Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Peppermint Tea

Is what I am drinking. It's delicious. I lost the back to my name tag, so now I have no identity. I hope no one from HR finds me, or my boss will get in trouble for my lack of a name. Which is stupid, I'm the one who lost it!! And I have no idea how I managed that either....

I've been posting a lot lately. This will be short. Ish. I promise.

Guess who got his ears?


Aren't they adorable?! I love them. I am debating whether I should mod them a little by sanding the bottoms to be less rounded or just leave them as is. On one hand they are kinda hippoey, on the other, they cutes and how do we know Unicorns didn't have hippoey ears?! WE DON'T. I'll probably er on the side of laziness and not do a thing but blush them pinkish.

Sadly the wig did not work out as hoped. It looked awful on him and was just too big despite it being a 6/7...Hopscotch is wearing it now and looks decently cute in it so he may keep it. Which is good, it means I didn't waste $30.
So he's still in this wig of poof that has bangs down to his chin (it's pushed way back here). The cap shows too much no matter what I do to it - which is a huge pet peeve of mine. Otherwise I am getting used to this wig and he might have to keep it >.<

His tail material is on it's way home as I type. So that will happen, hopefully this weekend. I think he and the other one who's name is up in the air will be going to Dollism with me, so they will eventually have to get blushed....which will help this one enormously! He's a little shiny in photos.

I wish there was a better way to attach that horn...

One more!!


So now I'm down to figuring out names. Back to the Starbucks page I go....


  1. The new ears are so cute!! All these ears are really making me want to give someone ears now...

    Also no need to worry about keeping things short! Many posts with many words are the best kinds of posts! The wig he has is really cute but I'm sorry that it doesn't cooperate and the cap shows. I hate when that happens. It's particularly frustrating when the wig is otherwise exactly what I want but the cap insists on being visible....

    What is wrong with the way the horn attaches? Is it prone to falling off?

    1. Nooo, it stays on pretty well, but I feel like it should be further down on his forehead, and I can't have it there because it's attached to the wig with magnets :P I'm going to buy him yet another wig tomorrow, so maybe it'll come further down and look that might help. I am kind of thinking of getting him a fourth FP and do a permanent mod that he can have. But I'm not sure I'll enjoy that in the end.

      It's always been a huge pet peeve for me when wigcap show. It's the biggest reason I don't normally buy Leeke wigs at all, because all of the ones I've ever owned from them show the cap, or stain the dolls or both. I thought this last one would be ok, and I think it is, the cap won't show or anything, but it looked awful on the Unoa. I think I'm too used to him with long hairs now.

      Ears are fun!! I've always loved putting ears on my dolls, it's fun to have an actual excuse now - all the "people" in this storyline have ears of some kind. I really want to make a horse. I have already made up a character I'd like to do, but I don't want to buy dolls right now....and I don't really know which would be the best one for him....

  2. BFHDJB FDSJHFSDFDBSHJSDF BSJH I could just EAT HIM UP. I have nothing more coherent to add at this time *snort*

    1. LOLOL he does look particularly delicious XD

    2. And in that wig, quite a bit like peppermint, no less! :D

  3. I love Peppermint Tea. Good to digestion too!

    Loving those ears on him. That is one of the things that frustrated me so much about this hobby, buying wigs that don't work out. And then it's always so hard to try and move them on.

    Having said that though, I do love the colour of the wig on him.

    1. It is! I love it...I'm drinking it now too XD

      It really is...selling wigs is so futile I don't even bother anymore. Either people want a totally unused wig in 110% perfect condition or they want to pay about $5 for it :\ And it's a pain to try to sell them on DOA I just keep them. Never know when I'll need them later anyway.

      Thanks! I do too, I'm really getting used too it, though I still want to try for white with colored streaks which is what I originally wanted.