Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saint. Here at last!

I am shocked. He's finally here. One year, two months, nine days.
I wrote this yesterday for my LJ which I am still sorta using. Here it is again, plus some updates....


I don't even know how to act. First impressions:
Hate his knees. Yay they lock, but they're so freaking finicky!! EDIT: Ugh, just realized his elbows are the same as his knees :P :P Maybe with use I'll get used to them!
Also hate scary metal dome in head D:

inside head

S-Hooks. They rock!
His Faceplate does not stay on well, but I expected that what with all the complaining in the waiting room, I love his hands, he doesn't slouch as well as Alex (who does?), his feet are SD13 size which always weirds me out...big dolls should have big feet!! Why do all my big dolls have feet the same size as Alex, who is 58cm tall on a good day?? But he's no the only one so it's not something I obsess over. He can't have stemmed eyes, due to the dome of doom, so the eyes I have in him are temporary til I find better ones in a smaller size. This was all I had that were stemless.

He's wearing his one shirt, which I think is too big for him, and the pants from Metatron's (DM Glamor Model Ripley Days) fullset outfit which are the only pants I have that will fit over his GIANT ASS!! WTF?! I knew it would be big, but I thought big compared to the old body which had no ass at all. No, it's huge. He has a shelf.

Wig is too big for him, which doesn't surprise me, but I couldn't find the other one I had...No clue what happened too it, which pisses me off cause I just had it a couple weeks ago!!

So basically I have no wig, eyes or clothes for him at all XD
Serves him right for taking so damn long *shakefist*

Was it worth it?

No. I can't imagine any doll being worth waiting for more than a year. He's very pretty, but I still think Alex III (Dollmore Cold Heartbroken Kara Klum LE) is prettier. III was also my dream doll, whom I bought almost as soon as he was finally released, and have had for 3 years, poor Saint (I have to get used to that. I keep wanting to call him "the" Saint, which is impersonal enough for me to put him on the sell list after awhile) doesn't come close no matter what.

But I don't hate him like I thought I might. No hatred at all. I'm not sure I'll love him, which is not great, but...I'm going to hang on to him awhile. Give him a chance. Who knows, maybe when he's got a good outfit, decent wig and has Cassiel sitting on his knee he'll be perfect as Israfel and life will be good!! *crosses fingers*

And here is one more for the road!!
saint plates

Not only does he have a giant shelf-ass, but he's got a huge penis as well. Like, stupid huge. Pants are an issue. The pants my roommate made fit great, but he looks...happy? XD Gotta love it. Fixed his wig, so that's good. Got a fast faceup on the OE head and he has an outfit. He's doing ok so far. I kind of expect the faceup to chip off, since I did it in too-cold weather.




  1. HAHAHA well at least unlike his foot size/height comparison his butt and penis are more balanced?!

    1. They really are!! I don't think they were ever intended to wear pants XD

    2. I love how in the last shot Alex looks disgusted by the man with the huge penis and tiny feet sitting next to him and doesn't want to touch him

    3. He totally is! Though Alex usually acts disgusted with every doll I bring home =_=
      Unless it's a girl.