Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Wig Attempt 1 - Failed

Well, I filtered through the few piccies I took of the making of Alex's wig. I'm still depressed as hell for losing some of them, but, whatever. Here's what I do have! Please ignore the background. I have no excuse...it's just a mess.

I actually started one wig before I made the one that worked out. This would be the fail.

I had bought two human wigs off ebay with the plan of taking them apart and using the wefts to make the doll sized one. It seemed like a good idea, but since I don't cosplay I'm not familiar with wigs.

First, the model: Alex 2.5 on IIs body. I used him because his faceup will be wiped soon as I plan to attempt to mod his mouth open, so I didn't really care if his faceup got messed up. Which it did. He had 4 piercings....now he has none XD

All adult Alexes are Dollmore Kara Klums. They have tiny heads that can fit a 7/8 but they look much better in an 8/9. Alex 2.5 is a Thinking head I bought off the MP. He will hopefully get his own body someday....The actual wig is intended for Alex III who is the LE WS OE version. Oh yeah.

wig progress 1 wig progress 2
 He's not so thrilled.

The wig! It looked really nice...til I started taking it apart..

wig progress 4

The wefts
 wig progress 5 wig progress 3

They're very thin. Thinner than I was expecting...

To make the wig, I kind of used this tutorial on DOA
 But only kind of because I didn't really have the style or materials they were using. I didn't make my own wefts. I actually tried, and failed...plus I don't really have the patience to do that >.<

here we go...
wig progress 6

wig progress 7

Right away things were bad. First, the cap is way too big for him, so being stupid, I tried to make it smaller and fit better while I sewed on the wefts. DO NOT DO THIS. It just kept getting smaller and smaller....and finally it was so bad it didn't fit at all.

wig progress 8

That was the last pic I took, though I got much further. I probably got the green halfway up, then started the purple (another mistake). The purple was where everything went bad. First, most of the purple wig was unusable. It had these short little pieces that stuck up everywhere and they were on most of the longer wefts, which is what I needed. The top was all rooted hair, so I couldn't use that either. PLUS I should have waited to sew the purple on until after I was done with the green, and I did it terribly. The wig didn't even fit him. It was deformed and bad. I ended up getting really upset over it, taking most of it apart and attempting to start over before realizing it was pointless because I couldn't get enough of usable material off the wigs to finish it anyway.

So, first wig: BIG FAIL.

Shall be continued with a non-fail wig....


  1. Sorry to hear about the frustration there.! I remember I tried to make a wig out of another wig meant for humans at one point. It worked well when I was a beginner, but once I got a real wig I realized mine was an overly puffy mess of strangely positioned fibers.

    Anyway, I look forward to seeing the non-fail wig process pictures! I love seeing progress photos on projects!

    1. X3 thanks! At least you got it made! I'm impressed you did it before seeing a real one...I had to keep looking at other wigs XD