Saturday, March 24, 2012

30 Days of BJD 2, 3, and 4

Do you own any, If so how many? Do you have any plans for any-more?
I do :)
45. This does not count the three I have on order or my Zuzu Delf kitties (one of whom has a new body on the way so he can join the official ranks). I'm also not counting Bob, or any of my floating/extra heads.
There is always room for more!!!!

3) Post a picture of all your dolls together!
Uuuuhhhhhh.....remember where I said I had 45? Group picture? So not happening.

4) What/who was the first BJD you owned, do you still own them?
Alex! Of course I still have him! He sorta owns me....


I fell a little behind on this already but I have a good excuse! I finally started making the green/purple fiber wig of death that I've been attempting in one form or another for going on four years. In case you don't know me on DA, this be Alex. Uh, his "natural" color is white blond...this is a dye job XD but when I first created him, his hair looked like this!
smalex HOLIDAY2011

Normally he wears more clothes.
But this hair... Just try getting it for an SD sized BJD. I modded one wig

oh this poor thing...

 and then made this one
  smALEX IIInew wig3
but since they both suck I've been trying really hard to find another way to make it. My fall back plan was buy one green and one purple wig and cut them apart and sew them back together....but I can't even find a wig in green. So I made one from scratch. It's actually pretty good considering I've never made a wig before. Not a fiber wig anyway. It looks really nice now but I haven't cut it yet (I'm terrified)....I wanted to wait til tomorrow and take some piccies of him wearing it in day light before I wreck it by cutting it into that "style" he has. I took a bunch of pics of the progress for another post...some of them are so bad >.<

I hope it turns out. Alex III is tired of wearing a hat and sitting in the dark away from anyone who might see him in his crappy wigs :(


  1. Random unsolicited comment. My apologies. I've always loved your Alex and stumbled across this blog from your signature and noticed you said you couldn't find a wig in green. On the off chance your self made one doesn't work out my roommate linked me to this and they do custom colors and some of them are greens.

    Anyway, not sure how helpful that is and I'm sorry for the randomness of this.

    Alex is lovely in all of these pictures and I was always super impressed with your custom green/purple wig for him!

    1. Thank you! :D
      And thanks for the link...I have actually ordered from them before so I am familiar with them...they messed the order up so bad it was a total disaster D: and I had to pay for it anyway... so I really don't want to do it again.
      BUT if the wig I'm working on now doesn't work out, I'll end up buying both purple and green from them anyway (desperate Alex-owner is desperate) because they have the right colors, though I'm really hoping I don't have too. The next pre-order isn't until April, and by then after waiting the four month waiting period I'll hit the deadline I'm attempting to have him finished by, which is BJDC in August. Cause I gots to have him there! XD

    2. Oh dear that is very unfortunate it didn't work out well! I honestly had no idea how reliable they were or anything. Last time I ordered a custom color wig was back when Kstarr was still around.

      Hopefully the wig you are working on will turn out! Good luck!!

    3. oh Kstarr...I showed up right after she/they went away...I had hope for the longest time they'd show back up and I could get a wig, but it never happened. All the ones I've seen look so nice!
      Happy Camille is kind of disappointing because the wigs are actually gorgeous...if they could only get the whole custom thing down, they'd probably be unstoppable.

      Thank you <3