Friday, March 16, 2012

Thoughts on Loo

I'm thinking of giving Lucifer a new faceup. This might not seem like a big deal to most people but Loo was my very second doll ever and he's special. And I LOVE his default faceup. I have repaired it, resprayed it and reglossed it. I have loved the little "scar" he gave himself right after I bought him, by somehow managing to smack himself in the face while I was simply holding him. And I adore the somewhat psycho look he has that the Ymirs of today don't due to different defaults.

smLUCIFERbday1But his is the last of my default faceups....and I like change. I think Loo could use an update, and since he's Lucifer, a darker, creepier faceup would do him good. Especially against that bright yellow. Then I could give  him a good sanding, and whiten up his old yellowed head and old yellowed body (that's new to him! I upgraded him last year from the B&G body to a Dollzone one that does things like sit XD), then he could be blushed! And be prettifuls.

The more I type this the better it sounds...He's going to four shortly after Alex, and he's one of the few who gets stuff for his bdays. Usually something like clothes, a wig, or like last year, a body XD. But a face could be this year. He could look so good!

The biggest problem is I am a little nervous that he wouldn't be "him" anymore. That's what has held me back all this time...I'd hate to lose his...himness.


hee hee I gotta love him <3
Maybe if I redo him I'll get him some nice glass eyes too...these are great but it would be cool to see him with glass.

I'm going to give it some thought. I think dark eyes with the contrast of that bright hair would be awesome...and he's so neglected it would give me a chance to pay some attention to him again <3


  1. It would be tough especially after all those years to change his face but you won't loose him I know if you didn't get it right you would do it again so I say go for it. Give him some TLC and sanding and a good spa day! He is awesome you are just going to make him more awesome! PLUS since you will restring him after he is sanded (?) he could just smack himself in the face again if he wanted and give himself a new scar!

    1. I'm gonna do it!! (lol he would smack himself again too!!)
      I've been thinking about it a lot and I want to see how he looks really creepy. Character-wise he's been imprisoned for thousands of years so he's deranged anyway...And he'll be all shiny and new. I would love to get all my angels "finished" because they're the easiest...none of them need new faceups (other than Lucifer) so it would just be a matter of adding their symbols and body blushing. That's so time consuming and msc consuming though D: