Friday, April 6, 2012

Lucifer's new face

So I did it. I had four other heads to do (not mine) and I tossed him in on the pile...His default took forever to get off >.<

Lucifer is a B&G Ymir, my second doll and first real impulse buy. I got him a month after Alex and I only bought him because I really wanted a B&G Sapphira, but didn't have elf characters (I ended up with Sapphira anyway several months later XD).

When he came to me he looked like this

cutie loo
D: scary bad photography, no style, a wig I grew to hate that actually stained him and his pretty default faceup I kept for almost four years. He got a new wig eventually smLUCIFER1
And when I finally couldn't stand him on his body anymore (this time last year) an old yellowed DZ single jointed body (to match his old yellowed head XD), and this fancy new wig smLUCIFERbday3

As you may have guessed by the name, Lucifer's character is an angel, fallen on god's request to stay in hell and make sure it didn't get too out of hand. He did good for thousands of years, but was eventually overthrown by demons and other fallen angels, and imprisoned in hell, where he's been for 10,000 years (at least). In Forgotten Children, I will probably be dead of old age before I finally make it to the point where he even shows up. But he was my second doll! :D

I wanted to go with something darker and more indicative of someone who's been imprisoned in hell for centuries...this is what I got. smLucifers new face2 I also took the ribbons out of his wig and cut it so it's not so insanely long... smLucifers new face3
Here it is with no wig
 smLucifers new face1
His eyes are new too, got them the day after I did his faceup. They're glass (his old ones are glib acrylics) and have a larger pupil than his old ones, so he's kinda lost a little of his psychotic look. Just a little. I keep them positioned in the middle like that so he looks crazy...XD

The symbol on his head is his Angelic other angels will all have them eventually (only James/Hanael has one now), but I wanted him a little...scarier? So it's on his forehead. It's not satanic. It's...made up. The only symbols for Lucifer I could find are satanic, which is bullshit because he was a freaking angel before he became associated with satan. :\ So I found out that Lucifer is associated with the phoenix, and thinking that he's the Light Giver...I came up with this.

I was going for sickly but I think I got demon possessed. Or possibly about-to-become-a-zombie.

Either way, I think I like it. His new eyes match his hair better (the matchy matchy thing is indicative of most of my Fire-Angels...and accident at first but I go with it now), he's got black eyebrows (another thing with me, blonds with black eyebrows >.<) and he goes with my dolls better now. AND somehow still looks like himself! :D

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  1. he looks great!!! I like dark eyebrows for blondes too!! and I love love love the symbol you made for lucifer it is so nice and it fits so well