Thursday, April 5, 2012

30 Days of BJD 15 + 16

15) What do your family think of your dolls?
LOL my Dad and his wife think it's just one more weird thing I'm into (though my Dad loves that it's got me into photography more, and Pam likes antique dolls so she does enjoy a doll discussion sometimes)...but my mom....
She started out hating them. She hated that I spent so much money on them, that they all looked like girls (to her), especially hated Alex with his scars and tattoos, and his hair. Pretty much everything about them. Then she saw Baby Alex. It was a bizarre 180° turn. Suddenly she didn't hate them anymore...she LOVED bb Alex and wanted to see him all the time, get him clothes and other toys and stuff...she was interested in all the dolls all of a sudden and kept hinting that she wanted some kind of hobby but didn't know what...

So for her birthday/Xmas gift one year I bought her a YO sized girl from B&G. Two more dolls later she's totally into them XD

16) Can any of your dolls stand on their heads?
I'm sure they could, but it's not something I ever cared I've never bothered to try....

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