Thursday, January 8, 2015

Week 1 - Origin


Alex: Dollmore Cold Heartbroken Kara Klum 
Isis: Dollmore Biwol 
David: Migidoll Ryu (technically the Cynical head in this photo)

For some reason the photo deleted!!! It's back now.

Sorry for the double-post, but I got his finished and wanted to post so I can move on to the next one. This is going to be long, but first a few things. Alex's hair is horrible in this photo. This is why I've spent three days working on it. He's also the only one actually standing in this photo - Isis is on a stand, David is leaning on her and Alex tried to fall every time the wind blew XD

This is supposed to represent the "origin" of both my comic and the characters (they were the first three, and the main characters of the story (along with Uriel)). The writing is supposed to be the first time Alex and David meet Isis. I had to write it a bunch of times before I liked it....the first one was only half done and 7 pages D: Also I'm not a writer and I rarely share what I write (Fiction....this blog totally doesn't count.) so don't make fun, or point out all the errors or anything ok thanks bye.

“If you say anything, it could be bad. For you I mean. I don’t really care what you do.“

Daylight Officer Isis Rhodes had been sitting alone at a table in the small cafeteria, eating a salad when I found her. Well, she was poking at it with a fork. She hadn’t actually taken a bite that I saw since I walked in and sat down in the chair next to her. I’d stared at her for a full minute before she finally noticed me, and had almost fallen out of her chair. At least I didn’t laugh.

She was having a bad night. Shortly after returning from her shift, she’d pulled her gun on a total stranger - a completely innocent stranger, I might add - who just happened to be standing there doing nothing at all, or who was possibly staring at her boobs. And who also happened to be me. Now she was facing the tough choice of losing her job, or accepting a promotion that wasn’t really a promotion at all, but a creative punishment. The job change would mean working the Night Shift, and doing the most shit jobs there were. But at least she’d have a job.

Or she could tell people why she decided to try and shoot me, and get fired. And it wasn’t because I was staring at her boobs, I swear. At least, I don’t think that was it.

“What…I can’t….what? Why are you even here?” She stumbled over her words, still not over the events of the past couple of hours. Or, it was the shock of my sudden presence. One of the two. “You’re not…? Oh god you’re not going too—“

I glared at her. “No! I’m not going to bite you! Not here anyway. And you’re not my type. At all. So there.” Which was probably the biggest lie I’ve ever told in my life. She totally was my type. My type being female, and in front of me.

“I’m looking for cake, stop changing the subject.”

“Cake?! There’s no cake! And how am I not your type?! What is ….I can’t ...even!” She looked away from me and let out a frustrated breath. “Just…get away from me, you….thing. “

“Thing?” As far as insults go, that was about as pathetic as they got. I’ve said worse in my sleep. “Well now I’m hurt,” I said rolling my eyes.  “We just met! How can you be so mean?”

“Oh! Just shut up!” She made a move to leave. “I can’t sit here and listen to you threaten me and, and, stuff.”

To stop her, I did something I don’t normally do. I grabbed her wrist. Luckily I was sort of wearing gloves, and she had long sleeves on, or it could have gone bad.

“You’re going now, aren’t you?”

“Let go of me!” She hissed, unsuccessfully trying to pull away.

“To talk to your supervisor,” I continued as if she hadn’t spoken. “Tonner is in there with him right now… and he’s only your supervisor for a while longer.” I hadn’t really meant to say that, it sort of slipped out. That happened sometimes.

“How….how did you know that.” She relaxed and knowing she wasn’t going to run off, I let her go. “And how did you know I was going up there to…talk.”

“I know everything,” I shrugged and looked away. “If you tell him, it won’t go well. He won’t believe you.”

She laughed. “And you just happen to know that? Because you’re psychic? That’s why she hired you isn’t it, John?” Who the fuck is John? Oh right, me. I hate fake names.

“It’s Alex,” I told her, frowning. She didn’t seem to notice I'd even said anything.

“Captain Tonner? You’re her pet psychic, right? What bullshit! Vampires can’t be psychic!” She brandished her plastic fork at me like a weapon.

Yeah. That’s why she tried to shoot me. She thought I was a vampire. Just because she was right didn’t mean I had to be happy about it.

“Besides,” she continued, “he’ll have no choice to believe me. You look like a vampire, with your pale skin, and black clothes!” Now that’s not really fair. People can be pale. And what does everyone have against my clothes anyway?

“Once they really look at you it’ll be obvious you’re dead! You don’t have a heartbeat!”

“Something you would think would have come up during my physical.”

Her face went blank as she was suddenly derailed.  “Your what?”

“You know, that thing where you go visit the Precinct Medic and she says ‘You don’t have any infectious diseases! Go you!’ Or at least in my case ‘You’re not dead!’ and clears you for work.”


“Well, I’d tell you, but you’d just think it was ‘bullshit’.”

“It’s not possible…”

“Yeah, I know. But I am the exception to all rules, Isis. You should know that upfront, if we’re going to work together.”

“Officer Rhodes,” she growled.

“Right. For about, another hour. Then it’s Detective Rhodes. Congratulations by the way. Though I hear it doesn’t come with a pay raise.”

I thought she might hyperventilate which, of all things, actually made feel a little sympathetic. Fortunately I can ignore such feelings easily.

“So there you go. You can talk all you want, tell the whole world, and see if I care. Nothing will happen. Oh, other than you getting fired, losing everything and probably ending up locked up for life. “

She looked up at me. “What? Why would they lock me up? That’s ridiculous. And someone would believe eventually. You can’t possibly be that good.”

“Maybe not.” I am. “But if you say anything,” I paused. Drama can be fun.

“I might accidentally let it slip that you’re a witch.”

The fork slid from her grip and fell to the floor with a hollow clink. Her face drained of all color and her thoughts just…stopped.

“How. How could you know that?” Her voice was barely a whisper. We were both really lucky that only the kitchen staff was there this late, and they were in the back somewhere, because none of them were present for this conversation.

“What part of ‘I know everything’ did you not get? First, psychic. Also, vampire. I could tell the same way you could. The second I saw you.”

“Oh god….”

“So,” I went on, “unlicensed, unregistered, practicing witch working for the police? That’s not going to go over well, is it? You know what they’ll do, don’t you?”

She shook her head, though to what, I don’t know. “I’m…I’m not practicing.”

“Don’t lie to me. It’s insulting,” I spat.

“They’ll put you in the Hole. That’s a thing, you know. It’s not a rumor they started to keep practitioners in line. They’ll send a Bug Catcher after you and you’ll disappear into that dark, underground room, surrounded by enchantments, so you can never escape. That is, if you’re even good enough to try.”

Trembling, she put her hand over her mouth.

“Or,” I continued considerably more cheerful than she was, “You can show up for work on Monday with your shiny new detectives badge, and watch me do fun things like stare at paperwork, pick people out of lineups and break Detective Dana’s nose. Though I doubt he’ll ever touch me again after the first time, so that that last one might not have a repeat performance, sorry.“

She sat so still and was so quiet for a while that I kind of wondered if I’d broken her. I touched her thoughts, just barely, to see if they were even there.


Ok. Maybe I should poke her or something. If only I had a stick.

I was still trying to decide what I should do in the off chance she suddenly started ranting or drooling when she spoke quietly.

“So that’s it. You’re just going to blackmail me…with my life,” She said, misery and defeat in every word, and her posture.

I supposed I could afford to be nice, since I’d just won the fight, if you could even call it that. I don’t really understand nice, but I thought I’d give it a try. How hard could it be?

“Don’t think of it as blackmail,” I said, in what I hoped was a helpful voice. “Think of it as ….two friends doing each other a favor.”

“We are not friends!” She yelled. I guess anger is better than... well it’s not better, but it’s something.

“Co-workers then,” I said with bored shrug. I was done with this conversation; it was past time to move on. “Why don’t they have cake here anyway? There aren’t even any donuts! I thought cops ate donuts at like, every meal? I have yet to find any. And I’ve looked.”

Isis sat back in her chair, staring blankly forward. “Oh my god. This is my life now.”

“Yes,” I snapped, “get used too it. One long, cakeless fuckup, working with vampires.”

Vampires?” She asked giving me a confused look. "As in more than one?"

“Well what the fuck did you think David was? A pixie? A werewolf? He’s not that hairy.”

“Who’s David?”

Shit. Stupid, fucking fake names. Fuck!

“I meant Joseph. That’s what I said isn’t it? Joe? Right? I don’t even know a David. Who is David?”

Before Isis could answer, David actually walked though the cafeteria door, as if I’d summoned him with my stupidity.

“Hey, did you eat?” He suddenly realized Isis was sitting there, and tried to turn on his charm.

“Oh, hi Isis. I’m sorry, I meant Officer Rhodes.” He’s so polite I often want to puke. I glowered at nothing while he spoke over my head. “I really hope there are no hard feelings over…what happened. I look forward to working with you.” He didn’t go so far as to hold out his hand or anything, but I still gagged a little inside, while Isis did a very good impression of a deer sitting in the headlights of a speeding bus.

No one spoke for a very long, very awkward pause. Finally David gave in.

“Right. So why didn’t you eat?” He asked me.

“Because this stupid fucking place has no cake!” I stood up and shoved my chair back so hard it hit the table behind us. “Can we go home now? Jesse probably made me cake.”

David looked back at Isis who was looking more and more terrified. The funny thing was, the fact that we were vampires no longer scared her as much as the realization that she would be seeing us every day, for the rest of her life. Forever. Heh heh.

“I’m sorry,” David apologized again. “He has…. low blood sugar. It makes him irritated. I glared at both of them. It happens….often.”

Isis couldn’t seem to find words and just sat there staring at nothing.

“You haven’t seen me irritated yet,” I snapped. “Lets go! I’m done here.” I started to leave, knowing David would have no choice but to follow. He gave a frustrated and long-suffering sigh that he usually reserved for me. I heard it a lot.

“It was nice meeting you, he said to her, still trying to be nice. I guess we’ll see you around.” He turned to go, but paused, looking back. “Oh, and congratulations on making Detective!”

I looked over my shoulder as we left. She had dropped her head into her hands and was sitting miserable and alone with her wilted salad. I wasn’t sure how we would ever get along, but least she was hot. She’d be a lot more fun to look at on a daily basis than Detective Bruce Dana, who was like a brick wall that had turned into a man, and then got his nose broken by….someone, so he was all bruised and disfigured. 

I could work with her.

If you read that whole thing, thank you <3


  1. I love that photo of Alex. It's really well done particularly with the two in the background. And I also love first person narratives. It makes me feel a lot closer to the character 'speaking'.

    Alex's grumpiness really comes out in this piece, especially in the way he talks to and regards Isis. He seems to enjoy antagonising her, in fact, he seems to really get off on it. And she doesn't seem to know exactly how to take him, but that could just be because of that whole blackmailing business. Poor thing.

    I rather like David in the brief glimpse we got of him. He seems the more genteel of the two and I suspect he regularly has to clean up after Alex's 'mess'; making excuses for his friend's attitude.

    I love Alex's fixation on cake. And donuts. I think he's been watching a wee too many cop shows.

    I am glad you shared this piece here on your blog. I really enjoyed reading it and was instantly dragged into the scene from the first words. I could see it playing out in my head as I read. I love the glimpses of the world you have created and am really curious about what exactly happens in "The Hole". It doesn't sound very pleasant at all.

    I also really liked the reality the characters live in, vampires and witches existing "as the norm". It has this urban fantasy feel to it that I love. (I might be biased though as that's among my favourite genres to read).

    I hope we get to find out how exactly Isis deals with having to work with vampires. (after her brain melt of course!)

    1. That photo makes me so mad lol - I actually like it other than Alex's hair which just drove me insane. I cut it after I took the photos and really really wish I'd have done it before. It looks better now. :\\\

      But thank you! I'm at least happy I got three dolls into one shot and it turned out the way I wanted it too!

      I'm a huge Urban Fantasy fan too, though for a long time I didn't know it was a genre or what it was called lol It was just what I liked to read. It's hard to classify my stuff as that completely - I had a hard time with in in my Nano XD

      :D Thank you!!! I'm really happy you enjoyed reading this! I'm always terrified to post "real" writing's worse than art for me. You seriously got pretty much everything, so either I guess I succeeded in my goals!

      Lol Alex is sort of obsessed with sweets - and especially donuts....which is unfortunate for him as he's only up at night and there are no 24hr bakeries....And only one coffee shop. With no donuts.