Monday, July 7, 2014

Selling Selling Selling

EDIT AGAIN: Yay! Both Sold!! :D
I'm gonna miss them I think. But they're going to better homes now <3

EDIT: I may be getting ahead of myself here, but it looks like both these guys could be sold.

I have to catch up on a few blogs and I actually did a lot of stuff over the weekend (yay dolls!) BUT I have a couple dolls I'm thinking to part with first, so I'll get this post out of the way.

It's kind of hard to let these two go, as I really love them both, but they don't move off of the shelf, ever. I feel like I should be able to sell them on principle lol. NO DOLLIE HOARDING!! Ok I'm past that already...but I need to start somewhere.

SOLD WS Fairyland Pukifee Ante $250
I got him second-hand and he was in not-so-great shape. I cleaned him up pretty well and gave him the circus themed face up and body blushing.
He will come with random eyes.
His box was not in fabulous condition when I got it (and it smelled like smoke) - but I have it.
I can toss in the pink wig and some new string (which he needs)
Split Prices
Body $200
Faceplate and head back $100
Price is possibly negotiable

SOLD NSY Dollzone Deer Boy $275
Omg I love this thing...but again, never do anything with him. I got him second-hand, but I'm pretty sure the first owner didn't have him long (so I feel like the first owner lol). Faceup and blushing by me. I can send hi with the wig and the shorts if you want him (but not the eyes pictured). He would come with random eyes. There is some flaking on the blushing on his antlers.
No splits and I am firm on the price. If he doesn't sell he stays here.

I am not wiping anyone's face up or blushing.
I will do a layaway (short), but pp fees must be included in all payments
I only ship with insurance

Resinsoul boys in WS (no particular mold, I'm shopping around - I like fantasy ears though)
Resinsoul boys or possibly girls in Chocolate\dark tan (again, no mold in mind)
Dollmore narsha full doll or body
Unoa parts - Sist\Lusis hands (any)
L-bi face plates - sleeping or other
Unoa sist bully fp
Unoa Chibi face plates (roar or other)
Unoa Chibi head back (real or Buff)
Minifee WS neck piece
Colorful\cute clothes for Slim minis


  1. Ack blogger just ate my comment. Let me try again...

    Yay for getting stuff done over the weekend! Will we get to see an entry about it? :D

    Also good luck with your sales! They're both super adorable! But I definitely understand. I've been trying to clear out some of the ones that aren't getting much attention too. It's hard sometimes when you like the look of them but just don't do anything with them.

    1. At least you have an excuse...the other day I started to write a comment, got distracted and eventually closed the window without finishing or posting it. It's like I ate my own comment.... :\\

      Yay is right!! I dragged everyone to work today (ok not everyone, but a couple) so I can hopefully get pics. So yes! Eventually. Lol

      Thanks, I"ve got my fingers crossed - Someone has expressed interest in the PKF hopefully. It would be nice to have a little extra cash on hand for Dollism. Though I'll probably spend it first XO I'm probably going to try and order the Migidoll River head when they put him up - it's going to be a tough choice between him and Ell....

    2. I've done that before! I'll think I already posted it or just will forget I was typing one up and then I close everything and I lose it and I can't even remember what I was saying or looking at.

      Yay pics!!

      I've been hearing people on tumblr talking about a Migidoll River. I am not familiar with this sculpt but I guess I'm a bit out of the loop! Had to go look him up. Good luck choosing! I would have a hard time with that. XD Do you have an idea of what you would want to do with whichever one you get?

    3. Yep that sounds about right lol XD

      Well, I already have Ell, but when I saw River I thought he'd do good as the character I'd bought Ell to be too....So the thought was to get River, do up the same faceup, and then decide which is a better Marcus. The one left over may become Michael V2. Or it might not be anyone for a while. Regardless I may not sell either of them since my track record selling Migidoll heads is always bad....I usually wish I'd kept them....

    4. Ooh okay okay I was beginning to suspect that was the case after reading your most recent entry (since the existence of an Ell was confirmed there). That seems like a good plan! Sometimes it can be hard to tell unless you are holding both in person to compare.

      I'm sure you can find something else cool to do with whichever becomes the spare! Migidoll heads are pretty great. I only own one but I love him to pieces! When he isn't ruining all of my hard work by falling repeatedly because I'm terrible with faceplates...

    5. lol David used to like to be thrown across the room a lot. He would also spontaneously unstring himself. Migidoll....*shakes head*

      And what I really find funny is that one you have is the only one she ever made as a FP! All the others are heads. I have no idea why that one was different. Maybe just to drive you nuts lol

      I did the same thing with Miho and Jina - even though I'd spent a year trying to get another Miho head to make Uriel right again, at the last minute I couldn't help but wonder if Jina wouldn't work better, so I bought both. I put the same face on both of them, went to put the Jina on the body and didn't bother, it was totally wrong. Years later I kind of wish I still had it....if Michael is an Ell or a River, Jina might make a good Gabriel....

  2. Oh both of these little ones look adorable. Good luck with the sales. I have to admit I have a few dolls like that too but I never seem to get around to doing anything about it!

    I might have a WS Minifee neck piece. I'll message you on DoA.

    1. Yay I replied back!!! Thank you! *huggles*

      Thanks, I've been trying to get up the nerve to part with them for a while. I really could stand to sell more, but I just can't do it yet. I just feel like I'd really regret it if I do.