Wednesday, April 11, 2012

30 Days of BJDs 23, 24 and 25

23) Is there a part of the BJD hobby that you dislike?
24) What about your favorite part of the hobby?
I don't have the strength to elaborate on this one, but in both cases? The people/community. It's both my favorite thing about BJDs and the part that makes me want to scream an throw things at my monitor.

and because I didn't want to answer those:

25) Have you ever modded a doll or had a doll modded by someone else?
Yes! I've modded lots of dolls! Some got minimal mods, some a little more drastic....I've done permanent and non-permanent mods.
I've also bought four modded dolls...sorta

Aishe (CP Delf Sleeping Vampire Breakaway - head only):
Modded to have scars over his closed eyes. I'm 99% sure it's removable...but I'll never do it!

Whoa. Where did this gap come from?? I don't remember it being here yesterday?! D:

HopScotch (Soom Tan Human Afi - Head only): modded his eyes open more. I normally prefer not to buy permanently modded dolls, but this was done well and it made him so cute X3
Plus the head was really cheap! :D

James/Hanael (CP Delf Elf Chiwoo): oh was he a disaster...I didn't really buy him. It was a trade for an outfit I had for sale at a meet. I'd had the outfit up for awhile so I didn't feel like I really lost anything. In my head, he was free XD
He was broken, modded to have his twisty head back magnet on, and his neck hole modded to fit on any body with an shook (it's a mess in his poor head but you can't see from the outside and it actually works really well so I don't care). He had been sanded on his cheeks, forehead and nose at least, there were sandpaper scratches all over him that I had to get rid of. His nose is a totally different shape (I bet he had faceplanted) and he had pierced ears. And something is wrong with his looked flattened on one side, like a miss with sandpaper had happened. I would have tried harder to fix that, but I didn't have anything to do it with...I do now though, so if I ever redo his faceup (barring damage, probably not gonna happen) I'll work on it.

Corpse (Unoa Sist sleeping FP): Corpse had issues. This FP was given to a friend of mine as payment for a had a crazy faceup on it which we both knew I wouldn't want, so she went to wipe it for me...and found the poor thing horribly stained. HORRIBLY. I didn't think dolls could be that stained. It was awful...whoever did the faceup must not have sealed it at all before applying said faceup...and we found it was actually WS blushed to be NS XD
She sanded all over the FP to get the stain off, so I consider it modded. You can't tell at all, she did a great job! Corpse looks odd now though being WS on a NS body (hence the name XD)


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Throws confetti*

    Poor little Hanael but he looks so much better you did a great job on him he has so much personality! And I have said it before but I am in love with Aishe srsly!

    Also fellow dollie owners ARE the best and worst of the this hobby I agree completely,

    1. :D Thank you!! *Rolls in confetti*

      Thank you, I think he looks pretty good too, and his little smiling face makes me smile every time I look at him!

      Oh poor Aishe. I feel like I'm really neglecting him lately. I need to finish his body so I can consider him done. And get him some new clothes...he's been wearing the same thing for more than a year >.< He's kind of hard to shop for though...I kind of just find things and wrap them on him XD

      Holy crap aren't they?? Some of the people I met through dolls are literally my best friends in the world, and I love so many of them...and then the rest somehow manage to taint the hobby into some horrible, vengeful mess. D:
      Luckily the good ones outnumber the far. At least I pretend they do. It's saner that way XD

  2. It sounds like someone was trying to do a Chiwoosoo mod on Hanael, and didn't do it so well! He looks great now, so you did a good job cleaning him up. :)
    Avel, my Woosoo was a bit of a mess when I got him too. I knew his eye mods needed fixing when I bought him (they'd cut out the tear ducts, whut?), but when I cleaned off his faceup I found they'd sanded his cheeks and some of his lips (sanding of beautiful CP lips makes me sad! XD), and opened up his neck hole. x.x

    1. Oh Poor Avel...That sounds heartbreaking! Not his little tear ducts!! That's my favorite part on dolls! It's what keeps me from getting dolls with eye mods because for some reason they tend to not have any...Same with the lips. I am sure mine was an accident, at least it had better been, I can't imagine wanting to change their lip shape. And I really don't get opening the neck hole at all. It's already too big for most bodies! O.o
      At least he looks great now, you'd never know!