Tuesday, July 8, 2014

What I did over the Weekend

Lots of stuff. Lots.

Saturday was nice, so I was able to get a few heads that have been sitting around done for someone else. Yay! Now I have a few more for yet one more person, and I'm done and can work on Dollism stuff!!!

Sunday was not so nice (hot and disgusting, like usual), so I worked on my dolls lol
If they get messed up I can always do them again. And curse a lot while I'm at it.

First, on Thursday I got the materials to make the Unicorn tail for nameless Unoa boy. I must say, it looks awesome. I could use smaller magnets...but thanks to putting a couple dolls up for sale, I suddenly have some, so I might work on it a little before getting some pictures up. But I love it. It's just how I wanted it.

On to other stuff.

Look who it is! :D


The new Soshi/Des got a face! :D
I don't know what that chain is....I found it laying around and decided he needed it... As you can see, the hands (which I covered up with those armband things the old one used to wear. We've regressed. A lot.) which are SD hands, look great. He keeps.


It is very obvious to me that I based the new faceup off the old Shiwoo's faceup, but the eyebrows are two-colored to match his hair and he has freckles now. And a scar, which was a last minute add-in because for some reason my brush skipped when I was blocking in his eyebrow and I decided to go with it. He'd totally have a scar. And, hopefully, the new faceup is better....since the first one I did on my old Shiwoo was like, my fourth faceup ever. Lol. ^^'

I also had to fix my Dollmore Ujee's faceup. He managed to damage the hell out of it somehow....the only thing I can think is that it happened when he faceplanted on my ipad...but I looked him over and he was fine! So it must have been delayed damage. His nose and lip had a huge chip....so I fixed both and kind of cleaned him up a tad (fixed his eye makeup and evened out the eyebrows). AND I found iridescent pastels over the weekend, and added some shinies to him. Cause he needed em. I think he looks better now (though I doubt anyone else would even notice :\). No pictures today, I couldn't bring everyone.

I also did my Migidoll Ell head, which is the third version of my character Marcus Alexander. Guess who he named? XD

Marcus and I have had enough trouble at this point that he will get his own entire post later - when I can get a decent shot of him. Hopefully outdoors and with David. And maybe Alex if they all cooperate. Either way, the head is faceuped, he's fabulous and I think he'd be perfect if MD River wasn't hovering in the future waiting for me to buy him too.....but at least if River doesn't work out or I don't get him, Ell will be exactly what I need.

Moving on....to...


Mwa ha ha!!!

Ok, I always feel the need to explain this to people so they realize the actual thought and time that has gone into it before rolling their eyes at me. After the book I'm about to write, feel free to roll away, but not before, damnit!!

A while back - a year or more I think as I have no idea where the original doodles went, so they must be in an older sketchbook - I opened up Deviant art to find, on the front page, all MLP fanart, as was pretty much the norm then. It was everywhere. Everyone did My Little Pony all the time and it's all anyone ever saw on DA.

Except for some reason I totally snapped when I saw it that day. I had probably done some art the night before that was ignored and blamed it on MLP, or that was the day that a certain person I watch had posted some art of her own OCs and the very first comment on it was "what ponies are these?", even though they were human and very much her own human characters doing their own OC things. PONIES WTF NO!!!? I ranted around in my office for a half hour and then had to go to a meeting where I thought it would be nice to have Alex go to MLP land, where he would go insane from the cheeriness and color and a murderous rampage would follow where all MLPs would die horrible, gory deaths.

And then I thought it would be even better if he went incognito and was a pony, then they wouldn't see him coming. So I spent that meeting doodling a very angry MLP-looking unicorn/Pegasus-thing with green and purple hair killing MLPs. With blood. Lots of blood. Obviously that was a productive meeting.

This is what happens when my mind wanders.

It was a doodle, so it was crap, and mostly black scribbles filled in with colored pencil...but I knew what it was supposed to be.

 Fast forward some time, and I found an MLP generator on DA that I used to create the Alexcorn (cause I found out the unicorn with wings is an Alicorn? So....it made sense to me.) which got me thinking about it again. I bought one of those Muny things from Tokidoki to paint, but never got further than spraying it (someday....). At some point I must have thought it was a good idea to make it into a doll, because I started looking at those Silverbeam ponies on Etsy.....but I never bought one because they're kind of small and pricey for the 3D printed materials IMO (though I've seen one in person now....and I might cave someday anyway). Then I remembered Conie. I spent some time looking at pictures and wouldn't you know it, Conie is capable of really looking pissed from a direct front angle. I did more doodles, this time of Conie, complete with joints and angry face in the note book I currently use, and deemed it good.

I put Conie on my trade list for whatever I was selling last year, but never even found anyone who was selling one (I did find one on DL, but it was for more than a new one cost and had a faceup and blushing that looked not great and that I'd have to remove), so no Conie. I thought my roommate might get me one for my birthday (it was in my WL I sent her) but she opted for Carter instead (yay!) so I still didn't get one.

Then I went to Texas for Doll-A-Kon and The Doll Peddlar was selling them.

Well if that's not fate I don't know what is!!!11!!

I had to buy him blushed, so I went with pink, because I figured I could live with pink more than brown if I never got around to doing him up right, but the day before fathers day I wiped him blank anyway (and it took half the day. I'm still dead. What the hell do they seal these things with?!).

Sunday I finally got round to working on him. And, well, here.



I glued faux furs to the resin mane, and made a new tail with magnet to replace the old one (which is in his box). Like the real Alex, he's never heard of such things as combs. He also has overly-exaggerated eyelashes because, Alex. 


Side view. His wings are a tad askew. Both wings and horn are shiny! Not that you can tell. I thought about putting red on the horn, for blood lol but I didn't.

I wanted to give him his "cutie mark" of Alex's black rose tattoo on his butt, but it's so small I failed like, three times in a row, so I quit. I may try again when the weather is better.

You can tell he's Alex, cause


"Bitch, stay away from my coffees."

There's the look.

SO yeah. There you go. Over a year in the making. What's funny is that in Texas the friend I was sharing a room with was flipping though my notebook and found the second set of doodles staring Conie as Alexcorn. She was like "you really were planning this forever!"

Well, yeah. Even my impulse purchases aren't really impulse. lol
And really I feel as though I should get some sort of award for this being the first, and only AU version of Alex I've ever made. I could have a million of them.

And look, here's Ebils! Just cause he cutes and I am selling his like-sized companions so now he needs new ones.


He ditched his wig and is now sporting a cool hat.

Oh, he found a friend already! Sorta.
lol I just thought they were funny sitting on my desk^^''


I doubt they'll hang out much. Alexcorn needs smaller, or lower-domed eyes. He kinda starey.

Hopefully I'll get some pictures of everyone else I worked on over the weekend later on this week. And they won't need a book to go along with them. Well, maybe Marcus. That one photo refuses to center. :P


  1. Ooh those eyebrows on Soshi/Des are so cool! I don't know that I"ve ever seen two-toned eyebrows before but they look great and exciting! :D Also I would never have known those were SD hands if you hadn't said so. They seem so in scale with the rest of him!

    I was kind of wondering what the story behind Alexcorn was so thank you for sharing! I can definitely see why that might have set you off! I wasn't doing much on DA around the time that was happening but it sounds like it would get frustrating. The closest experience I can think of is when Pirates of the Caribbean first came out and everyone i knew was posting fanart of that and suddenly getting so many views and comments because of it while people who continued doing their own thing were ignored.

    Alexcorn looks great though! And so angry! I would not have thought that guy could pull off looking so moody but he does it well! (And now that you mention it, I am really surprised there aren't more AU Alexes in your collection! But I guess that could get very out of hand very quickly! XD)

    1. Thanks! lol I kept thinking the two-tone eyebrows had been done before (by me) but then I remembered it was on Wyn....and no one ever saw that faceup. And now it's gone. With no pictures. Ever....But I also think those hands are in scale with him. And they're so much better than the chubby little DZ hands I could cry lol

      That's exactly it. I never do fan art, it just doesn't inspire me anymore, and I feel like that's the only thing anyone ever cares about sometimes. But even still, I appreciate most of it. The MLP stuff was just getting out of hand IMO. I couldn't stand to see one more stupid pony lol

      Thanks! lol for real, I wasn't really thinking Conie at first becuase it's so cute (and so pink), but once I saw some front views, and how even in it's default blushing, it could totally pull off Alex's death glare, I was sold.

      I am (believe it or not) not a fan of AUs. I am very much a "how the creator intended" person. Even most fanfic makes me cringe a little (totally my opinion and on one should care about that but me). So I have a very hard time putting Alex in any situation where he's not himself (or any of my characters for that matter). I can totally do "crossovers", but I think AU's are generally beyond my taste. I wouldn't even try to add him into my other doll's universes, it would just be wrong. And it's a good thing, considering I've made so many Alexes that are just his own self lol If I started really branching out I'd be so doomed.

    2. I'm kind of the same way on the fanart front these days. I really tried to get back into it for a while but I just wasn't finding it as emotionally involving. I kind of have to feel like there's at least something about a character that is 'mine' in order for me to really connect with them enough for that anymore. I'm glad I missed out on the MLP thing. XD I don't really see much of it but then maybe I'm hanging out in the wrong (right?) circles!

      It's funny how differently you can view something just because you see it from a different angle.!

      Well that does help explain the lack of AU Alexes then! I was very anti AU for a long time, but a friend of mine is really big into them and kind of brought me around a little bit. I'm still extremely picky (and generally if I get really into an AU it means I probably felt the source material was lacking somehow). Anyway it probably works out for the best this way for you!

    3. EXACTLY!! That's so why I just can't do the fanart thing anymore. I might try again, I'm kind of in to the X-Men thing again right now....but just not as much as my own stuff. And really I haven't drawn anything in forever so anything would be great right now.

      Right? The last thing I need are 11 thousand more Alexes running around being cray. And costing me money and space. AUs are dangerous things....
      I may never really get into them myself but they probably do good for just about everyone else. I'm sure a lot of actual OCs started out as AU fan characters.....

  2. Oh I love Soshi/Des' new face. It looks stunning on him and those eyebrows are fantastic. I adore his styling too with those particular eyes, really enhances that mischief atmosphere about him. And boy, sounds like you did a lot on the weekend! I never seem to motivate myself to get anything done with my dolls lately. It's frustrating as I have ideas to do but just can never seem to get going on them.

    1. Thank you!
      Yeah it was a productive couple of days. Which won't happen again. It's supposed to be rainy and hotter than hell all weekend again. Yay.

      I hear you on that...I go through totally unproductive phases all the time, and it's awful because I either feel like I should be doing something with them or I really want too and can't bring myself to bother. Or I honestly don't have time or whatever. I really try not to stress over it, but I do anyway. Especially right now with art. I haven't done anything in ages and I just can't seem too. Maybe that's what I'll try and do this weekend......*le sigh*

      I'm trying to think of motivating things to say and failing. Either it's too early or I'm also unmotivated. Hopefully you'll be able to get back into it! Sometimes all it takes is one small idea and a tiny baby step....<3

  3. Shiwoozles! He looks brilliant and I love those little red freckles *squees pathetically* (I'm just catching up on blog posts, be prepared for an influx of comments! *snort*)

    I can't get over how cute Alexcorn is though... Conie really can pull some amazingly bitchy expressions hah! I particularly love that first shot! <3 I can share you feelings on the Pony front, it's only really the last few months that I'd say I've seen a decrease in the amount of ponies on the front page too.

  4. Thank you!!! I Love him <3

    Omg for real. I have noticed the decline myself (happily) but I find it funny that I finally get the doll in working condition....and now there's no more pony for him to rage against XD
    But thanks, he's pretty bitchy lol just what I wanted!