Friday, March 9, 2012

Saint again

Here's a (terrible) picture of Israfel! is4

He's wearing what I've been calling my Grail Coat...since I've never had a grail doll but I've wanted that jacket from 4D since the day I joined that thing we call the hobby XD


It's not for him...hence the crappy fit. But he's got it on today nonetheless. He's been so much fun to make fun of he's growing on me. Though his resin smell keeps getting stronger...I figured out why I think...he's covered in resin dust >.< It was all over his clothes (looked like deodorant. My face was like O.o HOW?? Before I realized it was dust XD).

Now to find him new eyes...these are so bad!!


  1. XDD it is a fabulous jacket. I don't think it matters that it doesn't fit perfectly, shows off the chest better that way! :D
    I have the coat version of it, but sadly the lining started to fall apart after a month or so. :( I may have to eventually pull it apart and replace it.

    1. LOL especially with the so-low-he-can't-sit pants! He's so rockstar, wearing clothes that are totally nonfunctional XD

      >.< I hate when pricey stuff falls apart. I'm a Dollheart addict and even though none of the outfits I own have done it yet I live in fear. All those tiny buttons D:

  2. OMG I have always been lusting the dollshe boys they have esp the saint been my dream doll and despite the horrific wai...

    JOO are not helping me not order one and que up for a few years. He is so adorable and sexy and awkward!! plus the price is still so nice...

    1. Ha if you really want one order now!! The wait if you order nowish is way shorter than those of us who ordered eons ago (meaning you might wait 6-8 months instead of 12-14 >.<). PLUS I heard that they are discontinuing all of the current bodies, so either they're quietly going away, or they're re-sculpting a new one which will take forever.

      Or check the many people were fed up by the time they bought theirs, there have been a lot up for sale in the last year.

      I mean really, if he's your dream doll the wait will be worth it anyway! He's not mine XD so I still look at him out of the corner of my eye going "you suck for taking so long damn you" but I'm getting over it. Finding fun clothes for him is helping! :D

  3. hahaha Sounds like he is growing on you! I am so glad. Clothes shopping though from what I have seen flicking through some threads on DoA is a challange might need some tips. I am tossing hard core between a Saint and a Rosen I like them both a lot and part of them thinks the Rosen would be better because I have such high hopes for a Saint I would just disappoint myself...if that makes sense. There is a Rosen head on the MP right now so maybe I will order a saint and buy a rosen head and then when I have them both in had in a year I can decide.....I don't know and my stupid credit union has be locked out of my account so I can't see if my tax return is in!!

    1. I was between Bernard and Saint, but Bernard was not really what I wanted. Then after I ordered him I realized that Rosen looked like Hound and I thought I should have gotten him Xo so I totally feel your indecision!!

      That's actually a good get both heads. Especially if one is available now! I really think you need one because then we can bang our heads over the giant ass and finding clothes together XDD
      Plus, like I said if all the bodies are getting discontinued, now is the time!!

      And srsly I locked myself out of my bank acct for like years. I finally went to the actual bank (cause when I called I kept getting some weird machine asking for me for a code I didn't have) and had them change my password XD *fail*

  4. hahaha welp I ordered a Saint (i hope that's ok...) and am working on getting that Rosen head.

    I love the Saint's jawline and how he can sometimes look smug and other times looks fragile, but that Rosen is amazing..I just wish the pictures on the website were better so much of the decision weights on owner pics and that can be a double edged sword.

    So now it is the wait...and I am excited although that will fade away lol By the time I get mine you will have all the clothes and ass and restringing stuff figured out! So I am kind of cheating or hoping you will help me when mine comes.

    And talked to my credit union (seriously I need to make a bank account separate for doll purchases so I can keep closer tabs on it) And their site is down so I had to ask if my federal tax return was in which was pretty made me feel stupid I hope the site is up soon though since I need to pay some bills!

    1. :D That's so fabulous!!! I'm excited to have someone I know to blab about them with! He's so different from my other dolls (though since I seem to end up with all the weirdos this shouldn't surprise me >.<). Plus, your dream doll!! That's always awesome <3

      lol assuming I do have him figured out by then, I'm all about helping! And honestly even though the wait was ridiculous (and I really think yours will be shorter... what body did you order??) and my excited was totally gone by the time I got mine, it started coming back after I already had him. It's like I can look at him now and think "oh yeah, I did like this doll when I ordered him!" Plus, in the end, I always like the ones that give me the most trouble for some reason. That's why David is one of my most favorites (after Alex, who actually gives me next to no trouble at all other than finding clothes)

      Ha at least it wasn't your fault! Mine totally was XD Hopefully they get their butts in gear!!


    2. OMG i just realized I am starting a new thread every time I comment instead of responding to a comment....I am such a dork!! Sorry! anyway AHEM *clears throat*

      YAY I ORDERED A SAINT I got the DS18M Purebody. Which body did you get?

      The credit union site is working now and credit card is paid WHEW I am always worried since I went paperless I will forget to do that LOL

    3. LOL it's ok!! No one was actually harmed during the course of the commenting, therefore it is legal to start a new thread whenever it happens! Or something like that. XD

      I have the Pure too, so you will get the ass and all to deal with XD ENJOY!! Honestly I think it's the most attractive of the DS bodies which is why I ordered in the first place...So I suppose it's worth it! And he does look good in those pants he can't sit in...even though he's been naked for days at this point XD

      LOL I forget to pay bill regardless of paper XD I have to have them all come out automatically or I'm DOOMED.