Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The Game is....something...

hee hee



It arrived last night! Weeks before I thought it would! I was so nervous and excited...I have plans...but as usual they may fall through. I was terrified I'd hate it, that it wouldn't fit the body (cause if that happened I'm not buying another one). But nope. All is well. I love it, it fits - match is bad, but worse in photos than in person, and I can blush it.

The only issue is the eyewells are SO thin. I was actually worried I'd break them while trying eyes out. I will have to do something if I am going to feel comfortable handling this thing. I have epoxy...so I guess I'll attempt to reinforce them before I get around to giving it a faceup. Scary....

Other than that, he's seriously perfect. I would say the body is a tiny bit small...but if you've ever watched Benedict Cumberbatch in anything - he's kind of oddly shaped with narrow shoulders anyway. So I think it's actually perfect.

Because the head was early, I only have half a Khan and half a Sherlock Wardrobe, so all's he's wearing is the purple shirt. And I only ordered potential Khan wig - this one was a longer curly wig I had laying around that I turned upside down and hacked to pieces. Good for temps. Eyes are too big, but that's ok - they weren't meant for him I just had them.

Dollmore has a few of his things (including his Khan wig) stuck in LA customs right now....I'm hoping they escape soon - I need to see if it's going to work or if I have to start from scratch.

Alice Collections has the rest of his things and they haven't shipped yet (I need Sherlocks coat!! Dammit!).

Someday I'll get to put a face on him. Someday...


 The buttons are huge. Good thing he's a big guy.

My pictures are horrible....but I was in a hurry. And he's very purple. And faceless.


  1. Oh my gosh! Congrats on his arrival. I just cannot get over how very close that sculpt is to Benedict. He looks perfect. I can't remember but what body do you have him on? I am so tempted right now to get that head after seeing your photos of him. He would make a perfect Doctor Who and I've been hankering to shell Doctor Who in resin. I was going to go with Tennant's Doctor but can't find a sculpt close enough but I've always thought Benedict would make a great Doctor Who ...

    1. Thank you! I am surprised at how close it is. I looked at a lot of photos in the last day or so, looking for wigs and eyes and stuffs, and when I pulled the head out it was just amazing. And kind of freaky - I used to have a MNM way long ago, but not for very long...and I never really got him together. This one is more complete blank lol

      He's on the Dollmore Glamor Model body -- so about 72cm and really skinny with super-long legs and arms. And giant hands. OOOH I should put the jointed ones I have on him! Then I won't freak over Metatrons hands getting broken....I do that. They're really nice.

      Omg who doesn't want to see him as a Doctor!! He'd make a great 4th Doctor as a doll tbh. Omg I have the scarf. He's totally going to dress up now. You should get one - I would love to see him as the Doctor!