Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sparkle and Fade

I've been nameing everything after songs lately XD

So at home waiting for me, just in time for me to have new pictures, are Dolce's ears and new wig. Le Sigh.

I'll just toss up a couple. First, the long-waited-for MNF Shiwoo!!


Yay!! He here! In his patched-up wig of dooooommmmmmm! And those crazy cat ears that look like fox ears. They're temporary. He'll get resiny ones eventually. So this is the doll that I still think of as Soshi but am calling Des (short for Double-Shot Espresso). You can't see his nose chip here, but it's ok as I sanded it out the other day anyway. I'm not sure there's much of a diff, but there was a tiny slope that could see from the side, that is no longer there. It's rounded out now. Hopefully I did a good job, it's impossible to see, and was almost impossible to see before I sanded it!

I have to say, he was worth the wait. Just having him around to smile evilly like that again is fabulous! I'm actually even happy it took as long as it did, he was worth the work, and having to fix a little damage made him really "mine". I'm now glad I never got a full one in a trade ages ago, as (it's possible I've said this a million and ten times) I'm just not a fan of the MNF body, and this Dollzone one is wonderful. It just so easily does everything. And I really like the giant DC hands on him. Someday he might get different hands (I'm leaning toward Dollmore Dollpire - cats need claws), but these are so masculine I'm not sure I want to change. He's stuck with his old eyes, the yellow ones I have are too low-domed, don't fit and look awful with is coloring. So he really looks like Soshi, wearing red, with the same wig torn up and remade, that you can't see under the same ears XD

Quickly, a picture of Dolce before his stuff gets here and I need to photograph him again:


This wig refuses to be tamed.


This faceup is eons better than his first, but I'm still iffy about it. That and his name. Maybe he should be Carmel Macchiato??? And as it was suggested by persons awesomer than I am shortened to Macchi? He kind of looks like a Macchi. Then who should be Cinnamon Dolce Frappuchino?! SOMEONE NEEDS THAT NAME IT'S MY FAVORITE!! URG

I'll figure it out.

Now some Vanilla (maybe he needs to be Frapp??) as I seem to take tons of pictures of him.

I have really been thinking about his character lately, and oddly enough, even though originally it was about Mocha, Dolce-Mir-Macchi and Des-Soshi (omg I'm confused), he seems to be taking over everything....or at least I have him more developed than the others right now. Which is partly how I obsess over dolls.


Last night I got a wild hair and repainted his nails (I swear this pair of hands has been repainted like, four times. It might be time to wipe them off and start from scratch lol), silver with glitter. Because he's Divalicious and needs teh sparkles.


His toeses match. I didn't like how those pics came out though, so you can't see.


He's getting a little slutty ther. :\ However


You may notice his lack of peen. This is because my best friend (who gave me the body) likes to turn her boys into girls. So he started out a boy....then I modded off the penis (cause I do the gender changes a lot), and when she got a new body for that head, gave this one to me, and I call it a boy again. Sadly, he's not my only confused doll. My Narsha had the exact same thing happen to him (though I paid for that one), and my poor OE Goldie got the FtM back to F with no boobage body so she has no real gender at all XD

When I go all mod-happy with my new Milliput, I may attempt to make him a new one...or I'll just let it go. It's not like he's going to show it off all the time...

Ok, back to figuring out who's name is what.....*tears out hair*


  1. YOu are much better at ears than I am. I would not know the difference between a fox ear and a cat ear at a glance but I guess if one of my characters had them I might get better at it. Yay for new wigs though! or.. Yes. New wigs. I wasn't sure if I was remembering that right suddenly. XD It's late and I'm no longer functioning at full capacity. But of course blogger didn't want to let me know anyone had posted anything until just now.

    Dolce's new face up looks great and super adorable! I am sorry that you aren't sure about it. Also sorry you aren't sure about the name XD Macchi would be a really cool name too though! The coffee theme just presents all kinds of neat nickname potential!

    It's kind of funny how certain characters will just sort of take over like that.! I'm glad you're enjoying .... Vanilla? Yes. I wanted to call him Latte. I am still trying to get down who is who. XD He looks very cool! And the new sparkly nails are quite exciting! Also, I didn't even notice the lack of peen until you pointed it out XD I was too distracted by the elaborate undergarments. I'm so bad about bothering with those on my dolls except for Anna who runs around in various stages of undress almost all the time. And Avignon, who doesn't have proper pants under her jacket so she needed something.

    Good luck getting all the names sorted!

    1. Ha ha I have an unfair advantage....first, I've always been hugely into animals, and I have a skill at identifying them....but I also work at a zoo and stare at their pictures all day and night XDD
      The only people who are better at it than me are the keepers! lol

      Thank you! I certainly don't hate it, but the sculpts mouth looks a bit more smiley and somehow I made it...not. I wish I could have kept that. And the lips bug me. I like his eyes a lot though. I think it could probably work with some tweaking.
      lol I think the coffee names gave me too many choices. Narrowing it down is becoming hard, I want to name them all the things! I might have to wipe the slate clean and start over. At least with those two. Des, Mocha and Latte I'm good with.

      I don't even know who's who at this point!! It's impossible lol
      Ha ha I think he's the type who would prance around in his lacy under things and show them off....and he was only wearing a shirt while I was painting his nails so he needed something else on. None of my other boys bother with the underwear. Other than Wyn, and I mostly count him as a girl.

    2. Ooh that's cool! I didn't know you worked at a zoo! I guess you do have a pretty big advantage in that area then.

      I think the lips look really good but then I always think your lips look really good. I'm sorry they bug you though. Hopefully you can figure out a way to get them to cooperate.

      Oh okay though! I wasn't sure if maybe you were just super diligent about the underwear or something. XD I'm always a little concerned that I'm excessively lazy or something and that everyone else pays attention to that sort of thing. I don't know.

      And at least you aren't getting into some of the more elaborate custom drinks or something. you'd have near infinite options if you started including things like half-caf 2% mocha with a pump of vanilla or something. clearly you just need a doll for every drink on the menu XDD

  2. It's really awesome that you're not afraid to mod your dolls whenever they need it. That's one thing I could never do in this hobby (or rather something I'm not interested in doing myself).

    Congrats on the arrival of your Shiwoo boy. He does have a very evil smirk doesn't he?

    Those sparkley nails are pretty good. Are the nails claw-ish? They look slightly curled which looks really good.

    1. I'm not exactly not afraid lol Just maybe less afraid? It's a little nerve-wrecking. I usually have to put it off forever before I finally get around too it XD

      Thank you! Very much so!

      They are, they're Dollmore Dollpire hands - the claws are probably pointier under all the layers of paint and gloss I have on there....they were blushed and glossed, painted over with red and glossed, then painted over with white, then sliver, then glitter, then gloss. Someday I'll need to just start over lol