Thursday, January 29, 2015


So I live under a rock. It was a good, safe rock....then I crawled out from under it and found this.

I know I saw her awhile ago when she was released but I guess I didn't bother to look....until this morning, and I really wish I hadn't. I want every part of that fullset. Well, the ears and tail I can do without, but the rest of it?

I have been looking for an F60 girl body for Sage. She hit the point where I really want her perfect, and feel like I can spend the $$ to make her so and not regret it - I've got them on my trade lists, but FL doesn't sell them separately and people don't seem to want to let them go for a reasonable price....and I don't want the MOE, Sage needs as much height as I can get.

The outfit in it's entirety would go to Isis, it's perfect for her witchy self...and the head I'll put on Sage's current body to replace my PW Goldie (assuming I ever put her up for sale) as Annabelle, my senior witch. I love the head and faceup for her, it's perfect. The whole damn thing is. And it's insanely expensive, and if I want to get in on the event I need to order in like, three days.

ARGWHY?! WHYYYYYYY?! If it was just a matter of the outfit and head I'd hold off and maybe look second hand, but since I want the body anyway...Poor Sage - I tried to get her to pose for the photo I am way behind on for the challenge and she can't do it, the Delf body just won't....I would love her on a body that actually worked. I love my F60 boy, it's made Uriel amazing, I wouldn't change a thing on him. Why can't I be made of money??? On the bright side I do think I'm getting a raise, effective tomorrow, retro from Jan 1. So............maybe she can be my reward? If I order her tomorrow I can get in on the sat orders in DDE. OMG I can't believe I'm actually thinking of doing this...

ANYWAY on to something not insane.

Tan doll comparisons for AlasseCarnesir!

These are all my tans

  tan compare1

Sorry they're disheveled. I literally tossed them in my bag, the yoinked them out and sat them down D: No styling was done at all. *failbaddollmom*

  tan compare2

Ok, so here they are 
Resinsoul Song in DK Tan/Chocolate 
Fairyland MNF Celine in FL Tan 
Resinsoul Song in LT Tan/Coffee
Soom Afi (original release) with Afi hands on DikaDoll body
Luts Fabric Delf in RSB (OMG I forgot he was this size...he can wear the clothes!)
Latidoll Laches

Jean is my other tan doll but she's giant and also RSB, so I brought Chai instead. It really looks like Luts RSB, RS Coffee and FL are close enough to hybrid IMO. Only problem is that Mocha is so old they don't have that color anymore - it's lighter and grayer now from what I've I can hybrid, but no one else can XD

Afi (Hopscotch) was blushed like mad to match that DK body (When I bought it I had found several posts saying it was a PERFECT MATCH OMG. They lied. Not even close. The headcap is the color of Soom for real (and still has tape residue from his ear magnets. I fail again)).

No chance of Lati matching anything ever. It's just orange. Which sucks, I still need another body.

That's it! I didn't do much editing, that is really close to how they look irl. Lati is that orange. Lol

I think I have a mental block against the Lati Yellow/Pukifee size. I just can't seem to realize I have dolls. I sold the PKF and DZ dolls and was all I DON'T HAVE ANYMORE! Even though I still had Ebils and apparently Chai. And Bones on order. Then I got Murphy at Dollism and forgot I owned him at all, so I waffled on ordering Sterek and getting Ren (Laches) because I don't own that size. Even though I totally did. I'm sure there aren't anymore hiding in my room, but I feel like I should look....just in case. D: They hides.


  1. Oooh I remember her when she was first released. I really loved her outfit too and I didn't mind the doll either. But yeah, she's well and truly outside my budget even without the fullset. I wonder if anyone has ordered her ... I must stalk owner photos when she starts arriving ... and of course, I'm not enabling you at all here ... *wink*

    Thank you for the comparison! I don't think I have seen your Luts Fabric Delf yet. It's so cute.

    I don't think the group photo looks disheveled at all.

    I have always adored that RS Dark Tan. I used to have a Gang in that colour and he was always a pleasure to photograph. Wish more tans were like that. It's such a lovely colour.

    I agree about the FL Tan, RS Coffee and the Luts RSB. They do look quite close. I keep kicking myself that I didn't order Maska in the RSB resin. The Latidoll tan looks pretty similar to the Limwha tan. It has a really orange undertone to it. I should see about doing a tan comparison too although I only have three companies.

    It's easy enough to forget about the tinies. They are so small, they tend to find little niches to hang out in. Although I really only have two in that size and they are always together. At the moment, they are hanging out on the tiny bed hubby made for me for the tinies one Christmas.

    1. I guess a lot of people ordered her -- DDE got allotted more sets to sell, so they must have sold out of the first batch. I caved last night and put her on layaway with them - I just kept thinking if I don't do it I'll regret it so much. And seeing the pictures they're posting of her with the co-creater (I didn't even know this was a collab) I am so glad I did. She's just so striking. And I don't think that often about dolls or fullsets. So now any doll plans I had (Gabriel, body for Shae) are totally on hold until I pay her off. Glad I bought some important things before this D:

      I've heard Limwha is really orange too, but I have never seen their dolls (other than mine who's NS) in person so I don't have any first-hand knowledge. There are a lot of company tans I've never seen - it doesn't seem like to many people in my area do tan. I have to say I'm seriously considering trying to find hands for Mocha - I've thought about ordering him KDF hands before and now if I could find FL hands....well that's an impossible dream, but it would be nice. I don't hate his hands but they're so clenched...I'd rather have the ones Java has. Much more relaxed.

      Aw a tiny bed! X3
      They are kind of tough to keep track of - I am tempted to keep them all in a bag like my Pukis, just so I don't lose anyone D: