Monday, March 5, 2012


All those stupid circus billbords I'm tired of seeing around town were good for something after all!


He so cute X3
It took me a million years to make his wig. This was the last scrap of this material, if I'd messed this one up I would have had to either buy some more or come up with something different.
He's got a pink bunny tail sewn to his pants, but it's lopsided so I need to undo it and find a different one. Someday when I have time to give him a faceup, i want it to be colorful and cute, and hopefully not invoking clowns. Cotton candy, cupcakes, confetti...yes. Clowns, no. That's a lot of c words XD

His resin ears are going to be a problem. I'm afraid they're going to make him too top-heavy on top that giant poof of a wig. I might try some made of felt and sewn into his wig...I haven't decided yet. I think he's just glad he's got some clothes...XD

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