Monday, January 12, 2015

Week 2 - Fire

Already with Week 2!! Go me!



Jean Grey/Phoenix: Luts Delf Claus

Jean was, as usual, a fantastic model for this shoot. Other than her wig being a mess (unlike Alex's wig it's not my fault since I didn't make it lol), most of my shots really turned out...just how I wanted them too! This was my favorite but only by a tiny bit.

I realize this is a little weird - and if you know nothing at all about Marvel's X-Men and the Phoenix Force...I apologize for the absolute nonsense you're about to read. For that matter, if you do know about them it will probably still be nonsense! And to make it worse, I wrote it in the way I write my comic scripts so everything is broken weird - in my defense I plan on making it a photo story late....but it's still kinda strange. So...good luck! XD

The beginning again.

For a long time, there was nothing.

The warmth came first, and with it, sensation. The darkness splintered apart and reveled light, pure, white light, and from it the warmth poured.

Soon she became aware.

Not of herself, not at first, but the feelings surrounding her.  Need. Love. Desire. Hope.

Her eyes opened and she could see. Fire. It burned. It was beautiful.


She pushed away, not ready, but it pulled at her like the strongest of magnets, and she couldn’t ignore it forever.


Warmth. Light. Fire. Love. It called to her, and finally she reached out, desperate to connect. The fire reached back and she pulled away, suddenly afraid. She still wasn’t ready. But it was tired of waiting and it took her.

She was pulled into the hot, white light, and began to remember. Broken pieces coming together, creation starting over and again. Back together, the way it should be. She remembered living. Laughing, crying, loving, his smile, heartache, fun, family hunger, betrayal, screaming. Millions, billions of screams in unison.


Stop, she begged, still resisting. I’m not ready. I’m not finished.

It isn’t time.

Yet the white grew brighter, and the fire spoke to her in a voice she knew.

Yes. Time. To be born, to become. Time to burn. You cannot stop.  This is how it begins. How we begin.

I am not you, she cried, trying one last time to fight.

We are. You are. Forever one, and you will remember.

I remember how you destroy and she ached for the lives lost.

We create. All you love is lost and we will start again. 

The voice was hers. It was hers and it wasn't but it was beautiful and it was warm and she gave in with the promise of new love and new life.

Yes! She forgot why she fought and let the fire take her. It burned but it was right, and it pushed through her cells, making her herself again, fire in her heart, shivering along her skin and in her very breath.

Soon the fire was not with her, it was her. She was whole. She held it, inside and out and the white room was no longer her home but her prison.

Then the walls cracked apart, and there was the universe, whole, unbroken and ready.

I am fire.

I am life incarnate.

I will burn away what doesn’t work.

I am


I am


To sorta clarify what you just read (if you read itlol), this is the Phoenix Force, bringing Jean Grey back to life yet again. She's technically dead currently, in Marvel continuity (again), and they have yet to resurrect her (stupid Marvel!!) so I did it for them! 

If I were ever to write any of my X-Men fanfic staring my AU Phoenix and Gambit, this, or something similar would be the prologue. Or the first part of the prologue, which would end with the Phoenix crashing back to earth and Jean waking up as a man and tossed into an asylum XD wheee!


  1. Another great photo. I love the warm colours in this. It certainly feels like fire.

    I kind of maybe squealed a little when I read it was about Phoenix. That was one of my favourite of the story arcs. I didn't think the X-Men movies (the first trilogy) really did the character any justice at all.

    I love the imagery you created in this piece. It's strong, it's vivid, just like fire should be. I also love the initial resistance, that is Jean all over there but even she wasn't strong enough to resist Phoenix.

    1. Thank you! I just hope it kind of made sense. Or at least didn't suck.

      :D The Phoenix saga was one of my favorites too! Actually any story arc featuring the Phoenix Force -- it's what brought me back to comics after my longest hiatus. I had no idea that AvsX centered around the Phoenix. I have a lot of graphic novels - most of my X-Men ones are Phoenix-related XD

      Oh that movie. I was so excited to see it under the water of the second movie and what they did and how they did it in the third was just the biggest disappointment ever. I don't ever want to watch it at all because I'm pretty sure I agree with nothing at all in the whole movie (except for Professor X not really being dead at the end - I totally called that).