Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Resin Musings

I am very close to finishing off all of the Original Characters I ever wanted in resin form. In fact, all I have left is Theresa who will be a Supia Rosy, ordered hopefully later this year. I might wait longer on her due to the sudden influx of SD dolls that all arrived at my house within weeks of one another, but I'd still like to have her eventually.

I also want to get a Mini-David to go with Mini-Alex (DC Colin), most likely candidate now is Latidoll Blue Rei. Too bad Ryu is so frowny, I'd LOVE LOVE to have yet another doll named Ryu as David XDD How perfect would that be??

After that, in the far back of my mind are two other characters (Jesse and The Professor) that I might dabble with that would require a lot of thought, work and mods so they may remain far in the back of my mind.

And that's it. As far as characters I already had or made up recently (last 5 years) that I wanted as dolls...I'm done. Whoa.

So of course I am thinking of other doll projects I might want to start >.< CAUSE I NEED MORE?!

Like The Mushroom Pedlar's new one, Willow...such an amazing doll. Depending on how much she'll be going for, I want her. Along with a few other wants, dolls I already own, and are incoming...I am thinking of a new "Universe" to play with. My version of Wonderland - which I've already kind of touched on with Alex and his bunnies.

Two I'd love to get a hold of but probably won't be able too are the Gelfling minimee heads (YAY Dark Crystal! YAY anything Jim Henson related!!) that were out a while back. I feel like they could go perfectly with Willow (who if I got her would remain Willow. How is that not the perfect name!?!)

I also want Dollchateau's Alberta and their conjoined twin body. Though I want different heads for that one.

Yeah. So much. This hobby is insane...It brings out the creative side in my like mad XD
Maybe I should wait for the dolls I own to be finished before getting more??

Feh, whatever. Like that's ever worked!

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