Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Quick Update - Wolf Cub Arrival!

I'll see about posting pictures soon, but I'm excited and can't wait:

My Withdoll Werewolf Coco finally arrived today! It sat in customs forever. Since Thursday. I had to run out at lunch today to pick him up. I found my front tire flat (thank you cold weather) and all my tires were low, so I ran around like a crazy person until I found a gas station with air. Half my lunch later I was able to run by the house and grab the boxes.

I unboxed him and started putting on the wolfy parts - accidentally unstringing him in the process. I found some dental floss and was able to get him back together....now I know something else that needs to be added to my doll-kit! It worked great. The fur skin didn't want to go over one claw, so I took it off and used the floss again to pull his arm through and get the claw back on XD Yay floss!!

Lunch was over then - I had to eat while I worked - so no pictures or anything. From the little handling I've done so far I just love him. Not only is he totally adorbes but seems to be very high-quality. Sturdy joints, well made, the color (Rosy Brown UV) is just gorgeous and he's not translucent at all, only the very tips of his little claws....which is kind of realistic and cool.

He sits and stands well, the wolf skin is the best thing ever, and if I glue the magnets to his head cap (which is what I've been doing for ears lately) it'll hold on his wig and all will be well. I only regret not having eyes for him yet....I'll have to look at what I've got but I'm not confident. The eye box is running low. They sent brown acrylics, so he at least has eyes (and for some reason I had a lump of eye putty on my desk, or he wouldn't have them in XD ) but brown isn't the color I wanted - red, yellow or blue. I don't know which yet, but one of those. I can't wait to play with him!! I'll try and grab some pictures tomorrow.

In other news:
Future stuff
So I think I'm going to order a head this weekend that will be (hopefully) Gabriel. I looked at Supia the other day and Ariel is perfect. She kind of resembles Rian, and Vivien and even Olea (who all have a similar look IMO), only she's actually got an open mouth and is available to buy now as opposed to impossible to get like Vivien. the tiny bit of research I've managed to do revealed that her neck is the same as the neck on the Loongsoul 63cm body, which is the body I am looking to get for her...so hopefully that'll work.

I am also contemplating ordering a Little Rebel Tenten head when the preorder starts....just because I've always wanted one of her dolls, and Tenten is my favorite. Because Teeth. I dunno. I've never ordered a doll just because before - with no idea whatsoever of what I'll do with it....so it might not happen. But I'd really like one. Like I need another floating head :\

Stuff I'm waiting on
F60 Soony Elf is on the way. This head has a character all ready for it, I just need....everything. Wig, eyes, body.....yeah. But it's going to be Sage's best friend (Sage will be next weeks challenge doll - I'm always excited about her character) and my second half-elf. This one is half elf, half dwarf. I'd like a chubby, short body for it, but I don't think that exists....oh well.

Dollmore: Clothes, parts, another Fine head and a DMK body

Alice Collections: Sherlock and Khan clothing and a really expensive outfit for Ryuji cause he never gets anything ever. Alex got a pair of shoes because I swear I can't buy things without buying for him too. >.<

Etsy: Monstro and Cyristine Creations clothes ordered for Little Wyn (and Mini Alex), and the Benedict Cumberbatch head....none of which have shipped.

Other stuff
The shirts I ordered from MOC for Metatron and his two future alter-egos fit beautifully. It makes me more confident to order clothes for him now (hence the giant AC order). I also ordered Alex one shirt. He's wearing it now.

Ryuji's new body - the new Soom Super Gem - showed up. I had some issues stringing it, but figured it out and he's good to go. It's way whiter than he is, and his faceup makes him darker still! So he need to be redone. And he's a big chunk now lol it's like he shrunk and put on weight!! It's ok though, he fits in pretty much everything, including the jacket made for him when he was an El which didn't fit him on the Popo body. So YAY!


  1. Ooooh congrats on the arrival! That makes my little note in your parcel redundant now! But I am glad he arrived and can't wait to see him. I am glad to hear your thoughts on his body though. I have to admit to liking Withdoll's resin. It feels quite lovely. I had the grey skin when I had mine and it was such a nice subtle grey and came out great in photos.

    Ah, isn't it neverending? The things these dolls are constantly in need of? Hope all your stuff ships and arrives in a reasonable time frame.

    Ooooh I haven't actually seen the new Super Gem body. Would you mind taking a photo of it if you get a chance? I want to compare with my Super Gem body which is the old one.

    1. I almost got the grey skin, but decided on the Rosy Brown despite it not being rosy nor brown XD I'm pretty happy with it though it is the darkest resin I have -- other than the raven who's black. lol
      The body is great - if I thought it would match my Latis I'd get another one in tan just to hybrid! But nothing matches that lati resin.

      It is *nodnod* and I went crazy and ordered something else from etsy today! Bear ears and tail. Can't have too many resin animal parts? O.o I will be waiting on things forever.

      I will! I am so behind on photo-taking lol I need to get some shots of Mini-Wyn, and about half my dolls I think.....But do want to take some of the the Soom body. I think it's supposed to be bigger than the old one, at least in girth if not height. He seems huge - now that I've sold off all my bigger guys he's my largest - bigger than the Granado even. Which is ok, Ryuji is gianty, so it works.