Wednesday, March 21, 2012

30 Days of BJDs 1

Why do you like BJDs?

I have been an action figure collector/player-with since birth. I love them, all of them. BJDs are just huge, customizable action figures for me!

Still, I never would have done it, never would have dreamed to spend the amount of money these things cost if not for Alex and the rest of my OCs. I was trying to customize action figures into my characters but had mostly given up due to not being able to find any that worked well for Alex, and since he's the main one (and my favorite) I wanted to make him first.  

When I found BJDs it was my first thought. Not that they're cool, or pretty, or anime or whatever....that I could make Alex into a huge doll XD
And I did and he's awesome!!!

Then there is the creativity aspect of it....I love working on them. Whether it's faceups and blushing and tattoos or modding the dolls themselves, making or modding wigs or even just changing their clothes so they look just a little more like the character they're supposed to represent....It's so much fun. Having those dolls around has allowed me to explore those characters so much more in depth...and discover new artistic endeavors I would have never attempted to do without them.

And of course I love the people. It's wonderful to finally meet people I have all this in common with...and I don't just mean dolls. I love the friends I've made through dolls, it wouldn't be a hobby worth sticking with without them.

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