Monday, July 21, 2014

Lots of Stuff. Ok, just Some Stuff.

We had a dollmeet this weekend that was 80's themed, so I had some fun throwing together a few looks for my dolls. Isis, Alex (I) and Marcus went as Flashdance, random 80's punk and Jason from Friday the 13th, and my whole group of 8 (ok so not the whole group, I left one at home) mature minis went in 80's inspire garb. I thought they looked amazing lol and after I was kicking myself for not taking any photos at all. Everyone really went all out for this meet, their dolls looked great. And I didn't even bring a camera!! Such fail.

I really should try to get a pic of Isis and Alex together, maybe with Jason (Marcus) lurking in the bg lol.

Anyway, I don't have much to update Song was finally (supposedly) shipped this weekend, so I'm hoping he'll be here someday this week (but who really knows.). I managed to order the Migidoll River head (he's super-limited, so if you want one, go now!!), and I'm really excited to get him now because I have realized that I think he looks like a more realistic Volks Heath. Which means I might remake Gambit. It just depends on...things.

I bought him to possibly be Marcus, so I'll do that first.....but if he looks even remotely good with Jean I might even skip that and let Ell stay Marcus (I think he's just fine anyway) and do River up as Gambit. I'll have to buy much smaller eyes for him, but....who cares.

I'll have to hang on to Heath a while before deciding if I want to keep him or wipe and sell at a loss because no one wants that mold anymore (which is sad because I've really come to like it) and I didn't get any COA with him which means he'll be impossible to sell anyway.

I don't know what I'll do. Wait until he gets here I suppose, and see how he looks with Jean and David (and Alex) then go from there.

So now my wait-list has grown to:
Dollzone Carter (Still no word on this)
Dollmore Kara Klum (yay!)
Resinsoul Song (hope he's actually shipped)
Migidoll River (head only)

Regardless of who River ends up being (Gambit, Marcus or even possibly a second Michael), he will have to share with one or two of the other heads. So no bodies yet.

I have no issues with Jean if Gambit becomes more realistic, but Jubilee might have to go. Soo is a great mold for her, but not even remotely real enough with the others. I may just look for a new head for her, or sell her completely. And of course I'm still having issues with Logan....I might look for a new head and start over from scratch. Or sell the thing and just quit. Maybe all I really need are Jean and Gambit anyway (I love having them as dolls!).

Ugh. I can't decide what I want to do!!!


  1. Aww nuu, I'm kind of disappointed not to see your crew dressed up in an 80's theme X'D

    I'm all for a bit of Cajun - haha! I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with all your incoming's, especially your new Klum :o

    1. lol the new Kara Klum has me all nervous for some reason now. I had been planning what I wanted to do with him forever, and I don't even have him yet and I'm freaking out. I just hope everything works. That's all I want. That and a million dollars. But I don't see that happening any time soon....

  2. Nooooo camera??? Whyyyyyyyyyy..??? This is a tragedy XD That sounds so cool and fun!

    Have you been having issues with your seller shipping Song? I would hope that if they told you he had been shipped that that was actually the case! Though I suppose some people are not very scrupulous. I've run into that a few times over the years and it's a bit distressing.

    I'm excited to see who your Migidoll River ends up being! Went to go check out the head on their site again and I can definitely see what you mean about him looking similar to Heath now that you've mentioned it!

    1. It kind of is *nod* There was some awesome 80's going on there. I might try to get a pic of at least Alex but it would be a shame to never photograph Isis or "Jason". I made a mask and everything! Sorta.

      Well. I paid last Saturday (July 12), and she told me she'd ship either Tuesday or Thursday. So I waited, Tues came and went and nothing, then Thurs came and went and still nothing. So Friday I asked if she'd shipped, and she told me she would that afternoon (Friday) and let me know. Friday ended, Saturday came and late Saturday night as I was finally thinking I should message her again, she told me she'd shipped....but lost the tracking number. :\\\\\

      Now I've actually had people SWEAR they shipped a package only to finally receive it and it's marked days after they SWORE they shipped....That people don't realize the PO dates their shipping labels.... *eyeroll*

      So because of my sketchy past sellers, and that she lost the tracking number, I can't help but wonder if she's not actually shipped and will send me the # when she does. But that totally might not be the case. But not telling me she hadn't gotten him out, the waiting more than 24 hours to let me know it's shipped with no tracking....I'm suspicious.

      Which is why I say "hopefully" he's shipped lol I still don't have proof of shipping or a tracking # so if he has he'll just show up one day.

      I'm excited too. I really just need to wait until he gets here, but I just keep thinking that if I had chosen a doll to be Gambit instead of using one I had, I never would have picked Heath (even though I think he works well) I really want to try River out! But that's not why I originally bought him lol so I MUST WAIT. must wait....

    2. Quite understandable you'd be suspicious about that! I had someone give me a made up tracking number once and tell me that it just wasn't in the system yet. When it still wasn't in the system two weeks later, they "realized they'd given me the wrong number on accident" and then gave me a new one that did work.

      Conveniently, the new number they gave me for a package they had supposedly shipped two weeks ago, listed the package as having just been shipped that day. Hopefully your seller is not the sort who is like that. Didn't you have a problem not too long ago with the seller for your Unoa boy too? I hope your package arrives soon O_O

      Ooh I understand what you mean though. I've definitely done that--choosing a doll for a character because I have them around and not necessarily because I think they're perfect for it! This is one of the leading causes of changing molds in my house. XD

      It is a little bit inconvenient when you have one thing in mind and then get another idea and it throws t hings off. xD Hopefully it won't be too much trouble if you end up wanting River to be your Gambit!