Friday, March 2, 2012

Dreaded Wig

Monique got me Alex's new wig asap cause they rock, unfortunately it looks way nicer than his current one XD
So the current/old wig is now the dread wig. I started making a fur wig for my Pukifee last night, but got distracted by this.

alex dreads1

Still a WIP by far, but I LOVE how it's turning out! the yarn is exactly the same color as his wig, so it really works. He has one green, one purple (lol) and one dark red one in there, which minus blue, are his colors. Some of them need tweaking, some glue to make them less puffy and some trimming, I want to add more beads (there's one in there I slid on as a test), a little styling so it's not totally a mess (though with Alex I'm sure it would be a mess were he real :\) and possibly some other stuff...but it's going better than I expected! The only thing I'm not thrilled about is the front, which is the actual construction of the wig itself, and one of the reasons he wears hats all the time :\
I wonder if I can get some yarn in there to hide the stupid wig cap...It might be worth trying.

EDIT: for quick pick of the front...which is so thin you can see the cap. My biggest pet wig peeve.
alex dreads3
I think maybe he hates going to work with me^^;

And because I'm so happy to have finally found him jeans that fit with no alterations at all for the first and only time in the four years I've owned him (and because this is my favorite shirt of his)

alex clothes LOLshirt
god, look at that's perfect! I don't own any other pair of pants that fit him this well *sob*
Damn skinny dolls. Not fitting into any clothes... >:|

Wheee! My desk isn't even that messy today! :D


  1. oh my god, that shirt!
    also, you're giving me many ideas for a wig that I need for the second minifee girl that I'm planning eventually. she's character that I've had for several years and in my head she's always had dreads, but I was never really sure how I wanted to do them.
    I wasn't planning on sewing dreads into a fiber wig 'cause she was really supposed to have a whole head of them without any loose hair, but I do really love the look of this one so far.

    1. Thank you!
      It's funny, that's the opposite of me... I've always wanted a doll with dreads, but don't have any characters with them. But I had it in my head it needed to be a whole wig of dreads, never once thinking I could just have a few! XD I know people with just a few dreads in their hair...I have no idea why it took me so long to figure this out.

    2. Izzy wasn't really originally supposed to have dreads, she started off as a pixel doll made by a friend of mine; and the way that she drew her hair just looked like really long dreads to me even though I'm pretty sure it's supposed to just be really long like ringlet curls. but since they looked like dreads to me that's just how I started picturing her, and so now that I want to have a doll of her she definitely has to have dreads; and I mean they would suit her character more than super girly ringlets anyway xD
      but yeah, I'd always imagined her with a full head of dreads, but I think that just adding them into a fiber wig could look really cool. and I mean if I do decide that I want it to all be dreads I could always dread the fiber bits later on. I've seen people turn fiber wigs into dread wigs instead of just sewing premade dreads onto a wig cap.

    3. bleh, I've commented three times, and it won't let me!! Hopefully this one works...

      I've seen some fiber wigs dreaded, I have no idea how they do that, I can barely manage the yarn! XD

      I think adding fiber after is a good idea, you can use any color you want then!

  2. wow I LOVE that wig!!!!! and he looks hawt in those jeans!

    1. XD He do! Lol thanks...the wig is better now, I should update the photos...