Friday, January 23, 2015


After a mass apartment cleaning Friday night and all day Saturday, we managed to have a Doll Meet at our place. It went great, then my moms car broke down and I spent the next two days driving her around, and coming down with a sinus infection or horrible cold or something. Thanks to cold medicine which takes my brain away, I couldn't manage to do anything at all all now I'm behind on life.

During this week I had a lot of shippings and some arrivals however....Plus my copy of The Pale Emperor by Marilyn Manson - which I am now obsessed with.

Luts: long story short, I ordered, on a whim, their Plush SD body. XD It should be here in a day or so. I can't even wait for this lol

Etsy: My two clothes orders shipped and one should be here any day now.
Benedict should also ship today - at least that's what I was told. Still haven't gotten a notice yet. But yay!!

I was worried because I thought he'd get here before his wig did, but

Dollmore: Shipped today! WOO! I've really been missing Vanilla for reasons.

Still nothing on my final Etsy order or Alice.

I am in talks to get an Fdoll body, so hopefully that will happen soon - this will be for Rowan, Sage's twin, so he'll have a body! Which means I need to figure out their wig sitch. I either need a new wig for Sage or a decent wig for Ro. They can't share the same doesn't work.

F60 Soony is still fabulous on her SD10 body. I am working on different hands for her. The Zaoll hands are great for now tho.

And most fun - my MNF Celine (trade for Bory) showed up this week!!


This is not a final look. At least for now it's not. He came with this faceup, which is a little girly for me, but since I'm still not in a place where I can do them, it will be fine for now. Nail polish must come off. He may keep the eyes - and I have been dying to use that wig ever since I sold the doll I dyed it for eons ago. If he doesn't keep it, it'll be natural colors of either a pale blond or darker blond/black mix. I love this one tho >.< and so far it doesn't seem to be bleeding! Yay!

I was thinking he'd be a deer, but with the blue hair....I'm not sure about deer anymore.

Between him and my MNF Soony, there are three names I'm considering:
Chestnut Praline (Ches)
Peppermint Latte (Mint or Latte)
Cinnamon Dolce (Dolce)

I can't decide which fits him better, and which fits Soony (who is a panda with Macchi's original fur wig - white with a few color streaks) better. Celine is a photographer who turned paparazzi, Soony is a Panda techno-geek. Ugh. At least I know how they fit into Mocha's storyline. They have to be the last too, I was originally only going to have three. THREE. Mocha, Des and Macchi. Then four when Vanilla happened, and that was it. Now there's way more than that!! And I really want that Island Doll Wind girl who's name I can't remember for one of them >.< that may never happen...

Random trades are both my bane and favorite thing ever. lol

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  1. Oh that FL tan is very lovely. Does it photograph the same as in person? And I love the names for your dolls. They make me a tad hungry though, the names all sound so delicious!

    Sounds like you're going to have a bunch of stuff incoming! I always find I have never ordered quite as much as I have since joining the BJD hobby. It seems to be a constant thing.

    1. It does! That is roughly it's color. It's hard to get it accurate - If I had more tans I'd do a comparison but all I've got are ....ok I have than I thought because I've also got my Soom/DK hybrid. Maybe I'll do a quick compare. Jean will be in there even though I think most people don't consider the RSB to be tan (it is to me!). - lol I can't believe it took me so long to have a group of dolls named after coffee beverages. I bought Mocha because he was the "coffee" color, then named him after it! I guess it was only a matter of time...

      For real. And when I don't have incoming I tend to look at what can be sold so I can order more stuff. It's horrible and fabulous. Like Christmas all the time!!

    2. I would love to see tan comparisons if you get a chance. And I'm like you, I considered Luts RSB tan.

      I do the same, I'm always considering what to sell to get more stuff myself although I am having a hard time selling the Popodoll body. No takers at all. I did manage to sell my Minifee Carl though so at least that was something!

    3. I'll try to do it tomorrow! *flail* I just have to remember who all my tan dolls are. :\

      I'm actually kind of amazed the Popo didn't sell. Mine went after about one day of being up -- though it was a trade so it really doesn't count. Yay for the MNF sale though! That's great! I'm floating around happy - I finally shipped Thomas out yesterday. No more Iple resin for me!! I feel about 20lbs lighter....