."

  2. It was great to meet you too! My friend was so amused by the part where we talked about how frustrated we get when working on things. XD I would have spent the entirety of the convention in the Doll-A-kon area probably if she hadn't been there but I did enjoy seeing the other sights as well.

    How did I miss the eyes though? Admittedly I am a bit timid about getting too close to things when there are crowds or touching things. Next year perhaps. And hopefully then I'll have more disposable income to spend there! I look forward to seeing pictures of your new acquisitions! I had to look up Bellghast, but that's really cool! Can't wait to see what you do!

    Also, blogger does the same thing to me every time. I have to refresh like 90 times to get my blogs I follow to show up and even then half the time it refuses. It's very finicky.

    1. Blogger sucks!! Nothing happens to mine if I refresh...though I'm pretty sure I never tried that many times XD I don't have the patience for them dammit! *tableflip* I'd throw mine out the window if it wasn't in my computer.

      Aw, I hope you can see some more of the merch next year. It was pretty impressive. Doll Peddler had so many dolls, and a ton of clothes and wigs. MOC had a lot of dolls too, and I know they sold several. The eyes had a small display and you had to go into their area to see them, they were surrounded by dolls. They probably just looked like eyes from a few feet away. But I needed eyes so I got close. Of course I never bought eyes for the doll I was originally looking for. :\\

      You guys looked great in your cosplay! Was the rest of A-kon fun? I saw nothing...I'd have liked to see Artist Ally at least - M. Alice LeGrow was there and I would have loved to see her! Hopefully you can do more shopping at Doll-A-Kon next year! It was fun...and bad because I bought too much XD

    2. I may have exaggerated slightly with the 90 times. But still. It's a lot of times. I can definitely understand the desire to flip it like a table if it was a physical object that could be handled that way XD

      I shall have to try to be a little less timid next year. I have this rather overwhelming fear that I'll seem out of place and people won't want me being around their things. I get this way a lot when shopping almost anywhere. I'm not sure why. XD I will have to be sure to examine things more closely though so I don't miss out on the eyes! Who were you originally looking for eyes for? Was that in the entry? I may have forgotten. Just got back from work and I'm a bit out of it.

      Thanks!! Yeah, we enjoyed it! I"m sorry you weren't able to get out and visit Artist Alley. I guess they had you pretty well glued to your table, huh? That's unfortunate. I've always thought it would be cool to have a table in Artist Alley or something but I think I'd be a little sad if I couldn't see the rest of the con at least a little bit.

    3. Having a table is fun, don't get me wrong. I love doing it, and since I do craft shows I've got lots of practice.....but yeah, it's nice to be able to get away for a few minutes. When my craft-partner went last year it was great. We were in Artist Ally and one of us could run around while the other stayed at the table....she couldn't go this year so it was just me in the Market room (which is why I was there instead of AA. lol AA...). I saw a lot more of A-kon last year.

      Oh trust me, there were so many questionable people looking at our things you would have stood out as one of the more normal ones!! Especially at a con XD
      I didn't say. I got a new MIgidoll head Thursday right before I got on the plane to go to Dallas, and my eye selection is dwindling down.....the eyes I have are all too big for him. He should really have 12s. I'll post about him soon. He's kind of been forgotten in the Doll-A-Kon crazy....he'll hopefully be sharing a body with Gambit until I get a new one next year sometime. He's on it right now and it looks weird XD He's still dressed like Gambit! lol

    4. Oh awesome! How exciting! I look forward to seeing what you do with him! Which head did you get?

      I guess I should expect that there would be people far more shady than me at a convention XD

      I have never been to a craft show. What is that like? Seems like it would be handy to have someone else come along so you can take turns leaving the table though! I'm sorry your friend couldn't make it.

    5. Craft shows are awesome. But you should know before going to one that there's two different kinds, so make sure you go to an "indie" craft show. Otherwise you run the risk of the "old lady" crafting which is more like fake flower wreaths and teddy bears dressed in lace. *shudder* Indie craft shows have fun stuffs, and are geared more toward artsy people.

      I got an Ell head. It was sort of an impulse buy since they were discontinuing the Volks matching B resin color literally the day I ordered XD
      Then she must have had him in stock because I got it less than week after I ordered, and I totally wasn't ready for him. And I seem to have lost the wig I was going to use for him :// I'm sure it's around here somewhere....I'd give him a faceup this weekend but I'm going to hang out with my dad, since it's fathers day and all lol