Monday, July 14, 2014

In Which I go a little Cray

Instead of the various mods I have to start someday, I defied the bad spraying weather and started Alex's tattoos. It was hot, humid has hell, and started to rain....and I did it anyway XD

Which, looking pretty much how I did all their this should go great. GREAT.

In any case he's nearly finished already and I hope to wrap them up tonight, give him a decent body blush (for once - he's usually my last-minute-crap-he's-going-to-be-shirtless-and-needs-blushing doll), and maybe drag him along to work tomorrow for some (hopefully) ok photos. Alex I defies photos, which is why I rarely pictureate him. He hates the camera like no ones business. Here's hoping I can tame his new hairs for a few shots.

Now that his tattoos are almost finished....I am horribly ashamed of Alex III, who is the last one who has the old ones (I never wiped him). It was my intention to not have to redo him before Dollism, but there's no way he can go like this. I'm either going to have to redo him or wipe him down before he goes anywhere. Luckily I'm still happy with everyone's faceup.

On to other thingses.

Java will hopefully be on his way this week. I have no idea how to proceed with him....I would love to do the mods I want to do (if nothing else I will attempt elf ears), but I really want to see how that dark resin takes to sanding before I get mod-happy on his cute little face. He's got a faceup I will have to's too masculine. I don't have a wig or eyes or clothes for him. All I know is that I'd like him to have white hair. That's...all I know.

In the meantime, Macchi's wig, the one that I kept saying was "out there somewhere" is home! At first I hated it...but I'm getting used to it now and don't hate it. I'm still on the search for his "real" hairs. But he can switch it up with this one and the other one for now. He also got a Mani-Pedi - with glitter! - like Vanilla did. Only his is multicolored with clear.... Cause, Unicorn.


It's really hard to see the clear glitter in photos, but it's obvious in person. That's his new wig. The tail part was really long, and I had always had the intention of cutting it off, but I got that far and liked it like that, so it's staying. He got a new shirt too.

This is also the Decadent face plate I've never photographed.


And not quite a group shot:

mocha macchi 

Mocha is really tall compared to Macchi XD
Which is how it should be.
He's also changed out of that Dollzone outfit he's been wearing since 2010.

mocha macchi2 

In his casual clothes he's still not much different lol
lookit that, I photographed two dolls at once.  And it didn't suck! Too much!! Even with that color diff. And they're getting all romantical and things (sorta). I'm pretty pleased. It would be nice if I had any kind of background to work with.....I'm not sure work would appreciate it if I started building sets in my office....


  1. Romantical and things - we like this! Macchi just gets all the more adorable, damnit all. I think this might actually be my favourite face-plate of his, that I've seen so far? AND HIS NAILS. dsgnfdbnbgjkdgd.

    Whenever you talk about Java, I instantly think of Jaffa Cakes... Do you get them out there? (Full moon, half moon, total eclipse!) I'm really looking forward to seeing what you do with him and I'm pleased that you're going to be rescuing his little elf ears!!

    Lastly, RE: Alex - you poor, brave soul....

    1. No we don't have those!! I've never heard of them, they look delicious! I want one....I'm going to keep an eye out now, we have stores that sell overseas stuff and snacks. It's possible I can find them.
      I'm a little excited about Java. He sort of popped into my head when I "solidified" the storyline I gave these guys, and I figured I'd want him as a doll, but I didn't think Song (since I own one already) until I thought he should be Mocha's brother. Song is the only RS doll I've owned that I've kept, so hopefully that'll work again XD

      Thank you!! I love him, and I love that plate too! I love that that Decadent plate was happily available right after I got him and that I was able to sneak into that order even though it was only for the people that had ordered dolls earlier that month. I got really lucky.

    2. - You'll have to watch this advert to get the other thing, haha. After this came out, even years later this has sort of become a staple over here the same way that making a duck beak is a necessity with Principles.

      When is Java likely to arrive? :D

    3. God knows XD
      He's coming from Canada, which, despite being closish, does not have speedy shipping. And the seller told me she would either ship today, or I don't know when he's getting shipped even. I'm hoping for today. It would be nice if he got here by Saturday. I have a Dollmeet Sunday.

      Lol I must go watch now!!

  2. Oooh they look pretty good together. I love Mocha's resin colour. I think you must have got the coffee colour before they lightened it up. I had a coffee Chun last year and she was a lot lighter than your Mocha.

    I do like Macchi's new wig. Goes well with that lovely face up.

    1. Thank you! I love how they look together...I'm happy I was able to get all these weird misfits in my collection into a group finally.

      Yeah Mocha is pretty dark in comparison to more recent Coffee RS dolls. Several years ago we had a new person get a Coffee Song for her second doll and I thought it was NS it was so light in comparison to Mocha. There is definitely more "cream" in their Coffee now. Mocha looks the way I drink my coffee - black with hot chocolate added XD
      And because of his darker color I'm dying to see the Dark Chocolate now. And so excited both my Songs are food lol

      Thanks! I'm getting used too it :)

  3. Whose work doesn't love being filled with doll photo dioramas??

    I am excited to see Alex's new tattoos! I'm glad that the weather didn't manage to keep you from working on them!

    Macchi's new wig looks very nice! I'm sorry you're not quite happy with it though. Wigs can be quite difficult sometimes if you have a particular sort of look in mind. Is there some specific thing you're searching for? Or just sort of looking around hoping the right thing hits you?

    Mocha and Macchi look really good together! I think they contrast nicely! And that decadent face plate is really neat! I have been wondering what that looks like!

  4. Right? I don't get it...crazy work. Why won't they let me play with dolls all day?!

    Well, originally for Macchi, I wanted a white wig with colored streaks in it (mostly pink and blue but I like the mint green too). I wanted it kind of shortish but not this short, and not this style. More like an angora wig, with no part, that's about chin length. I really can't describe it lol. I may have to just get a white wig I like and then add color somehow. Licht sells the stuff they streak wigs with, so that might work....

    I like them together! I'm actually pretty happy with how they all look together...but I like a mixed group, so that might be it XD
    yeah the Decadent FP is really nice. I'm glad I was able to get it new, and not have to deal with the second-hand mark-up.

  5. Loving Macchi's mani. All unicorns need rainbow & glitter, it's the law. One of my boys has one sans glitter, but it's getting wiped. He's just not that kind of werewolf. Think I'll try again on my ltf boy.

    & holy resin Batman - his Decadent fp is *dreamy*