Monday, March 26, 2012

30 days of BJD 6

6) What was the very first BJD you saw?

I don't know. Some girl was carrying one around at the Missouri Botanical Gardens Japanese festival many years ago...She was wearing a kimono and had the doll... I got all excited when I saw it, it had black hair and some kind of goth outfit on complete with Frankenstein. I took one look and thought "Alex!!" even though he's blond XD

I'd failed so hard making him an action figure I thought I could do a doll, but she was less than helpful. I didn't get all up in her face or anything so I have no idea why she was such a bitch, but I asked her (nicely) where the doll came from she said "The internet!" and stormed off. :\

I never met her but have long since found out who she was, and apparently she's just that mean to everyone XD

Since I found them my self a year later, I count Alex as the first doll I ever saw.

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