Tuesday, April 10, 2012

30 Days of BJDs 21 and 22

21) A doll sculpt you love, but will probably never purchase?

Did this earlier, but here it is again

Volks Michele - Not sure why exactly I love this doll so much =_= I'll never get one, head is too big, features too big, looks like an overgrown child next to my pinheaded adults. I still want him...if I won the lottery...XD

Soom Heliot (LE fullset) - Don't want him enough to pay insane markup but srsly regret not getting one when I could

Volks School C and A - Same as Michele, head and features too big for my crew

Delf Woosoo - Don't need him enough to pay insane markup but LOVE. He's a big maybe. If I could come up with a character...but now that I have an Elf Chiwoo I am not sure I could ever own Woosoo.

Sleeping Elf Shiwoo - If I had a chance to grab this one I probably would, but I'm not going out of my way...no character and no reason to own him :\

Luts Delf Breakaway 05 (open mouth and fangs if they have them) - I would love to get this guy as an extra head for my Breakaway 08 but, I love my BA as is and I know the extra head would just sit in a box...so, like some of the other ones, why bother XD

Another Secret Mr. Wolf - Would be the same character as the Heliot would be so I'd need to get him hooves of some sort, but I only want WS and have yet to see one second hand

Dollzone flower fairy tinies - never find the really small ones, haven't grabbed the slightly larger one second hand...yet. REALLY WANT though. If you know anyone selling them let me know! XD

Dollzone Raphael - no character.

Dollmore Dollpire - 3 Eyes : Victor Lou - Creepiest most fantastic doll ever and I have no character or reason to get him and he's too big to randomly buy D: Even though his price is fabulous and he's still available >.<

Mature minis I have no room/character or use for but still love: Narae, Narin, Unoa Lusis and L-Bi, MNF girl
I actually plan on owning the Unoa FPs. I have a hybrid, and I want the FPs for expression/character changes...

22) What's your favorite doll scale prop?
Cigarettes and Coffee cups. Sadly I still don't own a really good 1/3 scale to-go coffee cup for Alex. I bought the Crobi ones when they came out but they must be in scale for 70cm dolls, because they're huge. Coffee cups are tall, not wide like drinks from the freaking gas station. So they look ridiculous. It depresses me to no end because Alex is drawn 90-95% of the time with coffee and cigs. No wonder the doll looks pissed all the time :\

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