Monday, July 28, 2014

Non-BJD related Rant.

So today has kind of sucked.

First, last night I accidentally cut my poor cat while trying to get some matts out of his poor hair. He's old now, and not so great at grooming. He barely even cried, which kind of made it worse....I wish he would have at least hissed at me or gotten mad. Instead he came over purring so could hold him and cry because that's what I did. He seems to be fine. It never bled and he's been 100% normal. Still, I don't think I have ever felt so bad in my life.

Then, I get into work this morning and my fish is dead. He was also a million years old...but I wasn't really expecting fish-death.

I'm locked out of my Dollmore account. My ID and password stopped working last week out of no where, I emailed them and they gave me a new password last night, which worked, but when I changed it to a different password I got the same thing. I'm locked out.

I didn't bring the dolls with me to photograph becasue I was going out for lunch. There's a restaurant in Forest Park called Boathouse, which is a nice-looking place on a small lake that allows dogs in outside seating - so my roommate met me there with the dog to eat. I got there fast, she was already seated and we ordered. The appetizer came out fast, and we ate and looked at the ducks, fish and turtles in the water while we waited, and waited.....and waited

And waited some more for our food to come out. Which was ridiculous considering what we'd ordered.

We had ordered a Chicken Salad sandwich and a house salad, just one, that were going to split. Each of these cost $8.99, so we were expecting a decent portion. And, y'know, a wait that was under an hour.

4o minutes later the waiter comes to the table to tell us the food would be out soon. To which I answered, "bring mine to go" since I wouldn't have time to eat. When it was 12:50, I left, because any longer I wouldn't have time to get back to work.

So my rm had to pay for both our foods.

Want to know what we waited so long for?

A tiny scoop of chicken salad with a few lettuce scraps on bread that looked like normal sandwich bread you can get at the store. It wasn't toasted, I don't even think it was fresh, there wasn't any tomato on the sandwich....nothing. The potato chips were also generic store-quality (probably Krunchers).

The salad is equally small, and so covered in oily dressing it's almost inedible.

That cost $18. I don't think I've ever eaten at a restaurant that was so completely a rip-off. I tossed half of my half in the trash because I could have made a better sandwich at home where my refrigerator is broken and I don't have any food, and I can't eat so much oil on my lettuce. Sorry, salad.

The only good thing imo was the app was decent (spinach and artichoke dip) and it was a gorgeous day to sit outside (and have little kids throw food at me because they couldn't be bothered to get up and go to the water to do it. Nice parenting.) and Willow (dog) enjoyed it (she loves to look at things. She's not a barker ((thank god)) so all she does is sit and look).

Needless to say, I don't think the Boathouse in Forest Park is worth any money, let alone what were charged. I could have bought a much better sandwich and salad at work for a fraction of the price! Without my discount!! And people complain about our prices....

So that's been my day (with a few other crappy things I don't really feel the need to go into). I had a couple good things - my new Korn CD (Which is really just the rerelease of the old one with some new songs) for my car, my Tervis came in Friday so now I have an Alex cup to drink from at work, and my Birkenstocks shipped today (yay! new shoes!)....but it's still been shit day and I needed to vent. And complain about the Boathouse. Really really not worth the money. Fuck you Boathouse.

Sorry for the crappy non-doll, no picture entry!^^;

EDIT: omg I just realized my next post is going to be #200!! I should do somethings.....but I don't know what... D:


  1. Oh man that restaurant experience sounds horrible! I'm sorry! I can't believe they charged you that much for such poor quality food.
    I'm also sorry about your cat and your fish. And that your day has just all around been rather subpar. I hope it manages to improve. Or that tomorrow is better at least!

    Congrats on the upcoming 200th post though! That's exciting!

    1. Thanks! Though honestly, as cool as having 200 posts is, since I didn't even catch it until 199, I'll probably just do a lame normal post lol

      And thanks again, my cat seems to be fine. I don't even think he realized he got hurt. I keep looking at him, but he acts totally normal! I Still feel so bad. He's getting all the extra treats and pieces of my food he wants now XD

  2. Oh yeah, I hate restaurants that are like that. I've been to a couple myself, which is why I hate eating out. I generally hate waiting for my food anyway but I would rather wait for it at home where I'm cooking it than sit for ages waiting for it at a restaurant. One place I went to, there was my table and one other. Still took them an hour to get out the meals. I never went back.

    Sorry to hear about your cat and fish. I hope your cat is okay now. Sounds like he wasn't too bothered.

    I stopped having fish years ago because the ones I bought always died within a few months. It was very annoying.

    Hope tomorrow turns out to be a better day for you! And 200th post coming up, that is a big one. Don't think I would ever reach that number. I've been so bad lately with my blog (been getting into another hobby recently).

    1. Sometimes that happens. I haven't been on Deviantart in so long I'm kind of afraid to go I understand. Sometimes a break is good, but getting back in gets harder and harder.

      UGH why do restaurants suck so much?! I'm not one for going out to eat either, I like to just grab and go lol (cooking is not my thing). But sometimes I do like to get out.....and then it's fail. But I ate at Mission Taco last night and it was great, so it might just be the stupid Boathouse.

      Rocky (cat) is doing good. As good as a 17 and a half yr old cat does. He doesn't seem like he cares at all that I scissored him, and he's been getting extra loves and treats. I do miss my fish though. I didn't realize how much I enjoyed having another living thing in my office (even if it was only a fish).....I feel lonely now lol. That's so pathetic! I'll probably get another one eventually....