Thursday, January 8, 2015

Alex, Gabriel and the state of my dolls

I've been giving Gabriel a lot of though lately. I thought I would need a 65cm girl for her, but exactly none of them have really appealed to me. Yesterday I found two I really like -- but one of them, Spiritdoll Olea, has been taken out of the running. I love her done look on Spiritdoll, but the photos of the blank head leave me wanting. I don't like it. I almost bought it anyway thinking maybe it was just a bad picture anyway, but I'm glad I didn't....I don't want to get it and be disappointed.

The other head I decided would work is stupid Elfdoll Vivien. I saw one the other day and it has a huge resemblance to her old head - DT Rian - which I still pine for. I think she'd be perfect, if I could get one. There is one on the mp right now, but it's pricey. I might contact the owner anyway....I'd rather not pay for a faceup...but I can't put a faceup on anyone right now anyway lol so it would be better than being blank! Not that she'd get a body anytime soon. I'd like the Granado Nouveau body for her -- it's only 62cm but I was thinking about it and since I changed my scale to equal 65 = 7ft ish, 65cm would be too tall for Gabriel anyway! And I love how the Granado body poses. It would be perfect. So now I just have to make the leap and see if I can get that head on the MP....

After taking the "Week 1" Doll challenge photo (which I still haven't posted :P ) I realized I hated Alex's wig. It's a wreck and needs to be shot. I had him all dressed in about a million layers, and decided to cut his hair in an attempt to fix it, because really, it was too long. I usually only decide to cut his hair when he's so dressed I don't feel like taking his clothes off....which results in green hairs everywhere sticking to everything and getting in everything and making a huge mess. I actually ruined my favorite sweater of his because those hairs just won't come out.

I hacked at his wig for a while, and then it looked like this:

ALEXIII2015 3 

 Which isn't too bad, but there are obvious that chunk I somehow missed. And the front is very straggly.

ALEXIII2015 4 

 Sadly I don't think there is much I can do about how it just won't lay closer to his face -- but then I don't think most doll wigs do, so oh well. It'll never do what I want which is why I want to try to make another one out of alpaca. 

Last night I cut it some more, and I think I went too short...which means I'm pretty screwed lol because I can't make another one!! I dragged him with me today, so I'll try and get more pictures later. I really need to wash the thing....I should do that tonight and make him wear the fur wig lol

You can't see it in these photos, but his nose has a scratch on it too, easily fixed...but along with a lot of chips in his blushing (he's an asshole like the rest of them) I'm mad at him.

David is in much worse shape though. While taking his photo I found a HUGE scrape on his faceup. This is the Cynical head, which of his three heads is the only with a faceup right now. While I was looking at it, it just flaked now it's a huge patch, not a scrape. *sigh*
So I'll be wiping that faceup too soon, and David will be out of commission. 

He's not the only one. I have a few incoming, and several at home that are blank, or really need fixing, plus three heads to repair and a full doll to do for someone else, plus several of my roommates dolls. Today's temp was 7° exactly nothing will be happening for a while. Urg.

And autocorrect is really pissing me off. It changes EVERYTHING. 

And I think I have frost bite on my thumb. 

So yeah. That's about it right now. I'm really just wasting time until I finish my Week 1 writing....someday....

One more of Alex



  1. See, this is why I love it when companies post blank heads of their dolls. I like to see the sculpt under all that face up because if I don't like the base sculpt, then I am not going to like the doll no matter what face up goes on it.

    I love the Soah sculpt from Elfdoll. I have never attempted to order from them ever because of the consistently bad feedback I see for the company. It's enough to make me wary enough to steer clear! Elfdoll Vivian though is a really lovely sculpt too. I have seen some gorgeous photos of her, both as male and female.

    Alex in that wig was actually my first exposure to your doll collection. That wig is just so unique, in colour and style that it really stands out in my mind as something quite different to anything I've seen before which is why I love your collection. It is a wonderful kind of unique.

    How do you wash your wigs? I've always been curious about products people use especially when it comes time for me to try and wash some of the ones I have. With the Neemos, it's super easy because I just stick their heads under hot water and massage the gunk out of it and I have heard just warm soapy water is fine for their hair too.

    Ack, autocrorrect annoys me too although I don't it on the blog but on my phone, it autocorrects all the time which drives me bonkers.

    I hope the frost bite isn't too serious!

    1. Right?? This is the one thing I don't like about Dollmore, they don't have blank photos of their heads available. I wish they did, I might actually own more of them.
      I like a lot of Elfdoll sculpts - I think I've owned two or three but they never worked out. They're a weird company...kind of like Dollshe IMO. I'm hoping I can both get a Vivien and make her work out - I'm ready to retry Gabriel would like to have her up and running by April since I have her planned for one of the challenge words that month XD

      Thank you! I see it so often all it does is drive me nuts XD

      I don't really do or use anything with most wigs other than the warm soapy water myself, but Alex's wig was made with materials made for use in human hair - so I've used my shampoo and conditioner on it. the conditioner especially really made a difference - his hair gets kinda fried easily. I'm not sure how, since I don't use any heating tools on it (not since I first made it - it's heat resistant so it works). I don't really wash most of my wigs - just a couple of the curly ones (mostly Wyn's) to make them normalish again, and Alex's because I put so much goo in it it gets really gross :P

      My computer is way worse than my phone. My phone learns, and will bring up words I use often so it's actually helpful as opposed to the biggest pain in my ass ever - my computer doesn't learn. I tried to make it by adding some of my more used words in the dictionary. It's too stupid to remember and still "corrects" them into things like Dolor. WTF is a Dolor and who uses that?!