Friday, January 16, 2015

One Down.

The F60 Soony head arrived yesterday. I had a specific look I wanted for it, mostly shorter and chunkier than Sage on her Delf body, and as gender androgynous as there wasn't much for me to choose from. Last night my friend let me try the Soony head on her Volks SD10 girl body and it was pretty much perfect other than the hideous hands those poor things have. I was excited and planned to purchase one off of the MP first thing this morning, but by the end of the night she decided to sell me hers! So instead of a head arrival, it was actually a full doll! And I'm down one floating head! I even found a wig that with a quick cut will be exactly what I wanted. I put some hands on the body last night, but today I remembered both my Zaoll girls are using Delf hands so I'm totally putting the Zaoll hands on her tonight. The fit of the head isn't great, I'm hoping it will improve with a neck piece (I put a WTB up already - F60 or Delf) but for now with a larger S-hook, it's fine. I really wish she had a faceup, I would love to use her for the next photo challenge!! It'll just have to be Sage.

This means Gabriel is being put on hold until I either sell something or by some miracle get a head I want in a trade. Still between Elfdoll Vivien and Supia Ariel on probably the Loongsoul 63cm body. Leaning toward Ariel just for easy access.

Got a trade offer for my Bory, tomorrow I ship him off and prepare for a Minifee Celine boy in tan. Since I've never owned a tan MNF or a Celine, I'm excited....even though it's another mnf boy body XDD at least it's not the muscle version! 5th time is the charm...right? I'm pretty sure he's going to move in with Mocha's group, and become a paparazzi deer. Yeah. Also figured out the MNF Soony/Unoa, I think. Panda techno geek. I have wanted a Panda themed doll since about 2009. Still needs a name. I'll think of something.

Sadly, I'm probably putting my Peakswoods Wake Up Goldie up for sale after this weekend. I've thought about it and with my other Goldie, Kimi (who is my goth girl), Sage and this new Soony....I don't feel as though I need her, and it's not like I've done anything at all with her in the last year or more. It's depressing, she was a dream doll of mine, but she's not really....doing it for me in my collection. I'm probably going to have to take a huge loss on her as she was not cheap, but they're just not selling well right now. I'm going to miss her vampire bite. But it's not like that mattered to her character in any way. I think I'll be better off moving her on.

Still have a lot of stuff on order that has yet to ship, but for right now no trades floating around! Tomorrow that will change XD

And, lastly, the only pic of Sterek I have!


 So freaking adorable!! I wish one of the ones of him in the wolf skin would have turned out! You don't know cute until you've seen this thing in person. He needs new eyes. And a faceup. So many faceups....

This is the Rosy Brown UV. Everyone was right in saying it's not like most environmental resin....I'm happy I went with it. It's a great color. Looks pretty much like this in person XD I'm already considering a next and final one - one of these guys in Sweet Green to be a Frankenstein since I've got a vampire and werewolf. Must have all movie monsters!! ALL OF THEM!! And they are about to release some in a sheep skin. That I think my Sandman needs so he can be his own sheep! It never ends.....

Have a good weekend!

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  1. Oh that rosy brown is a really lovely colour. And I didn't realise it was the UV version. Doesn't look translucent at all! He looks really adorable, even without any face up. Did you see they have released more tinies?

    Good luck with all the sales. Sounds like you're cleaning house like me. I've been sorting through my resin and deciding on putting up some bodies soon, although that means I end up with five heads floating around here. Yikes!