Tuesday, March 13, 2012


This is the first time since I was a total noob in this hobby that I am completely stumped by a doll. I have no idea how to unstring my Saint. None. I can't get his headback off, his hands and feet are strung on with no S hooks...I am completely at a loss.

The worst part is he's got to be unstrung! He's covered in resin dust and is so smelly and gross D:
I've got to wash him before I can do anything else with him...and can't because I can't unstring him.

*giant sigh* I searched DOA and found nothing so I asked (the DS crowd will no doubt love that I asked), I'm hoping one of them has figured it out.

UURGH! I've never owned a doll I can't unstring *sniff*


  1. okay so I think I figured out how to get the head off.
    I dug around on flickr for pictures and from what I found, when you take the little dome-y bit off there's two prong looking things that the string sits in between.
    you stick a ribbon/string/wire/stringing tool through the holes in the little prong thingies, pull up, and twist.
    now I'm not sure exactly where to go from there 'cause that's as far as the pictures I found went, but I'd imagine that once you get the headback off you'd just pull the neck mech thingy up again, but farther this time, and then clamp the string so that you can take the mech off and then let the strings down into the body.

    1. ooh! That's a huge help!! Thank you! <333
      I am going to try that tonight as soon as I get home. I am hoping I can eliminate the stupid neck mech all together. It's really an inconvenient system...Tough to work and gets in the way of the flattest eyes =_=

      Call me old-fashioned...I like my s hooks. They're so easy to deal with!

      One of the other DS owners is going to attempt a disassemblage as well, so hopefully with this infos and the two of use poking around the dolls we'll figure it out XD

  2. Eek! Good luck babe I have nothing useful to say but this sucks

  3. I'd imagine that if you can get the neck mech out of the way to take him apart that you can put him back together with a neck donut and an s-hook, or just an s-hook maybe if you got one just the right size 'cause it looks like there are sort of grooves there in the metal part of the headback from what I can see in the pictures I found, so you should be able to get an s-hook to sit there as long as it's big enough to not fall through but not too big that it doesn't sit in the grooves.

    1. Yeah that's roughly what I was hoping. I'll probably try a donut no matter what just cause I have about 50 laying around from various Delf hybrids I no longer own XDD
      I don't know if it will fit in there, there's really not a lot of room D:
      I've done it with MNFs however so I have hope.

      I hope it fits because I was looking at the grooves last night and I am not sure I can get an s hook to stay in them...but then I won't know unless I try!! Like you said, it might just be a matter of getting an s hook the exact right size.

    2. yeah, I'm thinking that the size of the s-hook is going to be the most important part in getting it to potentially stay without a donut.
      you could also maybe try putting a little hot glue down in the grooves to add friction so the s-hook wouldn't be so prone to sliding, or even take a metal file and add some tiny grooves for the s-hook to fit snugly into rather than just leaving it as is with only the big ones that are there for the neck mech to sit in.

    3. I do like hot glue :D
      I'm actually getting excited to mess with him now...Too bad I have to be stuck at work all day :(

    4. xD hot glue is totally my go to solution for so many things doll/craft related.
      I hope you can get him all sorted out, I'm sure it'll be much more fun having him around if you can actually play with him without being suffocated by resin fumes >.<

    5. Well, I got him unstrung! :D Your help was invaluable, thank you X3
      he's soaking right now. I'm not even sure I need to bother with using an s hook or donut (the donut worked like a charm, I tried it out before taking him apart) because now that i know, the neck mech isn't horrible. BUT he's strung like death. And none of my shooks fit in his stupid hands and feet D: so I don't think I can fix that.

      At least he's clean! Lol one step at a time!

    6. aww I'm glad I could help ^_^
      my friends joke that I'm the finder of all things xD so I'm always trying to help people dig around for answers whenever I can.
      the neck mech doesn't seem like it'd be that bad, but it would have been really helpful of dollshe to include a manual like what fairyland does for the minifees and stuff 'cause that neck contraption is like nothing I'd ever seen before, so if I'd opened up my doll's head and seen that without knowing anything about it I probably would have been dumbfounded for awhile

    7. A manual would have been nice! Of course now I'm wondering if there was one and I managed to miss it Xo like under the foam coffin?? I'll feel really stupid if there was.

      Haha now I know who to ask when I have other problems!! (though I'm hoping I won't XD)
      Thanks again <3