Thursday, March 29, 2012

30 Days of BJD 9

9) What is your favourite size?

uuummmm...? I don't have one? Maybe YOsd sized and small SD sized. Those are the ones that get the most attention in my collection. YOs are so easy to lug around and the small SDs are just...perfect. Not too big, but big enough so you feel like you have a huge doll (y'know, compared to Barbie. :B ). I also like Puki sized and Mini...but they tend to get over looked in my collection. And the big guys are just too big sometimes. And I'm not short either, so it's not a in ratio to me size thing...they just don't stand and pose as well IMO.

And I'm always paranoid that they're going fall over and break due to their own weight....


  1. bwah ha ha ha... I'm reading at work so cant laugh out loud, but I love the "but big enough so you feel like you have a huge doll" bit... I don't have one though, a huge doll.

    1. lol it's sad but true! And that was actually one of the factors in my choosing my first doll too! XD

      I noticed you were looking at tinies...I love YO sized, I didn't think I would when I first started buying dolls, but they're so cute X3 it's hard not to adore them!