Sunday, April 1, 2012

30 Days of BJD 12

12) What do your friends think of your doll/dolls in general? Have you met any friends through owning your dolls?

I have a lot of doll-friends, met through the dolls, so they like them! I hope lol
That was one thing I really love about the dolls, the friends I met because of them. It amazes me that I've gone so long not really knowing people I share interests with, and finally, because I bought a uber-expensvie toy, I have that opportunity! <3

As for my non-doll friends, they just chalk it up to one more thing I do...I am also the only person most of them know who not only read comics but write and draw them as the doll thing isn't all that weird to them. As weird as it could be anyway. Not too many of them actually like the dolls, but that's not something I worry about.

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