Thursday, April 12, 2012

30 Days of BJDs 26 and 27

26) Have you ever painted a dolls faceup?
LOL of the dolls/heads I own right now, 42 of them have my faceups. Most of them are not on their first faceup by me. I've painted most of the dolls I've sold, and most of my Roommates dolls. I've also done some dolls for friends. So, yes! :D's doing the weird gappy thing again...
because that was short....

27) Out of the dolls you own, who is your favourite?
Totally thought I'd done this already...but oh well.
I know this will be a huge shock to everyone but

  smALEX3 I know. SHOCK!!! This is why he gets all the clothes and everyone makes do with his cast-offs.

Followed very closely by (almost tied with) smBBalex2
 smALEXIIIwig 2

Followed by smmini garden1 Then all the other Alex's and then probably David. No piccies of him though...I need to get his updated look set, then photos.
Then maybe Wyn(s) then everyone else. I really love my current group. I hope that doesn't change...I'd hate to part with any of them! But I'm a character hoor. I love my boys (and girls) according to how much I love and how well they fit their character, and Alex is hands down win <3

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