Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Alex is an Asshole.

EDIT: This is his response to my whining about him.

Alex: STFU bitch. Give me coffee. And buy me stuff. 

at least he's got clothes on now.


I am almost too exhausted to post this. Alex wears me out. And down.
I spent hours working on him....and in one ride to work in a bag he set me back hours more by somehow wrecking himself. I know he did it. I even had him wrapped, and he still managed to chip himself, get really dirty (I swear to god he's the dirtiest doll I've ever owned. I think he rolls in it when I'm not around), mess up his freaking eyes and do god knows what else to himself.

If he sat untouched on a shelf, never handled, in a clean room, he'd probably just fall apart because he could.

I shouldn't be surprised. This doll has defied all logic since I bought him. He has expressions, he changes positions, he has behavior.  I tend not believe that dolls can be possessed or hold souls or anything.....except for Alex. He's off somehow. And when I say Alex, for a change I only mean this one. The other Kara Klums are gorgeous and I adore them, but the first one is just an anomaly in every possible way. If dolls can absorb vibrations or souls or something, he's got it, and won't share.

Whatever is wrong with him, I managed to get some kinda decent pictures of him.
Beware, he's shirtless. I never photograph him sans shirt. Except for Christmas. It's tradition.

alex new tats1

So I have come to believe that I can't do the fun eyelashes anymore. It's impossible to see his eyes. You can irl, but not in photos...they disappear completely. He stole the Oscar eyes from Alex III (which was inevitable. I knew it would happen), mostly because they're smaller and easier to see. And you still can't see them. Bye bye eyelashes.

This is another new wig. It was a Monique Evelyn I got at Doll-A-Kon. Now it's an Alex-wig. I cut inches off the thing, and "styled" it , but it's Alex, so it's all over anyway.

I edited the HELL out his hand. Dollmore has the kind of resin that changes color to a point and stops. Dikadoll keeps on yellowing. His hand is so much more yellowed than he is it's awful, I only put the hands on him for this shoot so he could smoke, and then I cut the cig out anyway!!!

I still have to wipe and blush both pairs of hands and feet.

His tattoos went on fairly easily, it was just a lot of work and time consuming. I can't even express how much better they look compared to the old ones!

alex new tats3 

I don't think his back has ever been seen in photos. 

alex new tats2 

 Alex I has the least ink of all of them, as he's the youngest. He's missing the infinity thorns and crow (which I have yet to draw) on his left arm and the wings on his back. And one more I haven't done yet on his right hand. And there is still blank space on his rt arm that could have stuff. We'll see if I go there.

I did the ones on his back too large (which is how I roll), so when I do III who has the massive phoenix wings on his back, they'll have to be scaled down.

In case you're wondering what chipped, it was his lft nipple there....I fixed it in PS. Now I have to do it irl. Asshole. He didn't have to chip.....totally did it on purpose.  Now he's sitting on my desk (shirtless. Scandal!! :O) looking smug. He knows what he did.

There are a couple things I wish I could fix, but for the most part I'm happy and not doing anymore.
One more

 alex new tats6 

That's the eclipse21 wig I spent a fortune on. Cause he needs more wigs. If you had any idea how much editing I had to do just to barely get his eyes visible....D: D: D:

He's lucky he's my favorite!!


  1. When I first joined the hobby and was reading all those threads about 'Dolls with souls' ect. I always thought it was a lot of tosh - although I had always been fascinated with 'supernatural' things, I just couldn't believe it to be the case. Then Willoughby came home. He was the first doll I began to experience all the similar kind of things you're mentioning here with Alex to the point I just completely accept that whatever is going on with the little mite, it's happening, it's just him. So I completely get you on that front!

    Secondly - he's looking bewilderingly gorgeous and his tattoo's look brilliant! You've done such a great job :D

    1. Yay! I was the same way! I actively made fun of stories I read about people who think that their dolls have real feelings or whatevers. This was before I was in the community at all, I hadn't joined DOA or anything. Then one day I turned around and I swear Alex was smiling, and I almost screamed - cause he doesn't smile. He's gone so much weirder since then...and I am not the only one who says anything - other people are freaked out by him too. It's freaky, especially when it's not something you believe or already assume....and only one of them is like that.

      Thank you!

    2. Exactly - I really started to notice it too, after my poor old pup passed away. By that I mean, when you enter a room something about human instinct makes you know whether you're the only living thing in it (I walked into the room when my pup had passed away in his basket and realized without looking at him that he was gone). When I walked into a room and Willoughby was sat there staring at me, it was that distinct feeling that someone else was in the room with me. It's never really 'bothered' me, I'm just used to it now if I wake up and he's shifted where I left him. Ya know what I mean?

    3. I know exactly what you mean.

      It's a little unnerving to me, but that could also be that Alex at least has a little hostility. Not toward me that I know of (most people think he only likes me, and usually hand him back with a weird look saying "take him back, he doesn't like me" and they're usually serious. lol), but toward my other dolls, whom he as actually attacked...he's ok with "himself" on the Kara Klum shelf (though he magically falls away from most of them when sitting next to them) but not with other dolls who will mysteriously will end up on the floor. And one that he somehow leaned forward and grabbed a handful of hair. When I walked in and saw that it was the #1 scariest thing I've ever seen in my life. I am 100% sure his arm was down and no where near that dolls head when I left it there. When I moved his hand away he tore a chunk out of it's wig, and I had to pull hair out of his fisted hand (jointy hands = bad).

      Smaller dolls don't sit by him anymore.

  2. Let's see if it will let me comment today! I tried about four times yesterday with no luck. Every time I hit publish it just deleted the whole comment...

    So I'll try again.

    The tattoos look really great! I'm quite impressed! I can't believe you have to do them more than once though! And add more on top of what you have already... that's insanity! I wish you luck though!

    And how on earth did Alex manage to chip a nipple of all things while wrapped up and in a carrier?? I can see why you think he might have some sort of mind of his own, because that seems like particularly difficult behavior!

    1. Uuuuhg that sucks so much! I keep getting error messages when I comment, but so far it's still published them. Or I SWEAR I hit reply and it still does comment. BLOGGER WHY?!

      Thank you! I know, I can't stand the thought of doing it again, and on III who has more, no less.....but seeing them blank is so wrong and seeing III with the old ones and yellowed sealant...well it's worse. So he has to at least get started. His arms should be done before I do anything else. I might try to do a template for the wings, that could seriously be the only way I can get them both somewhat symmetrical. Bleh I donwanna

      It's because he's evil. Eeeeeevvillllllllllllll like the fru its of the Dev eel.

    2. Yeah blogger can be very buggy sometimes. It's quite frustrating!

      I'm very sorry! Hopefully it all goes okay! I think the template idea sounds good. I wouldn't begin to know how else to match something like that up without one O_O