Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Bizarre Spectrum

I snapped a few pics for a request on DOA and thought it interesting...So I wanted to share.

The request was Zaoll Luv vs CP dolls, but I only have Ramie...Luckily it was enough XD
Kimiko (Zaoll Ramie)
Aisheka (CP Sleeping Vampire Breakaway 08)
James/Hanael (CP Delf Elf Chiwoo kinda modded)

kimi aishe Aishe and Kimi

  kimi james James and Kimi

  all3 Everyone! Yay!!

Kimi is probably my most realistic doll...Her faceup is not my fav, I need to redo it. Possibly goth it up, or at least make it better. Aishe and James are not my most stylized (that would be Wyn btw) but they're damn close. Zaolls are known for their tiny heads. I mean TINY. She barely fits a 7/8...most of them are large on her.

But really, I don't think it's awful. Which is funny, because the reason I sold my Delf El is I bought Kimi. Ryuji (who was formerly an El and is now a Little Monica Kliff) and Kimi are two characters who would actually interact, and I couldn't see the new, realistic Kimi with the old giant-headed, tiny-faced Ryuji. Truthfully, El doesn't do it for me. He never did, but at the time, the mold (dreaming version at least) was the best Ryuji. When I found LM, I saw Dysuke and said, "hey, if Ryuji was real, that's what he'd look like!"


Yeah. ALL my dolls are supposed to be "if they were real" for my characters. That was the beginning, Kimi was the straw. So I kicked out the El, and went to buy Dysuke...but Kliff had just come out...and I changed my mind when I when I went to hit check out.

Yet, here I am, thinking they don't look that bad together XD
I guess it's all in perspective. I would NEVER get rid of Aishe and I adore the hell out of James. I didn't feel that way about my El. Especially when I stopped calling him Ry and started calling him "my El".

Yeah. Anyway, James is a spoiled cutie....I bought him a boyfriend, and now he gets a cool (pricey) coat.

smjames coat

Oh I loves him. I actually bought that coat for Pilot, but there's no way it would fit him >.< So James swiped it. No harm in taking your boyfriends castoffs :D


  1. Love love love that coat! and WOW is the Zaoll head tiny! I never noticed until i saw them side by side she has a teeny head!

    1. Seriously her head is small. Only I have a lot of small heads in my group so it's the large heads that look weird Xo
      Luckily I only have a handful of those!