Friday, July 25, 2014

More Coffee Please.

EDIT: because I don't have pictures for a new post.
So I wiped his faceup, modded his eyes, beveled them out some (not enough, but it's better than it was, meaning better than Mocha lol), got him the different eyes I was wanting to try, his wig came in Friday (yay) so he doesn't have to sit around in a temporary wig, cleaned out all the hot glue, restrung him (and Mocha who has had the same string since he arrived a million years ago and I restrung him) and gave him a faceup. It was so humid over the weekend it might not last lol but he's got a face! He also got a dog, making him my first doll who has an actual pet. He looks like someone who would have a fluffy white dog he totes around though so it works. I gave Mocha they eyes Java has in in the below pics and I think that's finally it. Mocah is good with eyes. *dies* We've been working on his eyes since day one lol he's a tough one.

And Java's a weird one. He looked nothing like Mocha with the old faceup, looked just like him when he was blank, and now is back to looking nothing like him. Just for that strangeness alone, I am really happy I brought him home instead of going with a new and different mold.

It's rained during my lunch so I stayed inside intending to read my book and then play with dolls. I started reading, and only had ONE PAGE left of the damn thing. FUCK. I hate it when there's like, 12 previews of the next books in the back and I don't realize it!!

And I don't even have the next book yet, so now I have nothing to read!! Which is totally untrue, but I want the next book!! I may actually have to go to a store to buy it now. Two day shipping is not fast enough for me.

Anyway because I had no book (one freaking page), I got some pictures of -(dramatic pause)- JAVA!! He showed up last night (making me feel guilty for being all suspicious of my seller - she obviously sent him Friday, what with that being the date on the package and all). My pictures are actually kind of crap(ier than usual), but they show the important stuff.

Here is his adorable self wigless.


ok, a little bit of talking here. You can see where his poor elf ears were sanded down. Not quite human-looking, but certainly not elfy either.

The faceup is technically good and pretty interesting up close (he's scarred and beat up), but not for me. Maybe on any other character/doll I own lol, not Javs. He's the exact opposite of rough, tough and boy-like. First thing I'm doing tonight is wiping that faceup.

Second thing I'm doing is opening his eyes a tad. Not a lot, but a small bits. At first I was all I'M GONNA MOD THE HELL OUT HIM!! Then I panicked due to the (gorgeous) dark tan resin and thought I had really better start small. Or not at all. I finally did a quicky mock-up and decided that yes, a small amount taken from the bottom should be ok. I might try to sand his nose a little...but I'm afraid the discoloration will be too I may chicken out.

Now there's the matter of the ears.

I have a small problem, as I'm not sure what animal I'm going to make him yet. Mocha was so easy back in the day, something about him just said "Kangaroo Rat" and it worked. Same with Des back when he was Soshi. He looked like a cat to me....and still does. Here's the problem. Mocha uses his elf ears as his "rat" ears. Everyone else has magnet on ears, with hidden human ones (except Des....I can't hide his human ears). I have no intention of cutting ears off, that freaks me out, but I'm not sure what the point of modding Java's elf ears back on is, if I end up getting him magnet ears later on down the road.

So anyway, I'm going to hold off on that for a few days. I figure I can do it even if he's got a faceup, since I don't blush ears (unless they're elf ears lol). A little plastic wrap to shield him from goo, and he'll be good to go. I just have to figure out the whole animal thing. So far I'm thinking of something rodenty to go with Mocha, like a gerbil, guinea pig, feret or some other thing...OR totally different like a dog, or Raccoon Dog (Tanuki). Apparently they can be white....and with dark eyes that might be awesome. But would require pointy, cat-like ears.
Feh. What do I do?!

More pics



He photographs better than Mocha.
This is a temporary wig while I wait for the one I ordered off ebay last week. It's long and white, and I plan on braiding it in one giant braid. If it doesn't work, or I don't like it (both of which I'm worried about) I have no back-up plan lol. And this white-blond color looks really good on him, which also worries me. BUT with the right faceup it'll be fine....right?!

And now, the big moment: Both of them together!!

mocha and java 

Mocha always photographs SO WEIRD!! WHY?!
This is the best way to view that Dark Chocolate color. omfg it's so nice in person. I want to eat him lol. I was the same way when I got Mocha....I don't know if it's because the colors are food, or I named them food or they just look yum, but for real.  Mocha looks so pale next to him lol

They also don't even look like the same mold. I know it's just the drastically different faceups and colors, but everything looks different. I should ask in the threads if RS changed their molds at one point. I'd love to see them both blank but I decided not to wipe Mocha....his faceup could use a few touch-ups to bring him up to date, but it's not bad enough to do over (at least I don't think it is).

Moving on to the RS Double-jointed body. Ugh. I think it's worse than the SJ one. But I've never been a fan of DJs that don't work worth a crap. The arms are ok, but those knees... D:

He's taller and slightly buffer than his older and more "masculine" brother (you should see Mocha's boots. He's kinda like Alex. Must wear the tall shoes...), which is weird, but not much I can do about it. I was never going to get a girl body and mod, and if I'd bought him new, I'd have gotten this body - AND the hands he came with (so yay!) - anyway, so I essentially got what I wanted.

He needs to be restrung like mad, and he's been glue-sueded in every joint. All of them. So that's got to come out. Maybe if he's got thicker (if I even have it!) and tighter strings he'll behave, but I bet it's going to take mods. I would love to try and drill out the channel in his thighs so he can move his legs better...but I is afeard. I'd rather do it Java than Mocha I might. But drills and I don't get along so well....

Mocha is still my favorite out of this group (don't tell anyone! lol) since he started it all by just existing.

He cutes X3


Oh I forgot about this little guy (that I've had over a year).

Mocha and chai 

I've decided to add him to the line-up as well. So meet Chai Tea. Not coffee, but tasty all the same. Someday I shall give him a faceup. I had dragged him out the other day to see about a possible match with Mocha for different hands, and I think his weirdness will be great with Latte. Plus, magnet parts! He'll make a great side-kick for her.

In certain lights the resin match between Mocha's old RS Coffee and the Luts RSB is perfect. Here it doesn't look nearly the same. :// I might try it anyway if the KDF hands fit him (I will be trying them out tonight). I hate the stuck-like-that hands poor Mocha has, and he matches NOTHING so it's not like I can get him new ones.

I also want to change his eyes around this weekend too. He might end up with the ones in Java (because I liked the lighter eyes in him) and Java might get silver (to match his white hair). I know I have some somewhere....It's supposed to be rainy, hot and humid this weekend OF COURSE so playing with wigs, clothes, eyeballs and stringing might be all I get to do.


  1. So cute! I love tan dolls. I just got my first one today: Suntan Migidoll Ryu. He's a great chocolate color. Anyways, your Song boys are absolutely adorable and I'm curious to see what you do with your newest one. And the little guy with Mocha, of course :)
    (Just so you know, I made a new blog as a clean slate. I used to be TinkeredToys, and I'm zomjirate on DoA.)

    1. Yay I gave you a follow!

      Omg how do you like Suntan Ryu?! I love the tan one, but mine being all vampirey he should be white (which is my favorite color anyway, so it's ok). I bet he's amazing in person.

      And thanks! :D

  2. He's awesome! Really, the color is sooo cool. He's my first tan doll, so he was a little jarring lol. But he's quickly becoming a favorite. You should get one ;)

    Thanks for the re-follow!

    1. Ha ha nah, my vampires need to be as pasty as possible lol no tans allowed! But I love looking at them *hints for pictures*

  3. Eeee he arrriiivvvved - though firstly I should add BOO on the book front!! (What is it you're reading?)

    They really do look different don't they, perhaps it's the way you've photographed them but Java does seem much slighter in the face than Mocha? His ears actually don't look as bad as I thought they would either! Though they actually kind of look rodent like, in the way they're sort of curved rather than pointy? So maybe they'd still work? (I do love Tanuki though, so that would get my vote - haha!)

    Double eww on the hot glue though. Just no.

    1. Ha right? Worst thing ever to settle in for an hour of reading and end up with like, 30 seconds. It was City of Bones. I usually try to stay away from YA since I read Twilight (I gave her the benefit of the doubt with the first book, but the second was so bad I feel like she should pay me back for the time I took to read it), but I saw the movie and was intrigued. So far it's not awful. AND I went out to eat Friday night and while waiting for a seat strolled down the street into a bookstore and managed to grab the second book. So now I'm all set.

      Yeah his ears aren't awful at all, and since I can't see them under his giant wig of poof I may just leave them as is. I'm kind of leaning toward Tanuki, so he'd have to have big, pointy magnet ears anyway. I gave him slightly smokey eyes, and with the white wig I think it would work.

      I am so not a fan of the amount of hot glue in that poor thing. I got it all out and restrung him and he's so much better with just that.

  4. Lovely shots. Resinsoul always do quite a lovely colour dark tan. I am not sure what it is like now but I used to have a dark tan that was made a few years back and it was perfect, no blemishes, sanding marks or anything. Such a rich colour too. I kind of regret trading that doll now. *sigh*. I could buy him again but it wouldn't be the same you know?

    I thought the same thing with the DJ bodies from RS. I had more problems with it than my old Song's SJ body which I was surprised about (it stood pretty well without sueding or anything done to it.)

    1. Yeah, if nothing else, I am always impressed by Resinsoul's colors. All the ones I've seen turn out so nice. This one is just gorgeous, I feel bad wanting to blush him and cover it up! But he's shiny, so he must be blushed lol

      I thought that about a couple of dolls I rebought (ok just the MNF Shiwoo and MD Miho), but really once I had them it kind of was like I never got rid of them. I swear Des (Soshi) feels like the same doll, even though he really isn't....but then my MNF Karsh was not the same. But that could have been just that I never got into him either time.

      That DJ body is kind of a wreck. I figured out the big problem with one of his legs - they just don't fit together. It's a mold/sculpting issue, and because mine is DT I can't fix it....but if he was NS or WS I think I would try. It's not bad, but his leg won't stay straight. Mocha has no problems at all....for his price, he's perfect....He's never been sueded either. I thought about doing it this weekend when I restrung him, but I don't really think he needs it.