Monday, April 9, 2012

30 Days of BJD 18, 19, 20

18) Do you have a favorite company?
Dollmore, both because my favorite dolls are from there, and because they have always treated me fabulously! I also like Iplehouse, Peakswoods and Luts for similar reasons. I figure if a company can make mistakes, and go out of their way to fix those mistakes and make things better, they're pretty much win.

I don't really have a company that makes dolls where I OMG NEED!! every one they put out, so I tend to go by how they treat their customers. Which is why...  

19) A least favorite company?
Leekeworld and Fairyland. Every time I buy directly from them they SUCK. They have no problems handing out inferior products and stating that that's what their standards are. I do like their dolls, more or less though, so I try to buy through dealers or second hand from these places now (though with recent recast problems that may be changing....), longer wait be damned. I can wait. I did with

Dollshe is up there too atm. 14 months of lies gets too you after awhile...and my Saint has a screwed up knee. Yeah. Not buying from them again.  

20) What is your dream doll, do you already own them?
I did and I do.
Alex III was my dream doll, and I guess he still is since I never had another one after him. I wanted a WS Kara Klum since before I ordered my NS one (who was my first doll) but since Dollmore only puts out WS dolls in LE fullsets, there was no option. A year later they released two different versions (thinking and OE) calling them the Cold Heartbroken series....and I was able to get my dream doll! A year after that I bought the other one, so technically I have two XD

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