Monday, April 23, 2012

Kimi is such a pain

Bleh. Why are some characters so damn hard to doll?? Kimi was difficult from day one, and even though I thought I was good with her current version, I'm really not. It took me a while to admit it, becasue I really like Zaolls and I really really like Ramie....but even though she's gorgeous, and a realistic representation of how the character would look's not right.

The Kimi in my head will always be a tad more stylized than everyone else, and even more important, she's expressive. Ramie along with the rest of the Zaolls, is gorgeous, but not the most expressive doll out there. I thought it was her faceup that was bugging me, but I don't think a new faceup will do much to help, sooo yesterday I bought her a new head.

Dollmore Miso was actually a doll/head I was considering before I saw Ramie, I thought I'd get her along with a Luv or Muse, slap the head on the smaller body and either sell the Zaoll head, or keep it in case I wanted a Zaoll (which I did). Then I saw some owner pics of Ramie and decided just to go with that...and she's so pretty >.<


 I love the doll, which is why she's lasted a year, but there's something not right about her...She should really be more versatile, and for me, she's just not.

So I'm giving Miso a try. I'm going to put it on the Zaoll body, because she's supposed to be short (which has killed my options XP), I think it'll work as I already have an Eve/Zaoll hybrid. On the off chance I end up hating it, I'm giving the Ramie a new faceup anyway, and then putting her in the head-box. I do not want to sell it...I learned the hard way with Uriel. Selling heads I still like: bad.

Miso will be Kimi's fourth doll. I really hope it's the last!! THe first was a Dollzone Shoyo, a doll I liked (and owed again later only to sell. No more Shoyo's.) but just didn't look right. I tried again with a Minifee Ryeon/AOD hybrid. She worked great until I realized hated her small size next to my SDs. That was the end of me trying to make an MSD work as an adult next to my SDs. Never again. The scale is just way too off.

Ramie was next, after a long search for 50cm girls and me giving up and going with Dollmore (which is what I always do) and since she's so Asian looking she's really perfect, if it wasn't for my inability to see my character as anything other than totally stylized XD Which I can do just fine with the rest of them!! Just not her.

Dollmore's older heads are a good mix of stylized and realistic that most of my dolls are, so here's hoping this really is the last Kimi I have to buy. At least she's going on this body...I don't have to redo her damn tattoo, or get her new clothes. Everything she owns was made for her!!


  1. I like Miso and I like the miso doll too LOL I love your Zaoll but I agree they are beautiful sculpts but there is something a little static about them. I hope this Miso head works out I can not wait to see how it comes together it is such a cute sculpt

    1. ech I hope she works too. I'm tired of not liking her! And I really want to photograph her as a character but the doll just doesn't inspire me at all. At least Miso is smiling! That's all I want right now XD

  2. Ah, I hate when I love a doll but they aren't working for the character I have in mind! I am sorry that you have run into this.

    Hopefully the Miso head will work for you! And yay for not having to remake clothes and redo the tattoo!

    1. Yay is right! she's got some fabulous stuff, it would be a shame to have her lose it all. But the Miso head is home waiting for me right now! (I'm dying, I hate it when they're there and I just can't get to them lol) I hope she works too. I'm very hopeful, which I wasn't when I got the Ramie..I was mostly afraid I wouldn't like her. The Miso is smiling, so that's a step in the right direction.