Tuesday, April 3, 2012

30 Days of BJDs 14

14) Have you ever had a floating head or a headless body?

Oh yes. I had my first floating head months after I officially joined the hobby, and I've had them ever since! Right now I think I have one official floating head, a bunch of extra heads and two heads I will be using just for modding purposes...though I would like to get both of them bodies if I don't wreck them with mods >.< I am hoping to grab another head this weekend, but we'll see.

I've also owned floating bodies. The first was Wyn's original body (B&G type 2 boy WS) that Uriel took over....Uriel had three heads on that thing before I had to make him NS (no one would sell me a WS Miho >:( ), leaving me with a floating body. I put it up for sale, but I didn't really want to sell it. Oddly enough it's a great poser, and looks fantastic with certain heads. It also had Delf hands and I didn't really want to lose those either. I finally ended up with an Elf Chiwoo head that became James.

My second floating body was the body that David came with, a Volks SD13 long leg body...Not a fan of how that thing poses. It was so stiff and David needed to be more...graceful. He looked so bad next to Alex, who's an extremely graceful poser. Practically since owning David I wanted a Dollstown body for him, but it was so freaking expensive I never got one. He had two other bodies before ending up back on the SD13 one for a second time....during that time the SD13 housed a B&G head until I decided it didn't suit the character and sold it...I tried selling the Volks body twice but no one wanted it, and I couldn't bare to sell it for 250 since I paid way more than that and if I had it, David would at least have a body. Then I finally broke down and bought the DT one, leaving me with an unsellable body that would be worth more to me as a new doll than it would if I took the super low price that the market was setting for SD13s (seriously, there were so many up for sale and some were so cheap! I would have never sold mine). It sat around for a week while I waited for a head and then one popped up in a coincidental trade/purchase (AiL Elijah). And now I have Pilot! :D

Oh, I also have a floating Dollmore Kid boy to girl mod body...right now it's a sleeping Unoa Sist, but I plan on getting other heads/FPs for it too.

I find Floating Bodies don't stay floating too long. It's much easier to get a head for a body than it is a body for a head XD

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